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Pollution kills

Stories and News No. 1037

According to the most comprehensive global analysis to date, every year, at least nine million people are killed by pollution,and it costs us trillions of dollars, endangering the survival of human societies.
A little paradoxical contradiction, don’t you think? A phenomenon that is economically and at the same time humanly disadvantageous for all, yet neglected.
As if we could not see where the dirt, the refusal, the wrong word is, despite being exactly in front of our eyes, hidden in the sheet that contains the story about us...

Jack is a small creature.
Small as a letter, although he often feels bigger than it is, where he screams his own arrogance with each drop of ink passing through himself.
Mario thinks to be modern.
Because he is so, until proven otherwise.
He lives today before tomorrow, as if tomorrow was nothing more than today you are writing… yesterday.
Yes it is, forgetting about what yesterday was, he only cares about the current page, at best. At…

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