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Stories and News No. 9: Obama the socialist?

The Stories: "Mr. President, Distinguished delegates: Of all the burning problems to be dealt with by this Assembly, one of special significance for us, and one whose solution we feel must be found first — so as to leave no doubt in the minds of anyone — is that of peaceful coexistence among states with different economic and social systems. Much progress has been made in the world in this field. But imperialism, particularly U.S. imperialism, has attempted to make the world believe that peaceful coexistence is the exclusive right of the earth's great powers. That peaceful coexistence cannot be limited to the powerful countries if we want to ensure world peace. Peaceful coexistence must be exercised among all states, regardless of size, regardless of the previous historical relations that linked them, and regardless of the problems that may arise among some of them at a given moment. At present, the type of peaceful coexistence to which we aspire is often violated. We must als

Stories and News No.8: Linda the men addict

The Story : "Silence, please…" the Reverend Glynn Wolfe said, standing in front of everyone. "But Wolfy ..." Tom Stutzman reacted, looking him with his single eye. Stutzman and George Scott, seven years with Linda, were sitting in the first line. "Hey! Don’t you remember I told you that you should not call me like that in public?" "Yeah, but when we’re alone you like it, don’t you?" "I do not know what you're talking about!" Wolfe shouted. "Take a look to the Reverend..." Jo, one of the barmen sitting in the first row too, said to his buddies. "Stop now!" Glynn cried out. "We’re not here to talk about me! I told you that the situation is serious, very serious. Did you not read the newspapers?" "Eminence," Arthur answered, speaking also on behalf of the other plumbers seated in second row, "you tell us to hide and isolate ourselves from the world..." "Eminence?! What Eminence?! H

Stories and News no.7: Who will be the Italian Obama?

The Story : Italy, everywhere, from north to south, Spring 2013. It’s morning. Yesterday night I read the elections results... We did it! We all did, everyone did, those who haven’t understood too. After all, even in the past they hadn’t seen what they did, when they put a cross on that name on the ballot paper... It’s the end! Stop with the shame of seeing the most powerful man in my country saying bullshits around the world. Stop with watching always the same name at the head of what matters in Italy. Stop with the worst Italian myth during the last two decades: the important thing is to get on top; it doesn’t matter how... And if all this were not enough, stop with his incredibly idiot jokes! This morning, like Kevin Spacey four years ago, I can say out loud: “ I am proud to call him my president! ” Oh yes, because all those who voted him may say everything, except that they were proud. In any case, in my life I have never known anyone saying looking straight in my eye with a minim

Stories and News no.6: Despite the Vatican, I will have a future

The Story : Pavia, Italy, 18 February 2039 Dear Dad, I just want to say thank you... I know that you were not there in my first birthday. I know that you have not heard the first time I said a comprehensible word. I also know that you were not with me the day I saw the sea and my eyes have been enlarged as facing a miracle. You could not; it was not your blame. Your absence has never been a question of love. Every moment of my life, my presence in mom’s and my friends’ life are. Thanks to your love I am here now, writing you. Thanks to your love I can now watch my son, your wonderful nephew. Thanks to your love, today I am proud to explain him that his father is your gift to his grandmother. Yes, my mother, your wife, who found the greatest power to stop the victory of death on our happiness. I am talking about the power of life. My life… Your son The News : La Repubblica Magazine, 18 February 2009: PAVIA, Italy - The first step was made: “Now we go forward. I want to see how they can

Stories and News no.5: Coward revenges

The Stories : The 16th of February 2009 was a day of ordinary revenge, in Italy. In Rome, a sticks armed and covered faces group of people came into a kebab shop, injuring four foreigners to avenge a rape committed in the area by some Romanians.* In Catania, Sicily, in response to the abuse of two young girls, a crowd of women went on the streets hunting for all males above 40 to emasculate them on the public square. In Molfetta, near Bari, the city ladies heard the 34 years old rapist’s comment after his arrest and took a man, skinning him alive, crying: "We do it, ‘cause nobody will do!" In Afragola, Naples, responding to the abuse of some children, the men mad justice on their own: a mob kidnapped five mothers and forced them to be a whore for a whole night. In Messina, Sicily, paedophile violence provoked the revolt of hundred mothers who catch the first lecherous old man in the park to burn him alive. In Palermo, Sicily, again for revenge, as scapegoats for the violence

Stories and News no. 4: African continent is an opportunity?!

The Story : Once upon a time there was a continent called Africa, which, until the first half of the nineteenth century was an unknown and mysterious land. The colonization of the continent was limited to coastal areas and deltas of large rivers. Starting from these areas, the colonialist nations had established a dense network of commercial settlements, in competition with each other for the exploitation of raw materials and the slave trade. The African land began to change thanks to the explorers that through geographical societies sent information concerning the inexhaustible resources contained in these virgin territories. In that time the colonization of the great African continent began. A unique opportunity for many countries but is not been and never will be for African people... The News : ( - ROME, FEB 12 – “Italy made a lot of job in Africa, a continent that is an opportunity and not a problem”, Italian Foreign Minister Frattini said. The head of the Ministry point

Stories and News no. 3: Obama and Berlusconi on the phone

The Story : Once upon a time there were two powerful men. One elected by people who voted for him and the other thanks to those who did not go to vote. One became president thanks to Internet too. The other will be defeated thanks to the Web. One was the first African American to become U.S. president. The other, when he read the news, called him “suntanned”... One day they had a phone call: "Hello, Obama? It’s me, Berlusconi... " "Ah ... you ..." "Well... Sorry for my words... I often open mouth and say bullshits..." "Okay, excuses are accepted." "I just wanted to be humorous..." "I understand, but if after your election, someone had commented saying that you're a cap, with a ridicule wig and that you have a tense like a drum skin, what would you said?" The News : ROME (Reuters) - The U.S. President, Obama and the Italian president Silvio Berlusconi will speak today on a phone call about the next G8, G20 and the economic

Stories and News no. 2: Traumatized children

The Story Once upon a time an organization, Jewish Agency for Israel, created a Fund for children and youth. “We once again stand at a seminal moment, a moment where we have the capacity to transform tragedy into opportunity”, this was one of their principles. As they moved forward, they needed to recognize that close to one-third of Israel’s population was traumatized - forced to either move life underground or to seek temporary shelter elsewhere. As life returns to ‘normal’, hundreds of thousands of youngsters have had to transition from shell shock back to school. Without immediate and ongoing support, it’s hard to imagine how they would have successfully reintegrated into a normative school year framework. The News Reuters - Sun Feb 8, 2009 (By Nidal al-Mughrabi) JABALYA CAMP, Gaza Strip - Five-year-old Mohammed al-Najjar lets his mind wander as he puts crayon to paper in an effort to depict an Israeli air strike inside a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. "This is the plane and

Stories and News no. 1: Jesus the illegal immigrant

Today I inaugurate a section that I hope I will have the perseverance to follow continuously. This fresh space on my Blog will be called Stories and News , two words that have much in common, in my humble opinion. Because we must never forget that when someone gives us some news, he tells a story that may be true as false, incorrect as honest, impartial as biased. Sometimes, fortunately for us, the vice versa is true too... Jesus the illegal immigrant The Story Approximately 2000 years ago a married couple, Joseph and Mary and their baby Jesus, because of the hate of Herod king were forced to escape to Egypt . In this foreign land the three were in fact illegal immigrants, homeless and without a residence permit. The News ( Rome , February 5): The Italian parliament on Thursday approved a measure requiring doctors to report illegal immigrants, unleashing a barrage of criticism. The measure, which would lift confidentiality provisions for illegal immigrants that