Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sex with pupil: Berlusconi?

Stories and News No. 54:

The Story:

George lives with his mother.
George is 40 years old and still lives with his mother.
I know what you think; we are not in
Italy, but in London.
George lives at home with Margaret, who already passed the eighty.
Margaret is blind; this is the apparent reason why George stayed with her.
Margaret needs someone to look after and trusts only his son.
This is the real motive why George is never gone.
Every morning, George goes out, buys a newspaper and reads it to Margaret.
Margaret listens but she is almost ever distracted, in fact she just likes to hear George’s voice.
George has not a beautiful voice, but it is irrelevant.
Margaret sometimes falls asleep and George puts a blanket on her legs.
Not this morning.
”Well, let’s pass to hot news," George said. "This is the first one: sex with a minor, the adult…"
"Berlusconi!" Margaret interrupted him, suddenly attentive. "Did they finally arrest him?"
"No, mom, it’s not about Berlusconi. By the way, there is no evidence that he has actually had relations with that… what’s her name?"
"Noemi," she promptly answered.
"Wow! What a memory. However, there is no proof. So, can I continue?"
"Go ahead."
"I said, sex with minor, the adult is a woman, a teacher. She was arrested for sexual relations with a 15 years old student, betraying the trust of her parents…"
"As Berlusconi, it’s the same," Margaret says. "He has betrayed the trust of Veronica, that's why she left him."
"No, Mom, I told you this is not about Berlusconi! I told you too that there is no evidence that he had a relation with that Naomi…"
"Really?" Margaret replies.  "And why did Veronica leave him? You don’t break after so many years with a rich and powerful man, with sons too, just for fun…"
"Mom…" George says. "Do you want listen my news or talk about Berlusconi?"
"Sorry, go ahead."
"Okay… So, let’s see the rest: the teacher said that the minor instigates the sexual contact, with her consent…"
"Berlusconi would say the same if he were arrested, I'm sure: Naomi seduced me, he would claim. He is always the victim…"
"Mom!" George shouts. "You have a true obsession for Berlusconi… He's not even one of our politicians.  I said there is no evidence… Why are you so desperately angry with that man?"
Margaret remains silent for a moment and then replies: "Do you want know why? I am old and blind, but one thing I understood of that country: sex is a crime only for a woman, never for a man. Moreover, if that man is Berlusconi, there is fault only if you have proof. And even if you have, the parliament invents a law to save him…"

 'Jazz Lady' trial: Teacher Helen Goddard jailed for sex with pupil
Her students adored her and nicknamed her The Jazz Lady, but yesterday this teacher was jailed for a lesbian affair with a girl of just 15. A public school mistress who admitted a lesbian fling with a 15-year-old girl pupil was jailed yesterday.
Popular music teacher Helen Goddard, 26, was dubbed The Jazz Lady by kids. She befriended the girl as they chatted about the teenager's problems after lessons. The girl said she, not Goddard, instigated the relationship turning sexual and they said they loved each other.

Stories and News: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Flavio Briatore had left Renault: the true story of the most unlucky man in the world

Stories and News No.53:

The Story:

This is the story of a successful manager.
He was born in 1950 in Verzuolo, in the
province of Cuneo and his parents gave him the name Flavio.
He shows great tenacity since the beginning, opening a restaurant.

