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Does Vice Minister Fazio work for Glaxo?

Today I read that during a conference vice minister Fazio said: "Italy, with Spain, is the country with the largest number of swine flu cases".
Why Italy and Spain?
And why he does not say Greece and Poland or Finland and Belgium?
It is bad luck?
I was born in Naples, but I'm not superstitious.
Above all I am convinced that everywhere there is a lot of money around, few things may be left to chance.
With the sale of Pandemrix, the vaccine against swine flu, the company that produces it, GlaxoSmithKline, will earn billion, no one can deny.
It is a fact.
A company, a small one or a large multinational company such the Glaxo is, must make profit.
It is its primary purpose.
When Fazio announced that Italy and Spain will have the largest number of flu cases, more or less unwittingly, he makes a terrific spot for Glaxo.
By chance - or maybe not… - as I wrote in a previous post, this powerful company has three main offices: one in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and the last, the only in Europe, guess where is it?
In Italy!
Perhaps, this explains something or it is just another coincidence.
And what about Spain?
A few days ago The Telegraph published this interesting news: GlaxoSmithKline wins case to stop wholesalers reselling cheap drugs and may be able to charge more for some drugs in certain European countries after a key ruling by the European Courts. The company wanted to raise prices for certain drugs in a certain country (I will tell its name below, just for suspense…) to prevent a practice which is estimated to cost drug groups billions of pounds. The ruling came as Glaxo confirmed it had received orders for 149m more doses of its swine flu vaccine. This brings the total to 440m doses, which is potentially worth more than €2bn (£1.9bn), with further talks continuing.
What is this certain country which in the past has caused so many losses to the company?
I know, it is just a mere coincidence and I'm usually an incredibly diffident guy…

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