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The poverty of choice

Stories and News No. 1056

My name is Kaimah, I'm ten years old and I'm poor.
I didn’t choose it, as I didn’t decide to come into this world.
I cannot do anything about it and I will do nothing with what doesn’t depend on me.
I have no time to waste with what I cannot change.
The World Health Organization and the World Bankdeclared yesterday that almost one hundred million people in the world are forced every year to daily choose between health and food, education and basic necessities.
For the rest of humanity, a hundred is just a number, as well as a million times as much.
Greatness doesn’t matter, unless it’s one and that one is you.
In this case, I choose, each day, each week.
Monday I ate, yes, I had to, I couldn’t help it.
A little and with joy, with extreme calm and attention to every crumb that could run away.
I love you, tiny piece of edible life.
Don’t leave me, stay with me, in me.
You’ll see that I won’t waste every gift from you.
And I’ll know how to appreciate the m…

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