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Trump UN speech in front of the mirror

Stories and News No. 1023

A large part of the first speech given by the US President to the United Nations is everywhere on the news.
Nevertheless, we are all human.
The debut before the UN audience, heavily crowded for the occasion, would shake their legs to anyone, even if skilled in hiding the thrill.
To prove that, here is a “faithful” storytelling of what happened in the presidential actor's room, in front of the oldest friend, maybe the only one for whom is perpetually forced to conceal himself behind a mask.
The inseparable, silent and revealing mirror...

Here we are.
Let’s do it, Donny, it's your turn.
Enjoy it, enjoy every second of it.
Who would have ever said that, uh?
I still cannot believe it.
If they told me that ten years ago, I would have called them crazy.
That's right, it's a mad thing and it's all mine.
It's the world to be out of control and I take advantage of it.
Calm down, Don, stay calm.
Don’t laugh, I recommend it.
Smile, but how you used…

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