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Stories and News no. 1: Jesus the illegal immigrant

Today I inaugurate a section that I hope I will have the perseverance to follow continuously.
This fresh space on my Blog will be called Stories and News, two words that have much in common, in my humble opinion.
Because we must never forget that when someone gives us some news, he tells a story that may be true as false, incorrect as honest, impartial as biased.
Sometimes, fortunately for us, the vice versa is true too...

Jesus the illegal immigrant

The Story

Approximately 2000 years ago a married couple, Joseph and Mary and their baby Jesus, because of the hate of Herod king were forced to escape to Egypt. In this foreign land the three were in fact illegal immigrants, homeless and without a residence permit.

The News (
Rome, February 5): The Italian parliament on Thursday approved a measure requiring doctors to report illegal immigrants, unleashing a barrage of criticism. The measure, which would lift confidentiality provisions for illegal immigrants that need hospital care, was contained in a crime bill passed by the Senate to the Chamber of Deputies.

And this is just the latest...

Although I am agnostic, I ask this question: if the old
Egypt was the today Italy, what Christianity would be tomorrow?