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Early departures

Stories and News No. 1048

I read that a Japanese rail company apologized to the passengers because their train started 20 seconds early.
The Operator was "deeply" sorry for the incident after the 9.44 and 40 seconds Tsukuba Express left the station at 9.44 and 20...

Well, we're like that train.
We left too early.
In spite of the lies that are accurately fitted with crafty craftsmanship, the difference is that we have no company behind us, and not even an expert press office offering in our behalf public apologies with commendable solemnity.
So, we do take the opportunity, though visionary, to ask for it.
Forgive us, then.
Forgive us if we have given up the urge to cross waves and walls to earn a fragment of possible horizon.
Nevertheless, don’t be fooled.
We immediately realized that we found the wrong century.
Maybe planet too.
For sure, humanity.
But we’re not alone, here, on this page.
The number is powerful and the room necessarily vast.
Among us there are all the creat…

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