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Hunger or war: what priority?

Today is the World Food Day, an event established by FAO to raise awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger.
The 14th of October the UN organization presented the 2009 Report on the hunger situation in the world.
It tells that more than one billion people, one sixth of world population, lives in a condition of intolerable undernourishment:

I could write an easy post denouncing the shame of our political leaders, because no one has found time to pay public attention to the news…
However, I prefer to propose you a simple consideration, just comparing the numbers of two categories which, admittedly, are poles apart in the scale of priorities of our world: human beings and money.
On the one hand, one billion people, more than 600 million in Asia and the Pacific, 265 million in Sub-Saharan Africa, 53 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 42 in the Near East and North Africa and 15 in developed countries suffer from hunger.
On the other hand, here is in real time, according to the organization National Priorities Project, what just United States are spending in wars since 2001:

Wars? Oops, sorry… peacekeeping missions against terrorism, defending our democratic culture.
Giving credibility to this interpretation, I have a doubt: but if just half of the money we spend for wars we used it to feed people, are we sure that there would be terrorism in the world?

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