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Ata alien baby girl’s story

Stories and News No. 1084

When the mummified remains of a humanoid were found in a mining town abandoned in the Chilean desert of Atacama in 2003, speculations about its origins were unleashed. The skeleton, which was sold to a private collector in Spain, was so bizarre that it appeared in a documentary as a potential proof of alien life.
Now the Californian scientists have extracted the DNA from the bones and rebuilt the true, tragic story of Ata. Rather than a visitor from another world, she was a baby girl perhaps born dead, or dead soon after birth, with devastating changes on her body.
Despite being only 15 centimeters high, the bones had some characteristics of a child between the ages of six and eight. Instead of 12 pairs of ribs, Ata only had 10 pairs, and the head was cone-shaped

Forgive us.
Please, we’d like to apologize, Ata, if we have misinterpreted the truth.
Because that's what adults do.
We punctually glorify the shared error, to the detriment of the exceptional ou…

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