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Modern slaves in the world house

Stories and News No. 1064

Millions of people are exploited every day in Europe and in the rest of the world. The victims are often persons who have been promised a job by traffickers, or they could be people living on the edge of society, deprived of housing or just poor. Through threats, violence, coercion or addiction to drugs and alcohol, they are enslaved, working for a few money, living in squalid conditions, having been deprived of their documents.
At the same time, women from Eastern Europe and West Africa are attracted to the dream of a better life, and then fall into a dark spiral of forced exploitation and forced prostitution, often unpaid.
It also happens to children, migrants or not, who are recruited, transported and then sold.
All this horror is left intact in dissonant harmony with our civil and modern society…

Once upon a time there was a house as big as the world is.
Like any self-respecting home, worthy of a prime time spot, or a smiling box office movie, it was made …

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