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Francesco Rutelli, different road but same seat…

Let’s be honest.
I do not want to seem moralist, here.
It is reasonable that a person who wishes to work in politics, desire to be elected, and above all to maintain this privilege, whether in Parliament rather than in the Senate.
Apart from the natural economic theme, it is obvious that with an authoritative seat under your butt, rather than a standard lounge chair, you consider your personal ideals and aspirations achievable.
Of course, everything depends on what these personal ideals and aspirations effectively are...
Today news say that Francesco Rutelli, after Bersani victory on Democratic Party primaries, officially confessed "to start a different road, combining different people who have diverse cultures…"
It is easy to interpret these words as a sort of farewell, even for the coincidence with the release in these days of the new Rutelli book: La svolta (The turning point).
What prophetic title…
Where will this change bring him?
Some people suggest that the goal is the UDC, Casini’s party.
We will see, the future is always an unknown factor.
But the past is not, if you have good memory.
First turning point:
Francesco Rutelli began his political career joining the Radical Party.
In 1979 he was elected Lazio regional secretary and the following year entered the national secretariat of the party.
Four years later, in 1983 he accessed to the parliament, finally reaching the most desirable seat by every politician who aspires to a gold career, even becoming President of the Parliamentary Radical Group.
He will remain in the Camber of Deputies until 1989.
Because of an inconvenient rule of the party, the so-called principle of rotation of office, Rutelli is forced to resign, losing the precious seat.
I repeat, let us be sincere. This principle of rotation of office is not the best for a politician that thinks big and Rutelli is one of them.
Second turning point:
In fact he does not waste his time and in 1989 he contributed to the creation of a new party: I Verdi Arcobaleno (Rainbow Green).
The following year the party goes into the Green Federation and in 1992, already National Coordinator, Rutelli becomes deputy as President.
Life begins to smile again, staying on the seat that matters.
In 1993, maybe he is too intoxicated by his success.
He is appointed minister by Ciampi and just a day after he resigned to join the protest by some parliamentarians against the decision of the Chamber not to proceed criminally against Bettino Craxi.
Probably he recognized soon his impulsivity and the third turning point arrives:
In 1993 he is a candidate for mayor of Rome and wins against Fini.
The new seat is not as comfortable as that of the parliament, but we're still talking about the first citizen of the capital chair.
After two mandates, in 2001 he finished his assignment.
Fourth turning point:
In 2001, he is the prime minister candidate of the Prodi’s Ulivo.
Unluckily, the centre-left coalition was defeated by Berlusconi.
Rutelli obtained the coveted Deputy seat, but it is not easy to enjoy it to someone who had done a little dream of Premier chair…
Here is the fifth turning point:
In 2002 he became president of a “new” centre party: the Margherita.
The centre-left won the 2006 elections, giving him two seats: vice premier and minister of Cultural Heritage, erasing all disappointments of the recent past.
In 2008, the fate is still bad: the second Prodi government falls thanks to a politician who is equally well known for his bends...
He does not give up and this is the sixth turning point: after the resignation of Veltroni, Rutelli is again a candidate for mayor of Rome.
However, the happy days are no longer sure as before, because he is defeated by Alemanno.
In the following months PD loses the 2008 election, but Rutelli still gets a parliamentary seat, even if it is on the less important side.
The rest is recent history.
This Monday, October 26, primaries have decreed Bersani new secretary of the Democratic Party.
Bersani is not his opponent Dario Franceschini, with all that this means.
So, here we are at the seventh turning point:
Rutelli will go on a different road?
Maybe, but the seat will not change…

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