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The invaders leave Iraq: now life begins

Stories and News No. 48 The Story : Today is a great day for Iraq. Today is a great day for me too. Especially for me. I am six years old and I was born the 20th of March, in 2003, exactly the day when the invaders came to my country. With airplanes... With tanks... And with soldiers... Many have died ... People I care, a lot who I did not know, too many I will never do... Dad is no more here and mom always cries when he says is a real injustice that I was born with the war and I lived my first years on the smell of bombs and the dead, between the cries of pain and anger. She is probably right, but today is not the day of sorrow or anger. The moment of joy is finally here and I have never been so happy in my life. Because now in place of the explosions there is music in the streets. Some people sing... Some play because they can... And others do just because they are happy... Some people smile, even if they had forgotten how... And others has found a reason to leave their house that i

To Michael Jackson: I want to remember him like that, when he was still black

I want to remember him like that. When he was still black. When news about him spoke only of his incredible style of dancing and his intense voice. When he seemed to be a happy man...

Are Palestinians animals?

Stories and News No. 47 : The Story : I am not an animal. I am not an animal, because I make dreams I never forget. I am not an animal, because I suffer just like you. I am not an animal, because I love playing with the sea, dressed too. I am not an animal, because I wish so much to survive the death. I am not an animal, because I can’t stop crying for my destroyed house. I am not an animal, because I need answers when I am victim of an injustice. I am not an animal, because when someone hurts me it is hard for me to forgive. I am not an animal, because I am especially afraid of my similar ones. I am not an animal, nor are you... PS: Maybe someone will say that I am anti-Semitic... The News : Carter says Gaza Palestinians treated like animals GAZA, June 16 (Reuters) - Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are being "treated more like animals than human beings", former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said on Tuesday. On a visit to the enclave, he condemned Israel'

Berlusconi with Obama and Bush: Meetings comparison

Stories and News No.46 : The Story : In October 2008 Berlusconi met George W. Bush. Today, 15 June 2009 , the Italian premier has another appointment with the President of the United States , which in the meantime is new: Barack Obama. Last year, Silvio has arrived in America the evening before the three days meeting, to stay in the famous Blair House , the official residence of the White House guests, the very important guests: Yesterday evening, after his arrival in the States, Berlo was accompanied where he will remain during his short one day trip. It is the Cloak Motel and here is a snapshot of the bedroom: In 2008, before the leaders briefing, Berlo was received with honors and a great ceremony on the terrace of the White House: No earlier than this late afternoon, Berlo will be leaded to the entrance where he will access to the White House: On his last official meeting before the end of the mandate, Bush received his friend Silvio in the famous Oval room, making him sit on a s

The day Gaddafi met Italian women in Rome

In the picture: Gaddafi and Minister Mara Carfagna Stories and News No. 45 The Story : Friday, the 12 th of June, the third day of Italian appointments for Gaddafi arrived. The most important was the meeting with the Minister of Equal Opportunities and more than hundred of other women. They are famous ladies, representative of Italian business, political and cultural Italian Representatives, spokespersons, testimonials of one or more people. However, as often happens in my country, when ambassadors of many arrive at the important moments, they consider one single priority: their businesses. Thus, since the Libyan leader entered the room, the only thing they think was the one that personally affected, that touch their interests, their being women. Yet, even in that time, they were represented by someone else. It is today the most practiced game in Italy : I represent you that represent him that represents someone that should represe

Kakà is a Real Madrid player: letter from an Italian supporter

Stories and News N. 44: The Story : Dear Ricardo Kakà , my name is Salvatore and I write you from Naples . Yes, I am neapolitan, but I am a Milan supporter, as many here in town. I cannot say anything about the others, but I am fan of your team since I was a child, when my dad worked in the north, in Milan . I still remember the first time he took me to the stadium to see Rivera . What a champion. Yes he really was... When I start to watch your press conference from Madrid I remember your entire career at Milan . You came in the summer of 2003, the summer where the ‘communist’ Milanese judges stated the reasons for the sentence that condemned Cesare Previti , on the case Imi-Sir/ Lodo Mondadori : “Great corruption, the most serious in the history of Italy ”, they said. My wife told me: “Hey, now they arrest Berlusconi too...” But I was calm. I knew that our president has seven lives as a mouse. Or it was a goat? However, let’s return to the point. While you were speaking

European Elections: citizens say no to Europe…

…or to politicians? Stories and News No. 43 : The Story *: Once upon a time there was the European Parliament. Like the other institutions, it was not designed in its current form when it first met on 10 September 1952. One of the oldest common institutions, it began as the "Common Assembly" of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). It was a consultative assembly of 78 parliamentarians drawn from the national parliaments of member states, having no legislative powers. The Parliament had been gaining more powers from successive treaties, namely through the extension of codecision procedure, and in 1999, the Parliament forced the resignation of the Santer Commission. n 2004, following the largest trans-national election in history, despite the European Council choosing a President from the largest political group (the EPP), the Parliament again exerted pressure on the Commission. During the Parliament's hearings of the proposed Commissioners MEPs raised doubts about

Berlusconi sues El Pais: the answer of the newspaper’s lawyer

Stories and News No. 42 : The Story : El Pais’ lawyer replies with this letter to the lawsuit against his client by Niccolò Ghedini , Berlusconi’s legal representative : Mister Ghedini, Writing this letter was very hard to me, because when someone told me you would have brought a lawsuit against my client I remained with no words to say. I couldn’t believe to my ears… How is it possible? How does your country permit this hypocrisy? How may some people so rich of history and culture accept such ridicule farce? In theatre you are famous in the world for the farce, thanks to writers as Pirandello , Eduardo De Filippo and Carlo Goldoni , an elegant, intelligent and noble farce. How can Italians tolerate this puerile setting? Is it clear what I am saying? I am talking about last three months, full of news of parties, presents to minors, divorces, family quarrels through magazines and so many gaffes around the world… Your boss has no shame of anything. In the last fifteen years the press ha

Air France crash: it was a terrorist attack!

Stories and News No. 41 : The Story : Dear friends, my daughters and sons, here I am. You, who one day will come all to me, without exception, you, who continually evoke me, you, who never miss the opportunity to sing hymns and say prayers in my behalf, instead of celebrating every moment what life means, you want an answer and I'm here to satisfy you. I have to help you; I must do it for all the attention that you give me. I am always in the middle of your news, including television and print media. I am the cause of your biggest fears, but at the same time you adore me, because more or less consciously you cultivated the resulting anguish as the farmer does with his more valuable land or as an introvert lover takes care of his secret passion. Extraordinary people pass undisturbed through your life, and yet you remember them only after my entry into the scene. I am the only light that can open your eyes to what is beautiful and the solitary voice able to move your head to what des