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Stories and News No. 19: It’s full of Muslims!

The Story:

Dear Mom,

The House of Commons was full today.
I was at my place, as always.
Smooth hair and comb in the pocket.
I ever take care of my hair, just like you taught me.
The usher is a mission, as you have always said. “Do your job, whatever it is, with commitment, reliability and consistency and you will see that sooner or later the government will notice you. You'll have your chance, my son.”
This you ever told me and I have always believed, especially since you are no longer here with me.
This morning, the highlight of the session came when the Interior Ministry, Jacqui Smith, started to speak.
I cannot remove from my mind what he said: “It is possible that they attack us, without notice, at any time. Our job is to restore confidence in the country.”
That is what you ever said, mother! But this time it’s not about the Nazis...
The Minister then spoke of the army of sixty thousand, the chosen persons, just as Premier Gordon Brown said! I read it on the Observer, but I had not given great attention to those words. I thought it was just the usual propaganda, however he did seriously...
Men and women, normal people, sixty thousand will have the honor to ensure the defense of our democracy and no one has thought of me! Me, fuck! Sorry, mom... I didn’t want, however, how they did not call me? I have always been there, serving as a faithful dog, accompanying those ugly geezers to their place, reporting their bags every time they forget it, with that full of holes head they have, waking up them when they sleep because it's their turn to speak, damned caryatids! Yet I have never complained of anything, as you taught me. Every morning I got up, carefully combed and I went to do my duty.
Only now, when I heard the minister speak, my heart was shattered into a thousand pieces.
While I was coming home, sitting in the subway, I even thought to step down. Do you see how great my disappointment was?
Then, I reminded another thing you have said many times: “Don’t wait for others to do what you have to do...” You were talking about the house affairs, that I often forgot to care, but in this case it’s perfect!
They said that these defenders of our security will probably act secretly.
Well, they will be sixty thousand and one!
I will prove that the government has done a mistake forgetting me.
Moreover, here in London, opportunities are many.
It’s full of Muslims…

The News:

From Times Online, March 24, 2009: Workers army trained for counter-terror force

Shopping centre and store managers will be among 60,000 British workers trained for action on a new frontline against terror.
The workers' army is at the centerpiece of a new government anti-terror strategy unveiled today by Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, who said police, security and intelligence agencies could not be “solely” relied upon to tackle the threat.
The strategy will involve the "widest range" of people and making other citizens more vigilant about the threat of an attack, Ms Smith said in a round of broadcast interviews this morning. It could also see official funding withdrawn from organizations that flirt with extremism, even if they remain within the letter of the law.
“I don’t think tackling terrorism is something we can solely depend on the police and our security and intelligence agencies to do - brilliant though they are,” she told BBC Breakfast.
“I think we need to enlist the widest range of people to do that... We can’t tackle terrorism simply from Whitehall."
The Home Secretary identified “shopping centre managers, store managers, people who were responsible for the security in those areas” as being key in the battle against terror...