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Are we drug addict with no future?

One thing I learnt working in a drug addiction therapeutic community is that when something serious happens (for example a person who carries drugs inside the house) the most important thing is not this fact, but what the others do, how they react to the event. This explains us how the community works. In other words, the way each person responds to the behaviour of a one, tells us something about everybody.

Now, let’s use our imagination: the world is a full-size drug addiction therapeutic community.

As in the normal one, even in our community there are a lot of drugs: the trash television, the gratuitous violence, the pursuit of success at any cost, the privileges that we have thanks to our lucky born and so on.

Like every respectful drug addict, we perfectly know that these things are awful, however we hardly renounce to them and we invent thousands of justifications for continuing to do with it.

It’s useless to tell you what is the serious fact, today: The chiefs of a very large group of us, as Israel is, "defending" his people from another group, like Hamas, is attacking another greatest group where Hamas lives too.
The consequence is a terrible growing number of deaths.
What does our big community say?
Here are some hot reactions:

The Pope: “War and hatred are not the solution to problems, which is confirmed by recent history

The ex President Bush: “I understand Israel's desire to protect itself and that the situation now taking place in Gaza was caused by Hamas

The English Premier, Gordon Brown: “We need an immediate ceasefire. The blame game can continue afterwards, but this dangerous moment, I think, requires us to act.”

The Italian Foreign Minister, Frattini (Italy is always in the middle…): “Italy considers its position a balanced one: Israel has the right to defend itself, but it has the duty to avoid civilian victims...

Well, I see just words, rhetorical words, hypocritical and unnecessary speeches which not merit any comment.

The very important fact is this: The United States on Saturday blocked an effort by Libya, the sole Arab member of the Security Council, to persuade members to renew their call for an immediate ceasefire following Israel's ground invasion, saying it would make no sense to issue a statement Hamas militants would ignore.

By the way, in your opinion, how is our community?