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Stories and News No. 32: 100 reasons not to die in Sri Lanka

The Story:

1. Because I don’t want to die.
2. Because despite being hopelessly poor, I am glad that I was born.
3. Because when I laugh my mother forgets her sadness.
4. Because tomorrow is my birthday.
5. Because it was yesterday and I haven’t celebrated, but my dad has promised that next year will be different.
6. Because I do grimaces better than all of my brothers.
7. Because I believe that one day I can run faster than Bolt.
8. Because tonight I had a beautiful dream and I will do it again the next.
9. Because I have not yet learned to speak, but when it will happen I will say a lot of things.
10. Because I have never seen the sea and someone told me that it is beautiful.
11. Because I will be better than Cristiano Ronaldo.
12. Because if Obama became President in the United States, I have a few possibilities here too.
13. Because if I die, I want it for a more important reason.
14. Because I never gave a real kiss to someone.
15. Because before death I want to make love for the first time.
16. Because when I feel cold in my bed I go in the middle of my parents and it is wonderful.
17. Because until now I only drank milk and a day I want to know the wine’s taste.
18. Because yesterday I twisted my ankle and today I could not play the match.
19. Because without me how my father will carry our last name to the future?
20. Because my grandpa told me that I look like him.
21. Because one day I'll give a beautiful gift to the teacher.
22. Because one day she did the same to me.
23. Because I have not yet learned to swim.
24. Because I only count up to ten and I’d wish to arrive to eleven, twelve and thirteen...
25. Because I am good at drawing the trees.
26. Because I finally understood what the moon is.
27. Because mom and dad yesterday had a reconciliation.
28. Because my uncle makes me laugh.
29. Because even if I wake up hungry in the morning, I'm smiling.
30. Because I know that the world is big.
31. Because tomorrow I will be higher than today.
32. Because I have beautiful eyes.
33. Because I swear not to kill more ants.
34. Because my mother has only me.
35. Because I fear that there is no paradise.
36. Because I know that there is, but I like to stay here a little bit more.
37. Because I learned to squeeze my left eye.
38. Because my companion gave me a kiss on the cheek.
39. Because one day I will I give it to her.
40. Because I do not know who I will be tomorrow, but certainly I will be rich and happy.
41. Because I made a pit and I forgot to fill.
42. Because I have to apologize to my brother that I hit.
43. Because my father said that he has a surprise for me.
44. Because when I close my eyes I see only wonders.
45. Because I like listening to stories.
46. Because I am pretty.
47. Because I want to dance all my life.
48. Because I have no dinner yesterday, but today maybe yes.
49. Because I lost my first tooth.
50. Because my fever has passed away.
51. Because grandma told me that in the ocean there are the whales.
52. Because I am Batman, but don’t tell it anyone.
53. Because I am stronger than Batman, don’t say this too.
54. Because my skin is still smooth and soft as the petals of a flower.
55. Because I am no more afraid of the dark.
56. Because I love animals.
57. Because I love them all, except the mosquitoes.
58. Because I cough, but I will stay better quickly.
59. Because I pulled the ball farther than my older brother.
60. Because I have a beautiful voice, my cousin told me and she is expert.
61. Because I can do bubbles with saliva.
62. Because I won’t put my fingers in the nose, I promise.
63. Because yesterday I said a dirty word but it was a mistake.
64. Because I get on the tree and my brother said I couldn’t.
65. Because I am spiteful only when I slept badly.
66. Because I often cry but that is my only way to speak.
67. Because I wash my teeth every night, even when there's no toothpaste.
68. Because Saturday I will go to see a movie.
69. Because I am good with dribbling.
70. Because one day I will be a writer.
71. Because I will be a doctor.
72. Because I will be a lawyer.
73. Because I am just as beautiful as my mother.
74. Because I look like my father, who is not beautiful, but he is honest.
75. Because they told me that I am good like Ronaldinho.
76. Why I have to bring my dog to pee.
77. Because when I look in the mirror, I always smile.
78. Because I like listening to music.
79. Because I don’t remember that city’s name but one day I'll go there.
80. Because today the river was cold and we could not swim.
81. Because my brother is dead and my parents don’t want to lose me too.
82. Because when I play with my sister we almost never have a fight.
83. Because I don’t have the muscles as dad but I'm practicing.
84. Because yesterday I combed as my mother and she cried of joy.
85. Because I laughed and you she stopped to cry happier than before.
86. Because one day I will have a beard like dad.
87. Because my grandpa is old and he needs me.
88. Because I will return to school, when someone will reconstruct it.
89. Because I wrote my name with rice grains.
90. Because my sister ate them but I was not angry.
91. Because sometimes I am sad, but soon it passes.
92. Because I did a few things and I remind all of them.
93. Because I do not like tea but I drink the same and my mother is happy.
94. Because I like ice cream, even with only one taste.
95. Because I am only eight years old.
96. Because I am even less.
97. Because I don’t know my age, but it’s not great.
98. Because I feel alive.
99. Because I am alive.
100. Because I have all my life behind me...

The News:

From Reuters, 11 may 2009: U.N. blasts Sri Lanka weekend attack as 'bloodbath'
The United Nations said a weekend attack in Sri Lanka that killed hundreds was the bloodbath it had feared, while the Tamil Tigers and government traded blame ahead of U.N. Security Council talks over the war.
In the latest reported assault on civilians trapped in the war zone, at least hundreds of people were reported killed on Sunday in an artillery barrage that struck the less than 5 square km the separatist rebels control.
"We've been consistently warning against a bloodbath, and the large-scale killing of civilians including more than 100 children this weekend appears to show that the bloodbath has become a reality," U.N. spokesman Gordon Weiss said.

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