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World hunger stories in Africa to hide

Stories and News No. 1009

According to the United Nations, South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan in 2011, faces its "highest level of food insecurity." About 7.5 million persons, almost two-thirds of the population, need humanitarian help. In some areas, half the inhabitants are malnourished.
"I buried my little baby under a bush," said Mary Cholil, who sought food and shelter after his village was burned, talking about his deceased three years old daughter.

I have to be quick before it's too late.
Before I get used to the thing, and it will decide to stay.
The thing, yes, I don’t have to give it a name, otherwise it gets familiar, close, mine.
I cannot afford it, not now, not me.
And what can I do?
Here it is, I look at it for a moment, with strictly fixed-term feelings and thoughts.
A woman burying an only three years life under a bush.
Now, fast, I take the picture and hide it.
There, down there, there's a pile of things li…

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