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The phone call of Berlusconi to Noemi and her boyfriend

Stories and News No. 37:

The Story:

Noemi’s house. The girl is with her boyfriend Gino and suddenly the phone rings:
Noemi: "Hello?"
Mr. B.: "Hello, it’s me."
Noemi: "Hello?! I don’t hear fine... Who are you?"
Mr. B.: "It's me ... can you hear me?!"
Gino: "Who's there?"
Noemi: I didn’t understand ... Hello? Who are you? "
Mr. B.: "It's me!"
Noemi: "Oh my God… is it you? But this is not the usual number... Did you change it?"
Mr. B.: "No... however, listen to me carefully, I must tell you something important."
Gino: "Who is?!"
Noemi: "Shh! It’s him..."
Gino: "Oh..."
Mr. B.: "Who is there with you?"
Noemi: "None! It's the TV..."
Mr. B: "Good. Listen, about our… relationship, you must deny everything, the kiss too. You have to say you told me to be 18 years old and that you told about us to your friends just for joking…"
Noemi: "What friends? I have not told anything to anyone!"
Mr. B: "Don’t tell lies! I know you've chatted..."
Noemi: "It’s not true… and you are the last person in the world that may call me liar…"
Mr. B: "What? What does it mean?"
Noemi: "Come on, one day you say a thing and the day after you go all over the tv news to deny all..."
Mr. B: "All over the tv news?! What are you saying? I’m not so popular..."
Noemi: "Are you modest too, now? But if you have all the major national channels..."
Perplexed silence.
Noemi: "Hello...? Are you still there?"
Mr. B.: "Excuse me... maybe I made a wrong number..."
Confused silence.
Noemi: "But you… aren’t you him?"
Mr. B, alias Billy Ballo, alias Nick Malanno, and alias Alessio Saro: "No, I am not so lucky... At this time I would have already shifted the focus from me with some funny gaffes..."

The News:

Sex with a minor, arrested comic (Italian news)
“You have to say you told me to be 18 years old and that you told about us to your friends just for joking…” These are the last days of April and not knowing that the police are listening, a very popular comic, more on web than TV is talking on the phone: Billy Ballo, or Alessio Saro, 33 years old. Listening to him there is a girl of 13 years, a girl who gave her virginity to him…

Revealed: How Noemi Letizia's boyfriend dumped his 'little anchovy' for spending too much time with Silvio Berlusconi
Silvio Berlusconi is under pressure to explain his relationship with a teenage girl after her boyfriend dumped her, claiming she was spending too much time with the Italian Prime Minister.
Berlusconi’s ties with Noemi Letizia, 18, have been in the spotlight for a month after it emerged that he paid her a visit during her birthday party and gifted her with a £5,300 gold and diamond necklace.
Now her former boyfriend Gino Flaminio has contradicted Berlusconi’s claims he always met Noemi through her parents and even revealed she had spent New Year at the prime minister’s Sardinian villa.
Gino added that Berlusconi had asked her questions for several minutes before revealing his identity and he added how he had often listened to his phone calls.
He said: 'He had a fatherly attitude when he was speaking to her and I didn't like it. I told her I didn't like it. She is a sweet and innocent girl who can't bear being apart from her teddy bear.'

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