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Stories and News No. 21: Toxic garbage? Let’s send them to Italy!

The Story:

Scoop! We intercepted a telephone call between Mr. Cremosano, well-known entrepreneur in Bellinzona and his employee, Mr. Guffanti:

Cremosano: Guffanti, idiot! What a hell are you doing?!
Guffanti: Oh, boss! It’s you...
Cremosano: Of course I am, stupid! Did you see what happened?
Guffanti: No, really...
Cremosano: Did you read the newspapers?!
Guffanti: Well, not yet. It’s three in the morning...
Cremosano: Idiot, I’m talking about yesterday!
Guffanti: Yes... Listen, could we talk about it tomorrow morning?
Cremosano: No, we talk about now! Do you remember that load that I told you to fix, as we always do?
Guffanti: The toxic garbage?
Two minutes later:
Guffanti: Hello?
Cremosano: Shit! Why do you say these things on the phone?!
Guffanti: What? The toxic garbage?
New click.
Two minutes later:
Guffanti: Hello?
Cremosano: You are fired.
Guffanti: Boss... why? What have I done? Just because I said the toxic garba...
Cremosano: Shut up, for god sake! How many times should I repeat that you have to say the load, on the phone?!
Guffanti: Ah, yes! I’m sorry… I was sleeping so well when you called...
Cremosano: I see. Anyway you’re fired. I repeat, do you remind of the load that I gave you to fix?
Guffanti: Yes, I remind of it very well.
Cremosano: Good. Where did I tell you to send it?
Guffanti: In Italy, as always.
Cremosano: Yes, but where?!
Guffanti: Viggiù...
Cremosano: Viggiù? Who told you Viggiù?!
Guffanti: It was you! I asked where to bring the toxic garba... ops, the load, and you said Viggiù...
Cremosano: Guffanti, you’re an incredible idiot! I said vai giù (go down, in English), not Viggiù. Go down! Go to South, to Naples, as we have always done! But think a minute, now that the Milan Berlusconi and the other North parties are the Italian Government could we send a load in the northern province of Varese?!
Guffanti: In fact it seemed strange to me too… and talking about toxic garbage...
And goodnight.

The News:

From the “Corriere del Ticino” (Switzerland), 26 Mar 2009: Ticino garbage brought to Viggiù.
Italian Police of Gaggiolo identified and arrested a large illegal dump in Viggiù, Varese province, in which toxic and dangerous industrial garbage coming from Ticino, Switzerland, were deposited. The agents have reported three suspected people to the Prosecutor's Office of Varese. Suspect is also a Swiss citizen who would be responsible for the shipment of a part of the material.

Link: (In Italian)