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Stories and News No. 21: Toxic garbage? Let’s send them to Italy!

The Story : Scoop! We intercepted a telephone call between Mr. Cremosano, well-known entrepreneur in Bellinzona and his employee, Mr. Guffanti : Cremosano : Guffanti, idiot! What a hell are you doing?! Guffanti : Oh, boss! It’s you... Cremosano : Of course I am, stupid! Did you see what happened? Guffanti : No, really... Cremosano : Did you read the newspapers?! Guffanti : Well, not yet. It’s three in the morning... Cremosano : Idiot, I’m talking about yesterday! Guffanti : Yes... Listen, could we talk about it tomorrow morning? Cremosano : No, we talk about now! Do you remember that load that I told you to fix, as we always do? Guffanti : The toxic garbage? Click . Two minutes later : Guffanti : Hello? Cremosano : Shit! Why do you say these things on the phone?! Guffanti : What? The toxic garbage? New click . Two minutes later : Guffanti : Hello? Cremosano : You are fired. Guffanti : Boss... why? What have I done? Just because I said the toxic garba... Cremosano : Shut up, for god sak

Stories and News No. 20: My penis for sale

The Story : From that day hundreds of ads like this appeared on the newspapers of Singapore : Skilled heart on sale . A heart that has loved so much but that also knows what suffering for someone means. It’s about gay love, in my case, I want to be honest. I have no idea if once implanted in your chest you’ll instantly inherit my sexual behavior. Maybe yes, maybe not. It’s your choice: take the risk and live or die... I offer a liver as new . No anger, not even the slightest irritation bothered it. The body which I speak of has belonged to a person who has lived for years in the most absolute calm. It’s obvious, I was always sedated… Are you a lover of good wine ? Are you a fond of wine, it can be just wine? In short, you're a drunk? Dear friend, if you don’t have any intention of quitting the bottle, but you absolutely need a kidney transplant, I will sell you not one, but two! And go with snifters! My penis for sale . Well, just penis is reductive: a rod, yes, rod is the right wo

Stories and News No. 19: It’s full of Muslims!

The Story : Dear Mom, The House of Commons was full today. I was at my place, as always. Smooth hair and comb in the pocket. I ever take care of my hair, just like you taught me. The usher is a mission, as you have always said. “Do your job, whatever it is, with commitment, reliability and consistency and you will see that sooner or later the government will notice you. You'll have your chance, my son.” This you ever told me and I have always believed, especially since you are no longer here with me. This morning, the highlight of the session came when the Interior Ministry, Jacqui Smith, started to speak. I cannot remove from my mind what he said: “It is possible that they attack us, without notice, at any time. Our job is to restore confidence in the country.” That is what you ever said, mother! But this time it’s not about the Nazis... The Minister then spoke of the army of sixty thousand, the chosen persons, just as Premier Gordon Brown said! I read it on the Observer, but I ha

Stories and News No.18: When the heart wins

The Story : “Tum tum… tum tum… tum tum… tum tum…” Look at the Mayor Alemanno… must be nine ‘o clock. I thought he were taller. On TV Right politicians ever seem higher... Come on… come on… it’s starting! I feel good, I’m strong. Despite the age I’m strong. Look, look at all. I’m one step away from the fifties and I run together with the world champions. I’m talking about the Africans, of course, but for now, until the race is over we’re all champions and that’s the beauty of the race: black or white legs, we run all the same. Rome is a really beautiful sight while you’re running. It’s so different from yesterday, when I arrived by car. It seems another city. I feel fine; I have never felt as good as now. Maybe the reasons are the adrenaline, the excitement, the applauding hands. Perhaps the fact that it’s not cold as the newspapers said. But you know, the newspapers don’t ever tell the truth... Hey, watch that man! I’ve never seen awry legs like those... Look at that belly! Good, you w

Stories and News No. 17: The speed of feelings

Another post dedicated to Mildred and Richard Loving : From the text of the show ... the Story : Only a year later Mildred and Richard Loving realized that sharing a failure is a little more than nothing if an active and positive reaction doesn’t follow, to raise head and plan a comeback. It was the end of 1960, the last day of the year. Both had phoned their families for the usual greetings. Mildred's parents were with them during Christmas and then they returned to Virginia. At the stroke of midnight, standing before the glass of the small bedroom window, they intensely embrace each other, lengthening that moment forever. This phenomenon, according to Einstein, is scientifically justifiable only on the speed of light. However the feelings can be much more rapid than our brain. The fact is that they don’t boast like it... The News : On January 6, 1959, the trial judge in the Lovings case was Leon Bazile. These are the words he said on that day: “ Almighty God created the races w

Stories and News No. 16: Diversity is a gift

This week I will dedicate the “Stories and News” section to Mildred and Richard Loving, the central characters of the novel I will tell Friday in Rome : From the text of the show... the Story : An hour later, the outside world didn’t knock on the wall that they had raised around their bold life plan. It smashed that wall; it broke their shields into a thousand pieces, laughing and enjoying as an incredibly sadistic person. By the way, the contempt that Mildred and Richard read on the officials’ faces in the Police station, not to mention the cell companions with whom they had both waited the arrival of the judge, were not the sweetest. "When you go off the topic," a teacher once said to Richard, "you have to know better where you are going than when you were still on the traditional path. Because if you take the wrong road, you're failing for all of your companions, regardless of the stupidities they are writing..." After an interminable night, they both felt

