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Tremonti permanent employment

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Giulio Tremonti is back in these days to eulogize the permanent employment.
Today he was supported by Berlusconi too.
However, tomorrow, Silvio could change his opinion or think still like that, we all perfectly know his coherence.
Nevertheless, the thing that the minister does not say is what he really thinks when he talks about permanent employment.
You know, there are many forms of it.
Working life as a longshoreman and a top manager are not exactly the same job, especially to our politicians.
But then, what is the permanent employment praised by Tremonti and certainly every member of Italian parliament?
Simple, it is their permanent seat.
I am talking about those who no one has ever been able to permanently lay off.

They are on TV..



In the newspapers...


And above all, they are in politics...



I am sure they agree with Tremonti…

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