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Summer Break 2017

Stories and News is going to take a break.
Before leaving you with the most popular tales from September to now, I wanted to share a hope.
I wish, on my return, to come up with good reasons for being here, to write and read.
I still think, every day more, that listening and telling stories, emotions, thoughts, and anything else passes us through, should be a fundamental time, an extraordinary gift, absolutely not to be wasted.
Thanks for your attention.

Have a happy summer.


1. Paralympics stories of courage: the parallel silent victories

2. Human rights stories: Future’s victories

3. Moral stories: Legitimate defense

4. Child labor stories 2017: the monster's legs

5. Women's stories: Miriam's last Mother’s Day

6. Hunger stories for kids: the fable meanwhile

7. Immigrants stories: worlds and borders

8. Environmental stories: We do not want to be right

9. Women's roles in fairy tales

10. Stories about life: Nicholas Green's tale

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