Friday, October 30, 2009

Transvestites and politics: Berlusconi angry with Gasparri

Stories and News No. 61

The Story:

The room is chock-full.
There are all the most important men of italian government.
A tense silence is in the air.
President Fini goes ahead and starts to make an imitation of Berlusconi, just to decrease nervousness.
Some people laugh, probably the most peaceful.
Many smile.
Only Gasparri neither laughs nor smiles.
At that moment Berlusconi arrives and Fini returns to his place, receiving a bad look from the premier.
"Gentlemen," he says, "as you well know Lazio former governor Piero Marrazzo maybe not the only one politician frequenting the transvestites, but also one of you. If this were true, it would be a shame!"
"Someone tells that there is another one of centre-left…" Minister La Russa polemically comments.
"I do not care if they make out with transvestites!" Silvio screams. "The newspapers speak about a golden butt! Right people are ever active, do you understand?!"
New silence and the pressure increases again.
"I can tolerate everything, you know it," Berlusconi continues, "but I can’t accept that one of you is a “talking ass”… I want to know who he is and I want to know it now!"
At that instant, the only one that before was not smiling stands up and exclaims: "Silvio, they want to slander me!"
”Maurizio… I told you nothing…"Berlusconi says.
"Yes… but I know what you all think!" Gasparri insists, very nervous. "These voices are a noisy shameful squalor…"
"What voices?" Silvio replies. "Have I said your name?!"
"However I swear that the first one who writes a line, or that only suggests something else, I will drag him to the Court," the former minister cries.
"Let’s stop with these bullshits!" Silvio shouts too. "Maurizio… do you have a guilty conscience? Or as we say in Italy, have you a straw ass?"
"To be exact, the proverb speaks about a straw tail*…" minister Tremonti corrects.
Silvio Berlusconi does not like to be publicly revised and watches him very irritated.
"Yesterday IRAP tax and now the ass," Silvio thinks with a vindictive look, while a sudden sweat drop appears on Minister of Economy’s forehead. "Now it is really enough…"

Transvestite case, former minister Gasparri: they want to slander me.

*He who has a straw tail is always in fear of its catching fire.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News. 

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Does Vice Minister Fazio work for Glaxo?

Today I read that during a conference vice minister Fazio said: "Italy, with Spain, is the country with the largest number of swine flu cases".
Why Italy and Spain?
And why he does not say Greece and Poland or Finland and Belgium?
It is bad luck?
I was born in Naples, but I'm not superstitious.
Above all I am convinced that everywhere there is a lot of money around, few things may be left to chance.
With the sale of Pandemrix, the vaccine against swine flu, the company that produces it, GlaxoSmithKline, will earn billion, no one can deny.
It is a fact.
A company, a small one or a large multinational company such the Glaxo is, must make profit.
It is its primary purpose.
When Fazio announced that Italy and Spain will have the largest number of flu cases, more or less unwittingly, he makes a terrific spot for Glaxo.
By chance - or maybe not… - as I wrote in a previous post, this powerful company has three main offices: one in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and the last, the only in Europe, guess where is it?
In Italy!
Perhaps, this explains something or it is just another coincidence.
And what about Spain?
A few days ago The Telegraph published this interesting news: GlaxoSmithKline wins case to stop wholesalers reselling cheap drugs and may be able to charge more for some drugs in certain European countries after a key ruling by the European Courts. The company wanted to raise prices for certain drugs in a certain country (I will tell its name below, just for suspense…) to prevent a practice which is estimated to cost drug groups billions of pounds. The ruling came as Glaxo confirmed it had received orders for 149m more doses of its swine flu vaccine. This brings the total to 440m doses, which is potentially worth more than €2bn (£1.9bn), with further talks continuing.
What is this certain country which in the past has caused so many losses to the company?
I know, it is just a mere coincidence and I'm usually an incredibly diffident guy…

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Berlusconi government blathers and Italians pay the bill

While Berlusconi and his ministers blather about terrible red left judges, brilliant university reforms, precious civil mediators and prior foreign “peace missions” refinancing, the important statistic organization Istat publishes very worrying data.

The government blathering:
Economics Minister Tremonti commends the brilliant university reform by Minister Gelmini, who announced her next marriage.
This last event is so essential that we all were anxiously waiting for it.

Justice Minister Alfano proudly presents the precious new civil mediator to resolve matters on bank insurance contracts but also unacceptable condominium disputes.
A cry of joy was sincere exclaimed by each Condominium administrator in Italy.

Minister Ignazio La Russa proudly announces the approval of the last decree to increase the fund for our vital peace missions.
Since today we all sleep more comfortable.

Last but not least Silvio Berlusconi telephones to BallarĂ² tv talk show because - his words - he is sick in bed and complaints once again the Italian situation, unique in the Western world, between communist judges and public television with an absolute prevalence of leftist journalists and tv programs.

