Earthquake for kids story according to Romina

Stories and News No. 945

Today, Wednesday, January 18, 2017, an earthquake hit Italy, once again in the central area, reaching Rome too.
So far the facts.
What follows is just mere fiction...

Many wrote about that, at the time, so I do too, although I make use of these keys only for chatting.

I am referring to my daughter Romina, known as Miss Longspear, the girl who sees far.
What a lack of imagination, these newspapers, I have to say it, I wanted to do for a long time and I take the opportunity just now.
You know, ten years old she won the national championships of javelin throw. Then, made the title, so the name.
Yes, made the title, so the name, but not the story, the real one.
To the rest of us, me and Alfredo, the victory was obvious stuff, already seen movie, already read book, but - excuse the repetition - a yet to be told story, the truest one.
Romina was born special.
Since the moment she settled herself in my belly, I understood that the distances to her were deceptive conventions, reassuring words for trembling hearts and the most relevant concepts for particularly gifted brains, see the German genius.
"Baby, can you hear me?" Alfredo used to say approaching his head to my abdomen.
He always had such a beautiful voice, very melodious, I would say. And I started to dance, head to toe.
"You're dancing," Alfredo exclaimed.
"No, honey," I answered, "Romina is."
Another hint about her peculiarity became evident during primary school, at the first meeting for parents.
"She cannot sit still and take care of her business. It’s like she had her mind to the north, the heart on the center and the feet to the south..."
These teachers... if only knew how much they’re true sometimes.
Romina gave proof of it years later, when she returned home prematurely because schools were closed due to the earthquake.
"Were you afraid?" I asked as I put on lunch for both.
Miss Longspear, then sixteen, stared at me with big eyes and then left me on stuff to think about and now write.
"Zero fear and all in the world."
"I don’t understand, Romina..." I admitted letting go for a moment the stove. These girls, if you don’t listen to them carefully you might not be able to really see them.
"What is the earthquake, Mom?"
"Seriously? You know that, it’s when the earth shakes and building collapse..."
"No, Mom. The earthquake, to you, us who live here in a big city, is the swinging chandelier for a few seconds and a bit of glass and furniture tremor. While homes and sometimes even families disappear at the same time. It is so for everything, think about it. Economic crisis and war, the cold of these days and the summer heat, the sadness of a time and an indelible depression, like my unfortunate classmate, Wi-Fi jumping during the evening chat and failure to call your love across the ocean..."
I didn’t say a word, writing down all in mind and at heart, while I was there and sat at the table, me and the girl who sees far.
These newspapers.
As the teachers, they too have not the faintest idea how sometimes they are right…

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