Stories and News No. 15: Bush, the shoes and the democracy’s cost

The Story : From the first interview with the shoes thrown to George W. Bush : First of all, I don’t know how should I call you... What about Left and Right? L : Good. R : Okay. How did you comment the condemnation of your boss? L : Boss? I have no boss! R : Principal, principal is okay. So what? L : It’s a shame! That man and his father made choices that have caused millions of deaths only in Iraq, from the embargo until the tragedy of so-called peace mission, and yet they can enjoy their wonderful retirement, while the only person in the world that had the courage to give them what they deserve is sentenced... R : Pulling the shoes to people is not a civil response. There are other ways to express your disappointment to those you criticize... So, Right, you didn’t support your… principal’s action? R : Absolutely not! All people in the world saw us acting like animals... L : I don’t care of what all people think! We are heroes here! R : Oh no, my dear! The principal is the hero; we’re

Stories and News N. 14: The smile’s revolution

The Story : All started at the beginning of 1994. An odd news arrived from Sweden: an innocuous chimpanzee named Santino pulls stones to visitors, bothered by their presence. That was Funny. The fact that the animal had prepared its ammunition before wasn’t equally comic... Santino had shown that it can implement a plan, that it can design a strategy. In other words, the animal gave evidence of knowing how to look beyond the present moment and project revenge. None of us had thought that there is nothing in the world more dangerous, in a victim of an injustice. By the way, from the perspective of animals, what else is being closed in a cage for the rest of life, with your jailers that enjoy watching you? Therefore our attention was focused on the launch of the stones and not on reasons for the launch itself, much more important. That was typical. Santino was just the beginning. Santino was just the first. Santino was just an example, and that wasn’t so typical… In fact, one day the ele

Stories and News No. 13: I am guilty

The Story : Your Honor, I am guilty. Don’t blame the software that manages my transactions and less than ever the programmer who devised it. My action is not human, referring to the idea that I have of you. Probably only a machine can truly realize the madness of men. So, even the bank owners are unrelated to my gesture. By the way, a man who contemplates this possibility needs to be seen by a good doctor… The fault is mine, only mine and I don’t want to share it with anyone, because since the beginning of my so called life I observed your needy faces, not them. I learned to read in those faces. I saw concern, anxiety, nervousness, but the thing that hurts me most was the total absence of hope. Yes, hope. In someone like me, forced to remain here, motionless, watching other’s life walking, hope is inevitably the last to die. As a result, I am unable to accept its absence in those who I consider immensely more successful than me. I don’t have opportunities; I serve the others. I don’t h

Stories and News No. 12: The Roumanian wolves and the sheep in charge

The Story : A very sad sheep goes to meet the lion: "Leo!" "What do you want, sheep?" "I have a favour to ask you..." "Tell me." "Recently, I am sadder than usual, and the cause of all is the wolf who pursued me and I’m always forced to suffer. You’re the King of the forest, can you tell him anything?" "No, sheep, it’s not possible. It’s nature that obliges the wolf to hunt the sheep..." "But I cannot stand it more; my life is ever like this!" "Let me give you a help, for one day I’ll make you King of the forest!" "Really? Thank you, Lion. I will enjoy it!" The lion gathers all the animals and warns that all day the sheep is the King of the forest and all must obey. The sheep is very happy and phone calls his enemy: "Wolf!" "Hallo?" "Come here now!" The wolf gets on his scooter and goes to the sheep. "What do you want?" "SBAMM!" the sheep smacks hi

Stories and News No.11: An asteroid, the conflict of interest and Berlusconi’s house

The Story : March 2 2009 2:45 a.m. "Yes?" God said when someone knocked at the door of his office. "I’m Peter, Boss..." "Come..." And once the other was inside: "Pete, how many times I have to tell you not to call me Boss?" "Lord, why don’t you like it? The Boss, as Springsteen..." "Who?" "Nothing... About music you have remained at the time of creation..." "Hey... I have a work to do. You came here to discuss my music tastes?" "I see your work..." Peter muttered. "You’re playing with the videogames..." "I'm not playing!" God protested. "I'm trying to understand what is so attractive in these objects. You know it’s my duty to take account of all the fetishes that are idolized by humanity..." "And how this fetish is?" "Cool ... Uh, that is, I have to think about..." "I understand." "By the way, how the launch went?" Peter

Stories and News No. 10: Rihanna, what a hell are you doing?

The Story : Dear Rihanna, I write you from Rome, in Italy. So, excuse me for my English. I want to tell you something. I am a fan and a fan is like a near friend… Rihanna: what a hell are you doing?! He beat you like a drum and what about you? You forgave him?! I can’t believe it! But, did you see your last picture? Hey, I saw it! He destroyed you! What a husband has to do for leaving him? Should he beat you again? Sorry, it’s not my business, but I cannot remain silent! If you forgive him you make a great mistake, don’t you see? You’re famous; all the girls in the world are looking at you. They imitate you… No woman should forgive a man who beats her, moreover a woman like you. Only after two years I was able to leave my husband… I know it’s not easy, but you have to try. Because if I had followed you, now I would be dead… Maria (Just a woman like many) The News :, March 3, 2009, Article by Robert Kahn: Rihanna and Brown have "reconciliation" in Miami . Rihanna a