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Mastella: PDL and PD sins

Clemente Mastella is more than any other politician a point of intersection between the italian government and its opposition.
Briefly explaining to a foreigner how the politics of my country works, it would be easy to suggest a careful study of former Ceppaloni mayor career.
Mastella is the centre, in its worst meaning.
Mastella is ever in the middle, but at that point where you are anywhere or nowhere, depending on where it convenes more.
Mastella is half way to everywhere that matters, but never closes enough to get the slightest accountability.
In the last years, Mastella has moved from one centre to the other one, proving with his story which is the true difference between The People of Freedom and the Democratic Party.
Obviously, if there is one…
Here is the dance:
From 1976 to 1994: Christian Democracy, centre-left party.
From 1994 to 1998: CCD, centre-right party.
In 1998: CDR, centre-right party.
In 1998: UDR, centre-left party.
From 1999 to 2008: UDEUR, centre-left party.
From 2008 to now: UDEUR, centre-right party.

I know it does not seem possible, but it is.
This should be studied at universities around the world, I am not joking.
Mastella is the true politician for all seasons, Minister in '94/'95 Berlusconi government (centre-right) as in the '06/'08 Prodi administration (centre-left).
This man is a real italian symbol and affects all the country, beginning with the two major factions, Pdl and Pd, or centre-right and centre left.
Today last news say that Mastella and wife Sandra Lonardo are among 63 people placed under investigation in a probe over alleged political favouritism in the awarding of jobs at the environmental agency of Italy's southern Campania region.
If the charges will be demonstrated, Mastella and his party will inexorably be blamed by all sides, from right to left.
But this is a blog, my blog, not a party newspaper or a government media.
Here I am free to say the truth: Mastella is inseparably part of PDL as PD history.
His sins are like him: in the middle of both...

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