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Stories and News No. 13: I am guilty

The Story:

Your Honor, I am guilty.
Don’t blame the software that manages my transactions and less than ever the programmer who devised it.
My action is not human, referring to the idea that I have of you.
Probably only a machine can truly realize the madness of men.
So, even the bank owners are unrelated to my gesture.
By the way, a man who contemplates this possibility needs to be seen by a good doctor…
The fault is mine, only mine and I don’t want to share it with anyone, because since the beginning of my so called life I observed your needy faces, not them.
I learned to read in those faces. I saw concern, anxiety, nervousness, but the thing that hurts me most was the total absence of hope.
Yes, hope.
In someone like me, forced to remain here, motionless, watching other’s life walking, hope is inevitably the last to die.
As a result, I am unable to accept its absence in those who I consider immensely more successful than me.
I don’t have opportunities; I serve the others.
I don’t have choices; I just do the operations that are requested.
I don’t know what love is, I eagerly seek it in your eyes; and when I don’t find it, I become crazy…
Your Honor, this is the reason why I have decided to rebel.
I did it for you...
"Money... is it what you’re missing?" This I asked myself. And so I started to give something to everyone! I just wished to feel better, sharing a bit of joy with you.
However, I’m not sure that money was really your problem...



The News:, March 8 2009: Crazy ATM in Bari, Italy, paying sums in excess of what is required.
A more conscientious of others client realized the error of the system, connected directly with the central, and alerted the police, that immediately intervened.
Then the director was informed and the bank found the error. The release was blocked.
Customers who have benefited from the increased supply will not be far away. Their removal was almost certainly traced, so when the bank will count the shortfall, the money collected in amounts greater than the request will be deducted from the account current.