It closed for too many debts, but this was undoubtedly a case.
After a period as a salesman of insurance policies in Saluzzo, finally our hero enters the world he deserves: the entrepreneurship.
He starts working with a financier and builder, Attilio Dutto, who had taken the Paramatti paints, former company of Michele Sindona.
Bad fate, Attilio Dutto is killed with a bomb attached to the ignition of his car.
This does not stop the rise of Flavio, who moved to
Milan and begins attending the Stock Exchange. Here he is friend to Achilles Caproni, of the "notorious" Caproni Aircraft and becomes adviser of the CGI (Industrial General Company), Caproni’s holding company.
However the usual misfortune befalls him: Flavio advises Caproni to buy the Paramatti and what happens? The company cracks...
Several group companies go bankrupt, workers end up in layoffs and banks and creditors remain with a hole of 14 billion of old lire.
The successful manager does not surrender, but the tragedies are not over, because he is later sentenced in first instance at 1 year and 6 months to 3 years in
Milan and Bergamo. The prosecution says he is the head of what the judges called the Milan group, dedicated apparently to intercept wealthy lords and cheat them.
Nevertheless, nothing stops our hero and without thinking too much he prepares the bags and moves to the
Virgin Islands, before returning to Italy after an amnesty.
There, thanks to his friend Luciano Benetton, he starts opening a shop of Benetton mark.
Someone said that more than one tried to warn Luciano about the not very lucky past of Flavio, but he ever ignored them.
The rich businessman was not superstitious in that time. He became later.
So, in the early nineties, the protagonist of this story is appointed sporting director of Benetton Formula 1 team and in 1994/1995 he won the world championship with Michael Schumacher, to prove that he deserves his nickname.
Not always, but sometimes yes.
Okay, not sometimes, just one.
Maybe you will say that it is not enough for a nickname... but we go forward.
In 2003, the jinx comes back to bite: prosecutor Woodcock asks for his detention as part of an investigation involving many
VIPs with an undergrowth of undue pressure to ministers persons, but the Judge for Preliminary Investigations stops all for incompetence by territory.
The rest is a recent fact: on 10 September a
transcript of Nelson Piquet Jr's first statement to the FIA made at their Headquarters in Paris on 30 July is published by F1SA.com (the F1 Supporters Association). In the transcript, Piquet Jr. states that he was asked by Flavio and Symonds to crash his car at a specific corner.
On 16 September the Renault F1 team announced it would not be contesting the charges at the meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on 21 September, and stated that Flavio has left the team.
These are the adventures of Flavio, Flavio Briatore.
He is a successful manager… unless the jinx doesn’t hit him.

Flavio Briatore has revealed that he quit Formula One to save Renault in the race-fixing scandal.
The Renault team principal walked away as a disgraced outcast after the team decided they would not defend him against race-fixing charges.
Briatore insists he sacrificed himself, telling The Mirror: 'I was just trying to save the team. It's my duty. That's the reason I'm finished.'

Stories and News: invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A roses seller in Vicenza must pay 5164 euro fine...

Stories and News No. 52:

The Story:

No, sorry... roses.
Yes, roses.
Roses are my life.
Not my passion, but it is not the same thing, isn’t it?
I arrive with dusk, smiling, with flowers toward you.

I am insistent, I admit.
It almost seems that I force you to buy...
Maybe it is true, maybe, if I might seriously force you, I would do.
Many of you could do the same in my place, but it is better not to know.
I understand that.
Some of you respond to my laughter, someone else makes a denial gesture even before I am close; another one wants to be nice and asks me where I come from.
And finally who an open bag arrives.
God bless the bag and who invented this wonderful fountain that quenches my tramp throat.
There are also those who mock me, but if in the end I reach the minimum to start the next day, I can forget them.
Yes, I can forget everything.
I do not erase anything and I do not have, but it is essential to avert the worst.
Flowers… no, roses!
I never really considered important.
Before coming here I had never give them some real value, which can only be related to the concept of money.

“The flowers are for women and children,” I would have answered in the past, “perhaps for the grandmothers.”
For the dead, obviously.
I was wrong.
The flow... no, the roses are also for people like me.
For those who wish to be alive.

The News:

The last night in
Vicenza a man of roses was fined of 5164 euros. Kabir Ahmad, born in Shylet (Bangladesh) on 12 June 1969 and residing at Piolteno (Milan), with a residence permit and bouquet of roses Order, has ceased his sad smile and did not believe his eyes.

Thanks to Maria Rosaria Baldin contribution.

Stories and News: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.