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Stories and News No. 26: "I have cloned 14 embryos too," an Italian scientist responds.

The Story:

Our country has almost ever followed the United States in a blindly way.
The recent prove is that the previous Berlusconi government was fully agree with Bush opinions on environmental issues and, despite Obama has a radically different point of view, the new Silvio’s government is still in perfect sync with Uncle Sam.
So, very soon, after the sensational announcement by an American researcher on the cloning of 14 embryos, here is an Italian scientist ready to go after the important ally: "Here in Italy I have cloned 14 embryos too. Precisely it happened in Milan, the capital of the north and soon also of the rest of the country. I don’t need to say from whom I have taken the basic cells for the experiment. I chose the best that our country has today. I am talking about a man who every day represents all of us, showing a considerable temperament and a bit goliardic attitude, which hardly fails, despite what his detractors say. The reason for this futuristic project is evident. It meets the needs that are here in our nation, more than ever today.
In Italy we face difficult times and we have great problems, mostly due to the failures of others, of course. On one hand we have the European Union and on the other the hordes of immigrants who arrive each day on our shores.
I don’t want to talk about ‘totally random’ tragedies like the earthquake in Abruzzo, but you will easy understand why at this moment we need to stay compact.
We need that everyone has the same vision of the world.
We need that everybody shares the same values.
We need that each one of us pursues the same dreams: success in the job, living in a big house and drive a nice car, to say a few.
We need that no one contests the truth because we need to stay compact, with the same vision of the world, the same values, etc…
We need simplification, because life can be very short and it is better to have a downhill behind us.
We need that everyone praises the government, because we need to stay compact, with the same vision of the world, the same values, etc…
We need to be as one, as sixty million embryos identical to him...
We need an arrogant, ignorant, superficial, manner less, authoritarian people but all with a great, very great sense of humour.

The News:

From Abc News, April 23, 2009: Fertility Doctor Claims to Clone, Implant Human Embryos
A controversial fertility doctor claims to have cloned human embryos and implanted them into four women's wombs. And while none of 11 embryos he claims to have cloned resulted in a viable pregnancy, Dr. Paniyiotis Zavos said he'll continue trying to clone a human embryo.
Fertility doctor claims to have cloned and implanted human embryos.
"We managed to write chapter one. Chapter two, we will have a child a parent can take home and raise as a cloned child," Zavos said.
His hope is that the birth of the first human clone is just a few years away.
On the Brink of Cloning Humans?
Zavos story may sound like a science fiction tale, but he claims it's all true. Zavos said he cloned 14 embryos, but only implanted 11. The procedures were recorded for a documentary that aired Wednesday on the Discovery Channel in Britain.
Scientists have cloned human embryos in test tubes in order to harvest stem cells, but Zavos has done what is considered taboo -- actually implanting the embryos.
Both the pope and President Obama have denounced human cloning.

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