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Video, Berlusconi warned Marrazzo: phone call transcription

Stories and News No.60

The Story:

October 2009.
A cell vibrates.
Nothing special, it happens to many people.
The phone belongs to the now former president of the Lazio Region.
"It’s me, Silvio Berlusconi."
"Go kid someone else!"
The phone vibrates again.
This also happens often to a lot of persons.
"Piero, I am the true Silvio Berlusconi, this is not a joke…"
"I memorized the number and if you don’t stop, I will report it to the police!"
Once more a cell vibrates.
This is common to most of us too.
"Piero, do not close, otherwise I will say to all about the trans…"
"Who are you?!"
"Ah! Now you’re listening to me, don’t you? I am Silvio Berlusconi!"
"Is it really you?"
"Of course I am. Pay attention, I have to tell you something very important…"
"What is it?"
"Piero, you have to be careful, a video on you is around…"
"A video…? What video? And why did you first talked about a trans? "
"Piero, I'm speaking as a friend. I got the message from Alfonso Signorini. Someone has suggested some pictures and a compromising video to his magazine. They are related to your visit to a certain apartment…"
"Don’t worry, I informed Signorini that I am against the publication and dissemination of this material on all media of my group. You have my sympathy. I understand your feelings, now, you know…"
"When do you resign?"
"No, I don’t resign… I suspend myself…"
"What?! Hey, what game are you playing?"
"No game, Silvio… if I were to resign, we should go for early elections…"
"Exactly! Piero, do not be a kid. What does this self-suspension mean? A man resigns or does not resign. You are the governor of a region! You have to respect your electors…"
"Really? Did you resign when Villa Certosa photos came out? You have not even thought to a suspension…"
"Piero, I am a coherent person. A man resigns…"
"Or does not resign…"

Berlusconi warned Piero Marrazzo. The "suspended" Lazio Region governor Piero Marrazzo was alerted by the Premier on the compromising video.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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