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When heroes need us

Stories and News No. 1049

The announcement that the Trump Administration is considering to revoke the US ban on imports of elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe directly threatens the lives of African parks ranger, who are committed to protect animals and their ecosystems.

I have a Mom.
And I have a Dad too.
That would be so much.
Almost everything.
I have a Mom, a Dad, and if everything goes in the right direction, one day I will also have my powers.
No… what mutant? I'm always myself from day to night and that's fine.
To fly?
Maybe I could be like those cartons creatures, but here, in the real world, the weight is everything, without jokes.
You could design your ears as you wish and manipulate everything with those fraudsters machines you call computers, but at the end of the day, a jump is the maximum and I don’t complain.
Because I know that soon or later I’ll come back down, to them.
Nevertheless, I was talking about my fangs, what else?
Indeed, why so happy for…

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