The new Italian president 2015 will be a baby girl

Stories and News No. 705

Let's play a game.
Let's do it with a story.
And let’s draw the next president of the Italian republic.
The successor.
The new one.
Yes, let's do something new.
Let's do it with a simple story.
With a single protagonist, him.
Indeed, her.
Well, this is the way: let’s think of all that has been related to Italy country leaders until now, everything has always regarded as common, almost predictable.
Then, let’s imagine the opposite.
So, next president of Italy will be female.
Let’s remove again.
She will be young.
No... come on, let’s exaggerate.
A little girl.
At the head of the Italic nation there will be a baby-girl.
But let’s go forward, continuing to remove old stuff.
Stop with the ability to mediate between the parties, always the pride of the historical leaders.
The child who will guide Italy to the new republic does not provide any mediation.
If something is right, it will be so.
And if something is wrong, it will remain so.
No middle choice.
Without confusion.
Between the parties.
Also let’s delete sobriety and pragmatism.
The baby girl President will laugh loudly before funny things, even if it will personally concern the entire population.
Especially in that case.
Pragmatism… well, she has no idea what it is, so will keep intact the natural penchant for crazy ideas and illogical solutions, for gambling without a parachute and flights strictly with eyes closed.
With pragmatism, all unnecessarily complicated words will be banned.
The youngest president in Italy history will speak with immensely simple words.
She will often naive, that is sure.
She will show fragility before the difficulties that lie ahead.
And she will share with us, with spontaneous candor, all the doubts that will assail her encountering issues afflicting us all.
She will not provide answers.
The most frequently she will ask us.
She will need us, perhaps, much more than the contrary.
That's why we shall all grow, to give her the strength she will miss.
It will not be easy.
She will be attacked from all sides.
However, one thing is certain and is not cheap stuff.
It will be fun.
It will be exciting.
And most importantly, we will never be ashamed of her.

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