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UN and migrants: racist? Do the quiz

The results are very interesting, especially for those who try to pay more attention to the truth of numbers, rather than gossip.
Reading the report on the web, especially the interactive section, you can find a clever quiz, which I believe can be considered a good test to measure our level of understanding migration issues.
We all know that ignorance on this subject is one of the first reason of intolerance towards immigrants.
Here are some questions from the United Nations Quiz (Answers are at the bottom of post):

Question 1:
How many internal and international migrants are there in the world?

1 Over 168 million internal and 45 million international migrants
2 740 million internal and 214 million international migrants
3 2.5 billion internal and 835 million international migrants

Question 2:
Relative to the total world population, when was there the highest proportion of the world population on the move and migrating internationally?

1 19th century
2 20th century
3 21st century

Question 3:
Which country hosts the largest share of international migrants in the world?

1 India
2 Germany
3 United States

Question 4:
Which country hosts the largest share of international migrants in relation to the size of its own population?

1 Canada
2 United Kingdom
3 Qatar

Question 5:
Where are international migrants originating from countries ranked as having low Human Development going?

1 Other developing countries
2 Medium income countries
3 High-income countries


Answer 1: 2
Answer 2: 1
Answer 3: 3
Answer 4: 3
Answer 5: 1

Be honest, you guess no one, don’t you?
You thought that the mass of migrants who "invade" our cities was much bigger, is it right?
I am convinced that you were sure that our century was the one with more immigrants, isn’t it?
And I bet whatever you want that you did not imagine the answer on Qatar and that you don’t believe still now…

For those who want to do the whole Quiz.