Meanwhile Istat presents the bill:
In the second quarter of this year the gross disposable income of households is down of 1%, a loss in absolute terms of 11 billion euro.

In August 2009, based on the evidence available to date, the index of the value of total retail sales marked a negative change of 0.1 percent over the previous month of July (data).

Regarding foreign trade, in September Italy sees a loss of 513 millions (data).

Industry sales in August fell to -18.5% and the percentage of orders in a year was -27.5% (data).

The real problem is that we pay this bill, not Mister B. and company…

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Francesco Rutelli, different road but same seat…

Let’s be honest.
I do not want to seem moralist, here.
It is reasonable that a person who wishes to work in politics, desire to be elected, and above all to maintain this privilege, whether in Parliament rather than in the Senate.
Apart from the natural economic theme, it is obvious that with an authoritative seat under your butt, rather than a standard lounge chair, you consider your personal ideals and aspirations achievable.
Of course, everything depends on what these personal ideals and aspirations effectively are...
Today news say that Francesco Rutelli, after Bersani victory on Democratic Party primaries, officially confessed "to start a different road, combining different people who have diverse cultures…"
It is easy to interpret these words as a sort of farewell, even for the coincidence with the release in these days of the new Rutelli book: La svolta (The turning point).
What prophetic title…
Where will this change bring him?
Some people suggest that the goal is the UDC, Casini’s party.
We will see, the future is always an unknown factor.
But the past is not, if you have good memory.
First turning point:
Francesco Rutelli began his political career joining the Radical Party.
In 1979 he was elected Lazio regional secretary and the following year entered the national secretariat of the party.
Four years later, in 1983 he accessed to the parliament, finally reaching the most desirable seat by every politician who aspires to a gold career, even becoming President of the Parliamentary Radical Group.
He will remain in the Camber of Deputies until 1989.
Because of an inconvenient rule of the party, the so-called principle of rotation of office, Rutelli is forced to resign, losing the precious seat.
I repeat, let us be sincere. This principle of rotation of office is not the best for a politician that thinks big and Rutelli is one of them.
Second turning point:
In fact he does not waste his time and in 1989 he contributed to the creation of a new party: I Verdi Arcobaleno (Rainbow Green).
The following year the party goes into the Green Federation and in 1992, already National Coordinator, Rutelli becomes deputy as President.
Life begins to smile again, staying on the seat that matters.
In 1993, maybe he is too intoxicated by his success.
He is appointed minister by Ciampi and just a day after he resigned to join the protest by some parliamentarians against the decision of the Chamber not to proceed criminally against Bettino Craxi.
Probably he recognized soon his impulsivity and the third turning point arrives:
In 1993 he is a candidate for mayor of Rome and wins against Fini.
The new seat is not as comfortable as that of the parliament, but we're still talking about the first citizen of the capital chair.
After two mandates, in 2001 he finished his assignment.
Fourth turning point:
In 2001, he is the prime minister candidate of the Prodi’s Ulivo.
Unluckily, the centre-left coalition was defeated by Berlusconi.
Rutelli obtained the coveted Deputy seat, but it is not easy to enjoy it to someone who had done a little dream of Premier chair…
Here is the fifth turning point:
In 2002 he became president of a “new” centre party: the Margherita.
The centre-left won the 2006 elections, giving him two seats: vice premier and minister of Cultural Heritage, erasing all disappointments of the recent past.
In 2008, the fate is still bad: the second Prodi government falls thanks to a politician who is equally well known for his bends...
He does not give up and this is the sixth turning point: after the resignation of Veltroni, Rutelli is again a candidate for mayor of Rome.
However, the happy days are no longer sure as before, because he is defeated by Alemanno.
In the following months PD loses the 2008 election, but Rutelli still gets a parliamentary seat, even if it is on the less important side.
The rest is recent history.
This Monday, October 26, primaries have decreed Bersani new secretary of the Democratic Party.
Bersani is not his opponent Dario Franceschini, with all that this means.
So, here we are at the seventh turning point:
Rutelli will go on a different road?
Maybe, but the seat will not change…

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Video, Berlusconi warned Marrazzo: phone call transcription

Stories and News No.60

The Story:

