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“Deviant… guidelines...”

Yesterday, the Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, during the press conference to present the new Vatican document on “Guidelines for the use of psychological skills to test and train the candidates to the priesthood”, made the following thoughts: “We can’t admit to the seminary a candidate who has a radical homosexual tendency. Not because he commits sin, but because heterosexuality is normal, homosexuality does a deviation, it’s a wound to exercise his priesthood, which also consists in being a spiritual father, who knows how to relate with others”.
But what did you say, cardinal?!
Before going into the merits of his incredible assertion... How you become cardinal? In internet I found this link. It explains what the canon code of law says. One thing struck me: there are not words like love, compassion or charity. No presence of two characters, I think of some significance: Jesus Christ or God.
It is just casual? I don’t think so. This absence is certainly significant...
Anyway let's get to the point of this post: “We can’t admit to the seminary a candidate who has a radical homosexual tendency...”
But, what does radical homosexuality means?!
My supposition: Radical homosexual, an obstinate gay, which persists in his gender preferences, incorruptible towards each every erotic offer of heterosexual nature.
At least moderated homosexuals remain outside this exclusion. Once again the Catholic Church shows his obsession for moderation.
Rereading the rest of the message of the prelate, the intemperate ones of the so-called other side receive the summary trial: you are a deviant, not sinners, but injured by your nature.
Pointing out the ignorance in defining homosexuality as a deviant would be like stealing in a church. The most serious, my dear Cardinal, is what you said after: the priesthood, that you exercise from immemorial time, consists in being a spiritual father, who knows the way in relation with others.
I don’t believe to be a spiritual person; moreover, I’m not a priest. However, since almost five years, I am a father, a real father, a parent, and, for various reasons, I made the relations with people the essence of my work, between theatre and social animation.
I learned something.
A father does not discriminate his children according to their sexual tastes.
If one of them evades the so-called normality, he couldn’t suddenly become worthless of love to this father.
If one of them is actually hurt by something, a father would be totally on his side, to console and support him.
This without adding the spiritual adjective...
I don’t know if I fully follow these principles; I try. I am not gay or maybe I do without knowing, as many. But, on the other hand, why it’s so relevant to you? How does it stop being a good spiritual father?
One thing is clear to me: for my chance, I’m not a priest and, above all, not a Cardinal…