Stories about life: Nicholas Green story

Stories and News No. 955

Andrea Mongiardo died in Rome because of a lymphoma. He was the man who 22 years ago received as a gift the heart of Nicholas Green, the 7 years old child murdered by mistake during a robbery in South Italy.

When the heart dies twice.

When the heart dies twice, it means that it lived,

And many more have enjoyed the benefits.

Because when the heart dies twice, arithmetic and its rules go out the window.
Because the love that subtracts creates endless empty, but when the operation is the sum, you write well multiplication.

When the heart dies twice, you may cry as much, but they are defused tears.
They don’t delete smiles and gratitude for received and given gifts.

When the heart dies twice it means that someone dreamed more.
The life that follows, and the one that gave birth to the former.
If you think about it, it's just life, nothing less.

When the heart dies twice, the echo of the heartbeat is strongest.
So, if they tell you this time it's really over, you tell them to be quiet.
And listen.

When the heart dies twice the stories are two for the price of one.
Although the end is the same, it’s worth .
To live them.

Because when the heart dies the second time you’ll see on the screen both the lives.
Then the images start to mix and the drawing gets enriched with new shapes and unexpected colors.
Tell me if this is not the living art.

Then widen your heart, because when it dies twice means the show deserved.
That was important to be there.
So it’s worth to do it again, now you know.

Therefore, when you’ll meet again the heart that lived two times you will appreciate the moral.
Of the story.
Of those who gave life and time.
And those who have lived each second thanking the friend from the past.
Tell me if this is not the meaning of being human.

Consequently, when the heart dies twice do not remain on the sidelines.
Take note of the only temporarily interrupted journey.
Remember the last destination on the horizon.
Continue to walk for them.
With all of them.
The ones who with unconditional affection for life exchange the baton and together wonderfully survive.

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