October 2009.
A cell vibrates.
Nothing special, it happens to many people.
The phone belongs to the now former president of the Lazio Region.
"It’s me, Silvio Berlusconi."
"Go kid someone else!"
The phone vibrates again.
This also happens often to a lot of persons.
"Piero, I am the true Silvio Berlusconi, this is not a joke…"
"I memorized the number and if you don’t stop, I will report it to the police!"
Once more a cell vibrates.
This is common to most of us too.
"Piero, do not close, otherwise I will say to all about the trans…"
"Who are you?!"
"Ah! Now you’re listening to me, don’t you? I am Silvio Berlusconi!"
"Is it really you?"
"Of course I am. Pay attention, I have to tell you something very important…"
"What is it?"
"Piero, you have to be careful, a video on you is around…"
"A video…? What video? And why did you first talked about a trans? "
"Piero, I'm speaking as a friend. I got the message from Alfonso Signorini. Someone has suggested some pictures and a compromising video to his magazine. They are related to your visit to a certain apartment…"
"Don’t worry, I informed Signorini that I am against the publication and dissemination of this material on all media of my group. You have my sympathy. I understand your feelings, now, you know…"
"When do you resign?"
"No, I don’t resign… I suspend myself…"
"What?! Hey, what game are you playing?"
"No game, Silvio… if I were to resign, we should go for early elections…"
"Exactly! Piero, do not be a kid. What does this self-suspension mean? A man resigns or does not resign. You are the governor of a region! You have to respect your electors…"
"Really? Did you resign when Villa Certosa photos came out? You have not even thought to a suspension…"
"Piero, I am a coherent person. A man resigns…"
"Or does not resign…"

Berlusconi warned Piero Marrazzo. The "suspended" Lazio Region governor Piero Marrazzo was alerted by the Premier on the compromising video.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Abortion and Church: conscientious objection to tobacconists?

Stories and News No. 59

The Story:

Letter to the Secretary-General of the Italian Episcopal Conference (Cei)

Dear Bishop,
my name is Pio Buonsignore and I am writing from Rome.
I've always been a believer.
I did it for better or for worse, especially in the latter, as a sincere faith lover should.
I am Catholic, not just Christian.
So what it means, I've always known.
I am not like those who say I am Christian, not CatholicI believe in Jesus Christ, not the Pope.
It is easy to do so.
Many times I could do the same too: a fast read to the New Testament and then everyone does what he wishes, totally free.
Free to love as you please? Free to interpret the word of God as you like? Free to individually choose your moral?
Oh no, this is not freedom but chaos, an opportunist disorder in which people may wallow in utter ruin.
Men need a guide, it is written in their history, a guide that accompanies them as a father in their journey towards the true light.
This guide can not be God, because He is the target.
This guide was chosen by Him two thousand years ago and it is located in Rome, whether you like it or not.
It is a guide that has every right to express its opinion on any aspect of our Catholic lives, pointing to the good path to follow.
I always heard the commands of the clergy and this morning I was very impressed by your words, dear Bishop.
You said that conscientious objection is a right that must be accorded to pharmacists, implicitly inviting those among them who are Catholics to not sell the abortion pill RU486.
You also said that Christians - presumably you meant Catholics… - have not to cooperate in practices which, even if they are permitted by civil legislation, are contrary to the law of God and that we must allow pharmacists to not work directly or indirectly to the supply of products that are targeted to clearly immoral choices.
You are right, completely right! But why did you speak only about pharmacists? The church must continue on this moralizing road, invading every area of our depraved society.
My wife died last year of lung cancer and do you know why? He smoked forty cigarettes a day.
All thanks to tobacconists, ever free to sell death in their shops, and nobody say anything.
If pharmacists have the right to conscientious objection, even Catholic tobacconists do.
Think if this had happened ten years ago.
My wife would come into a tobacco shop, she would have asked the usual pack and the man would have replied very inspired: “I'm sorry ma'am, I am an objector. I don’t want to contribute to your future death…”
Perhaps she would die anyway.
My wife was a selfish woman, a true sinner.
One day, without my permission,  she aborted…

“Conscientious objection is a right which must be recognized to pharmacists too,” the Secretary-General of CEI, Bishop Mariano Crociata says this morning at the Congress of Catholic Pharmacists in Rome.

Full text of the speech “The pharmacist's conscientious objection between right and duty” by Bishop Mariano Crociata*

*Crusade in English…

Stories and News: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mastella: PDL and PD sins

Clemente Mastella is more than any other politician a point of intersection between the italian government and its opposition.
Briefly explaining to a foreigner how the politics of my country works, it would be easy to suggest a careful study of former Ceppaloni mayor career.
Mastella is the centre, in its worst meaning.
Mastella is ever in the middle, but at that point where you are anywhere or nowhere, depending on where it convenes more.
Mastella is half way to everywhere that matters, but never closes enough to get the slightest accountability.
In the last years, Mastella has moved from one centre to the other one, proving with his story which is the true difference between The People of Freedom and the Democratic Party.
Obviously, if there is one…
Here is the dance:
From 1976 to 1994: Christian Democracy, centre-left party.
From 1994 to 1998: CCD, centre-right party.
In 1998: CDR, centre-right party.
In 1998: UDR, centre-left party.
From 1999 to 2008: UDEUR, centre-left party.
From 2008 to now: UDEUR, centre-right party.

