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Kakà is a Real Madrid player: letter from an Italian supporter

Stories and News N. 44:

The Story:

Dear Ricardo Kakà,
my name is Salvatore and I write you from
Yes, I am neapolitan, but I am a
Milan supporter, as many here in town.
I cannot say anything about the others, but I am fan of your team since I was a child, when my dad worked in the north, in
I still remember the first time he took me to the stadium to see Rivera.
What a champion. Yes he really was...
When I start to watch your press conference from
Madrid I remember your entire career at Milan.
You came in the summer of 2003, the summer where the ‘communist’ Milanese judges stated the reasons for the sentence that condemned Cesare Previti, on the case Imi-Sir/Lodo Mondadori: “Great corruption, the most serious in the history of
Italy”, they said.
My wife told me: “Hey, now they arrest Berlusconi too...”
But I was calm. I knew that our president has seven lives as a mouse. Or it was a goat? However, let’s return to the point.
While you were speaking from TV, saying that the soap opera is over, I revised in my head your early days with our team...
Your first match was the in September of 2003, in
Ancona. Milan won 2 to 0. I was there, of course. I cannot often come to Milan, but when my heart team goes down a little bit, I go up the same and I can see my hero playing.
From the screen you were saying that “It could have been done in the past...” but you “had always said no”, so I reminded your goals.
The first year they were ten and
Milan was Italy champion. The second you did seven goals, one of them was the penalty in the Champions league final where Milan lost to the Turks.
The summer of 2005 I remember the terrorist attack in London.
My wife told me: "Salvatore, I am afraid... now they will attack us too!"
But I was still quiet. I knew that if we ever had voted for our president, nothing bad would have happened to us.
The 13th of September 2005 you did a fantastic goal in Champions league. I registered and occasionally I see it again. It is normal, I am a fan…
Meanwhile, in the conference you said that you have a great debt to
Milan, saying that when you came to our team, no one knew you. At the same time my memory stopped in the best moments of your story with us: the semi-final with Manchester in Champions, where you did two goals and that wonderful one the return match. Then the final on May 23 of 2007 arrived. In the precedent days I came with my wife in Rome for the “Family day”, as our President asked.
Before leaving
Naples my wife told me: “Salvatore, but what are we doing with this 'family day’? You are divorced and we are not married too…"
But I was always quiet. I know that even our president has two wives. It is typical in people with a great heart…
In that year
Milan won the Champions league, the Intercontinental Cup and you was awarded with the Golden Ball.
So, in your honor, my wife and I named our second son Ricardo. We call him in the Italian way, with two c, Riccardo or Riccardino. But on the document is written Ricardo. Think that I wanted to name him Kakà, but my wife stopped me…

However, the train of my memories finished when you said these things: "The world is experiencing a major economic crisis that has affected businesses and the Milan is a football business too. I spoke with senior Milanese management and we came to the conclusion that the best thing for all was my transfer. The money that will come from my sold will help the company to overcome this moment of difficulty and to build a future even more important."
You will always be a phenomenal soccer player, but as a man...
Did you speak about crisis? But what do you know about the crisis? It is more than a year that I am unemployed and I don’t know what to do to bring some food to my table.
The best thing was my transfer?! For all?! Maybe for you… For your wife… For Real
Madrid fans… For the president’s cash!
Ricardo, I talk to you as if I were your father. You said that
Milan helped you to become a player of international level, a winner of a lot of prizes.
Milan, Ricardo, the fans did. People like me did, supporters that come to Milan from South Italy, from Campania, Calabria, Sicily and give their money to stadium and pay TVs!
We are the Milan!
My wife told me: “Salvatore, Riccardino is crying... go to him with milk that I have to go to work...”
Do you believe me, Kakà? At that time I ended to stay calm, I changed the channel and I heard our president Berlusconi saying that if Pdl lost votes was your fault

Well, in that moment I started to think that I never understood anything, of soccer and life…

PS: I belong to Jesus, you said? Are you serious?!


The News

Kakà: 'I left to help Milan'

"I did not go away because I wanted to, but to help Milan". Kakà said goodbye to Italy and the rossoneri. The new purchase of Real Madrid said in a press conference in Brazil: "The economic crisis has also hit football, the money for my transfer can help the club to overcome this difficult time and to build an even more important future. I know that the fans are sad. They are crying, I’m crying. I owe everything to Milan; it brought me to Europe, building a football project and helped me to become the number one in the world with the conquest of the golden ball. I had an excellent relationship with Berlusconi and with Galliani there has always been clarity and honesty, in January we decided together to reject the bid of Manchester City. The professional relationship with the club is finished, but the sentimental one will remain forever. I leave many friends like Gattuso, Nesta, Seedorf and Ronaldinho. Some of them have helped me to become Kakà. My legacy goes to Pato, is the right man for the present and the future. Leonardo will be a great coach. I hope Milan wins the scudetto and everything else, except the Champions which I will try to win with Real".
"I am going to a legendary club - Kakà continues - When the possibility of going to Real was proposed I accepted immediately. The president Florentino Perez has shown me an ambitious project, this is a good challenge. I know that when I arrived at
Milan nobody asked me the moon, but now I have to do something special and help win something important. I signed a contract for six years, so I have time to enter the history of this club and perhaps to win the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

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