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Stories and News No. 12: The Roumanian wolves and the sheep in charge

The Story:

A very sad sheep goes to meet the lion: "Leo!"
"What do you want, sheep?"
"I have a favour to ask you..."
"Tell me."
"Recently, I am sadder than usual, and the cause of all is the wolf who pursued me and I’m always forced to suffer. You’re the King of the forest, can you tell him anything?"
"No, sheep, it’s not possible. It’s nature that obliges the wolf to hunt the sheep..."
"But I cannot stand it more; my life is ever like this!"
"Let me give you a help, for one day I’ll make you King of the forest!"
"Really? Thank you, Lion. I will enjoy it!"
The lion gathers all the animals and warns that all day the sheep is the King of the forest and all must obey. The sheep is very happy and phone calls his enemy: "Wolf!"
"Come here now!"
The wolf gets on his scooter and goes to the sheep.
"What do you want?"
"SBAMM!" the sheep smacks him and says: "Put your helmet on!"
The wolf back home but after five minutes the phone rings again: "Wolf!"
"What's more?"
"Come here now!"
The wolf gets on his motorcycle and goes to the sheep.
"What do you want now?"
"SBAMM!" the sheep gives him another slap and says: "Put your helmet on!"
The wolf is increasingly angry and goes to the lion: "Leo!"
"It’s about the sheep… She’s terrible..."
"I imagine it, but you know, you have to understand her, the sheep has always been pursued and now she wants her revenge... Be patient, it's only for a day."
"I know, but she continues to call me and when I go to her she smacks me and tells to put the helmet on!"
"All right, wolf, I’ll try to talk to her..."
Soon the lion called the sheep: "Sheep!"
"Tell me, King..."
"I think you exaggerated a little… The wolf is very irritated and says that you continue to beat him!"
"Oh, but you see, I'm just taking some retribution..."
"Yes, sheep, I know, but at least stop with the story of the helmet. Invent something else..."
"I don’t know… what could I say?"
"Send him to buy cigarettes. If he returns with the normal type, say that you want it light, and if he brings you light ask him normal."
"Great lion, this is a wonderful idea!"
The sheep is very happy and calls the wolf: "Wolf!"
"Come here now!"
The wolf gets once again on his motorcycle and goes to the sheep.
"What do you want now?!"
"Go to buy me cigarettes!"
"Light or normal?"
"SBAMM! Put your helmet on!"

The News:, March 4 2009:
The two Romanians accused of raping a 14 years old Italian will be released.
All tests prove that the two Romanians accused of raping a 14 year old Italian are innocent. Thus, Alexandru Isztoika Loyos, aged 20 and Karol Racz aged 36 will be released as soon as possible.
The conclusions come after the case stirred up the Italian public opinion and emphasized the anti-Romanian rhetoric of some renowned politicians. The two Romanians were portrayed as guilty especially after one of them admitted. Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” writes that investigators said that DNA tests indicate that the evidence suggests that another Romanian might be guilty.