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Remember Savita Halappanavar

Stories and News No. 1097

Remember Savita Halappanavar.
Remember, out there, in Ireland, when you’ll be able and have to write the end for the inhuman, unjust and paradoxical parable that pretends to put the nascent future before the one who made it with absolute trust and uncontrollable love. Above all, robbing her of the maternal - but you may also read as sacrosanct, right to choose...

Remember, also the meaning of the words that issued the cruel sentence: We cannot make an abortion - that is, dear woman, you will die in pain, because that’s what our belief imposes on us.
This is the law, this is the principle. Tomorrow must be protected in any case, at the cost of torturing and even slaughtering the past. Even when that fateful, awaited day will never see light.
Remember all that, dear Ireland, and while you're listening, join us, interested spectator.
Nonetheless, don’t stop at this, so that it is not only the present at stake.
Because this rooted violence, incredibly tolerate…

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