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Sex with pupil: Berlusconi?

Stories and News No. 54:

The Story:

George lives with his mother.
George is 40 years old and still lives with his mother.
I know what you think; we are not in
Italy, but in London.
George lives at home with Margaret, who already passed the eighty.
Margaret is blind; this is the apparent reason why George stayed with her.
Margaret needs someone to look after and trusts only his son.
This is the real motive why George is never gone.
Every morning, George goes out, buys a newspaper and reads it to Margaret.
Margaret listens but she is almost ever distracted, in fact she just likes to hear George’s voice.
George has not a beautiful voice, but it is irrelevant.
Margaret sometimes falls asleep and George puts a blanket on her legs.
Not this morning.
”Well, let’s pass to hot news," George said. "This is the first one: sex with a minor, the adult…"
"Berlusconi!" Margaret interrupted him, suddenly attentive. "Did they finally arrest him?"
"No, mom, it’s not about Berlusconi. By the way, there is no evidence that he has actually had relations with that… what’s her name?"
"Noemi," she promptly answered.
"Wow! What a memory. However, there is no proof. So, can I continue?"
"Go ahead."
"I said, sex with minor, the adult is a woman, a teacher. She was arrested for sexual relations with a 15 years old student, betraying the trust of her parents…"
"As Berlusconi, it’s the same," Margaret says. "He has betrayed the trust of Veronica, that's why she left him."
"No, Mom, I told you this is not about Berlusconi! I told you too that there is no evidence that he had a relation with that Naomi…"
"Really?" Margaret replies.  "And why did Veronica leave him? You don’t break after so many years with a rich and powerful man, with sons too, just for fun…"
"Mom…" George says. "Do you want listen my news or talk about Berlusconi?"
"Sorry, go ahead."
"Okay… So, let’s see the rest: the teacher said that the minor instigates the sexual contact, with her consent…"
"Berlusconi would say the same if he were arrested, I'm sure: Naomi seduced me, he would claim. He is always the victim…"
"Mom!" George shouts. "You have a true obsession for Berlusconi… He's not even one of our politicians.  I said there is no evidence… Why are you so desperately angry with that man?"
Margaret remains silent for a moment and then replies: "Do you want know why? I am old and blind, but one thing I understood of that country: sex is a crime only for a woman, never for a man. Moreover, if that man is Berlusconi, there is fault only if you have proof. And even if you have, the parliament invents a law to save him…"

 'Jazz Lady' trial: Teacher Helen Goddard jailed for sex with pupil
Her students adored her and nicknamed her The Jazz Lady, but yesterday this teacher was jailed for a lesbian affair with a girl of just 15. A public school mistress who admitted a lesbian fling with a 15-year-old girl pupil was jailed yesterday.
Popular music teacher Helen Goddard, 26, was dubbed The Jazz Lady by kids. She befriended the girl as they chatted about the teenager's problems after lessons. The girl said she, not Goddard, instigated the relationship turning sexual and they said they loved each other.

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