I know it does not seem possible, but it is.
This should be studied at universities around the world, I am not joking.
Mastella is the true politician for all seasons, Minister in '94/'95 Berlusconi government (centre-right) as in the '06/'08 Prodi administration (centre-left).
This man is a real italian symbol and affects all the country, beginning with the two major factions, Pdl and Pd, or centre-right and centre left.
Today last news say that Mastella and wife Sandra Lonardo are among 63 people placed under investigation in a probe over alleged political favouritism in the awarding of jobs at the environmental agency of Italy's southern Campania region.
If the charges will be demonstrated, Mastella and his party will inexorably be blamed by all sides, from right to left.
But this is a blog, my blog, not a party newspaper or a government media.
Here I am free to say the truth: Mastella is inseparably part of PDL as PD history.
His sins are like him: in the middle of both...

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tremonti permanent employment

Original post

Giulio Tremonti is back in these days to eulogize the permanent employment.
Today he was supported by Berlusconi too.
However, tomorrow, Silvio could change his opinion or think still like that, we all perfectly know his coherence.
Nevertheless, the thing that the minister does not say is what he really thinks when he talks about permanent employment.
You know, there are many forms of it.
Working life as a longshoreman and a top manager are not exactly the same job, especially to our politicians.
But then, what is the permanent employment praised by Tremonti and certainly every member of Italian parliament?
Simple, it is their permanent seat.
I am talking about those who no one has ever been able to permanently lay off.

They are on TV..



In the newspapers...


And above all, they are in politics...



I am sure they agree with Tremonti…

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Africa too...

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Students can't kiss in Italian school

Stories and News No. 58

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a school with many rules, equal to all students.
The young people enjoyed the privilege of receiving appropriate lessons, but also they had to respect the institution and all who share the lessons with.
The behaviours considered as misconduct were:

Rudeness or arrogance...

Use of mobile phones during school hours...

Inadequate dressing…

However, the school management thought that it was not enough and that it was necessary to restrain the growing sexual disorder in today young people.
So the following comportment was also prohibited:

Too many kisses and hugs...

Because you must learn from school the rules for civil coexistence…

Stories and News, “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine flu vaccine is dangerous

A few days ago I heard the Italian Vice-Minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio proudly saying that Italy is the first country in Europe to distribute the vaccine against the swine flu.
Maybe we are the first to go, but - as usual - we are the last to know where we are going…
So, I made a little search on the net about this vaccine, or Pandemrix.
On the website of the EMEA (European Medicines Evaluation Agency), it is possible to read the reasons for issuing the vaccine. In particular, I post here two of them that are a little bit worrying:

Why has Pandemrix been approved?
The CHMP (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use) decided that, based on the information obtained with the mock-up vaccine and the information provided on the strain change, the benefits of Pandemrix are greater than its risks for the prophylaxis of influenza in the officially declared H1N1 pandemic situation. The Committee recommended that Pandemrix be given marketing authorisation.
Pandemrix has been authorised under ‘Exceptional Circumstances’. This means that it has not been possible to obtain full information about the pandemic vaccine. Every year, the European Medicines Agency will review any new information that may become available and this summary will be updated as necessary.

What information is still awaited for Pandemrix?
The company that makes Pandemrix will collect information on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, and submit this to the CHMP for evaluation.

Synthesizing, in not exceptional circumstances the vaccine should not be authorized.
Official allowing institutions do not have complete information.
The necessary information to give a full response will be provided by the same company that produces the medicine.
And what is this company? It is the GlaxoSmithKline.
Are you serious?
Is it the corporation that was investigated by Italian prosecutors for having prescribed medication, offering gifts or money to the National Health Service?
In Italy we are the first in Europe to be vaccinated…
What luck!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hunger or war: what priority?

Today is the World Food Day, an event established by FAO to raise awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger.
The 14th of October the UN organization presented the 2009 Report on the hunger situation in the world.
It tells that more than one billion people, one sixth of world population, lives in a condition of intolerable undernourishment:

I could write an easy post denouncing the shame of our political leaders, because no one has found time to pay public attention to the news…
However, I prefer to propose you a simple consideration, just comparing the numbers of two categories which, admittedly, are poles apart in the scale of priorities of our world: human beings and money.
On the one hand, one billion people, more than 600 million in Asia and the Pacific, 265 million in Sub-Saharan Africa, 53 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 42 in the Near East and North Africa and 15 in developed countries suffer from hunger.
On the other hand, here is in real time, according to the organization National Priorities Project, what just United States are spending in wars since 2001:

Wars? Oops, sorry… peacekeeping missions against terrorism, defending our democratic culture.
Giving credibility to this interpretation, I have a doubt: but if just half of the money we spend for wars we used it to feed people, are we sure that there would be terrorism in the world?

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