Monday, November 30, 2009

Switzerland, Invasion of the giant minarets

Stories and News No.72

The Story:

After the huge box office success in Switzerland, despite the negative opinion of critics, it is coming out on all Italian screens a film that promises to be the most terrifying in movies history: Invasion of the giant minarets.

As already mentioned, the critics have unnecessarily rejected the film, accusing it of proposing an incredibly obvious plot, a true cliché.
However, the public response proves that people are not yet tired of movies that tell of invasions by ugly and bad aliens, determined to win our cities and eat our brains, but not before abusing our women.
Fantasy, after all, is good for this: it helps to exorcise not overcome fears and anxieties.
People who write and tell stories can not disregard it, furthermore who sell it to public…

Minaret result seen as "turning point".
Swiss voters' clear decision on Sunday to ban the construction of minarets has generated a wide range of emotions, from stunned joy to rueful concern.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sexual abuse: church now needs money…

The international timeline, from Irish Times:

1984 – The first case of clerical child sex abuse to go public – Fr Gilbert Gauthé in Louisiana , USA, is revealed as a serial paedophile.

1985 – Fr Tom Doyle, a US canon law expert, warns of dire consequences if scandal is not dealt with openly and effectively. He is ignored and removed from his position in the Vatican embassy in Washington.

1993 – Pope writes to US bishops – “I share your sadness and disappointment” – but points out that the child sex abuse problem concerns only a small group of priests. His spokesman, Dr Navarro-Valls, sums up the Vatican attitude: “One would have to ask if the real culprit is not a society that is irresponsibly permissive, hyperinflated with sexuality and capable of creating circumstances that induce even people who have received a sound moral formation to commit grave immoral acts.”

1993 – Canadian bishop Hubert O’Connor resigns after being convicted of molesting teenagers at a boarding school.

1995 – Austrian Cardinal Hans Herman Groer resigns as head of the Austrian Catholic Church amidst allegations that he sexually abused boys. He remains on as Archbishop of Vienna.

1995 – Two German Catholic bishops investigated for covering up clerical child abuse

1997 – Australian bishop Ronald Mulkearns resigns after failing to act against a priest later convicted of child abuse.

1997 – Catholic diocese of Dallas, Texas, ordered to pay $118 million to victims of Fr Rudy Kos. It is the largest ever child sex abuse settlement. The diocese was held to have covered up Kos’s abuse.

2000 – UK Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor rejects calls for his resignation over his handling of Fr Michael Hill, who received a five-year jail sentence for child sex abuse.

2001 – French bishop Pierre Pican on trial for failure to report his knowledge of sex abuse crimes by a priest against children. He receives a three-month suspended sentence.

2001 – Reports made to Vatican of widespread sexual abuse of nuns by priests throughout Africa. No response from Vatican.

2001 - Archbishop of Cardiff, Dr John Aloysius Ward, resigns in midst of controversy over his handling of paedophile priests.

January-February 2002 – Clerical child sexual abuse scandal explodes in US with release of thousands of documents implicating Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston in a major cover-up.

March 2002 - Archbishop Juliusz Paetz resigns over allegations of improper behaviour with trainee priests.

April 2002 – US cardinals summoned to Rome by Pope as their child sex abuse crisis spreads nationwide.

June 2002 – Third US bishop resigns over abuse allegations. Bishop of Lexington Kentucky Kendrick Williams joins Bishops Anthony O’Connell (an Irishman) and Bishop Rembert Weakland, both forced to resign earlier in 2002.

October 2002 - Archbishop Edgardo Storni of Argentina resigns amidst allegations that he sexually abused seminarians.

December 2002 – Boston Cardinal Bernard Law resigns over evidence of cover-up.
June 2003 – ex-Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating resigns as head of US Catholic Church sex abuse oversight panel after comparing some bishops to the mafia.

February 2004 – report finds 10,600 children abused by US priests since 1950.
July 2004 – Diocese of Portland is first in world to sue for bankruptcy in the face of compensation claims from clerical child abuse victims.

April 2005 – Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger becomes new Pope (Benedict XVI), following the death of John Paul II

July 2008 – Pope apologises for clerical child sex abuse scandal in Australia.

September 2009 – Canadian bishop Raymond Lahey resigns after his arrest for distributing and selling child pornography.

And the recent one, November 2009: Experts: Bishops covered up priests' child abuse. DUBLIN — Roman Catholic Church leaders in Dublin spent decades sheltering child-abusing priests from the law and most fellow clerics turned a blind eye, an investigation ordered by Ireland's government concluded Thursday.

I now understand better this yesterday news: Vatican: churches necessitate tickets.
"Paying tickets in the cathedrals and churches may seem inappropriate but it is often absolutely necessary for the enormous costs that the bishops must face..." Francesco Buranelli, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Cultural Heritage of the Church.

They need money, much money, between trials and reparation...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Couple crashes Obama State dinner: not a couple, just one…

Stories and News No. 71

The Story:

American intelligence services have finally revealed the identity of the couple who crashes Obama State dinner.
It is not a couple, but ever the same person, a man who is very adept at changing the face depending on the context, a master of transformation.
In fact it was not easy to the experts find him in the available pictures.
As I said, we are talking about a true qualified guy, able to hide in unexpected places…

Replacing unexpected guests...

A person able to do a thousand jobs, by the workman to the photographer…

However, his relentless passion for women betrayed him.
Yet he had to guess that a cook who makes advances to the First Lady would have been suspect...

The News:
Couple crashes White House state dinner.
WASHINGTON — The US Secret Service is investigating how two White House gatecrashers beat several layers of security to attend a state dinner with President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Female violence against women…

It was established exactly ten years ago, in December 1999 by the United Nations, urging governments and organizations to promote the initiative.
This date was suggested by some activists at the UN in 1981, after the Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Encounter in Bogotá, which commemorates the day when Mirabal sisters were killed (1960), three women that were engaged against Rafael Leónidas Trujillo’s regime, a dictator in the Dominican Republic.
In Italy this important anniversary is celebrated only since 2005.
Being a woman has never been easy in our country.
None better than a woman can tell, explain and motivate it.
This was true in 1999 as ten years later, today.
I read that Italian initiatives to commemorate the day will be all into a national manifestation on Saturday 28 November.
I went on the official website of the event and I read a slogan that made me think:
World Day against male violence on women.
I repeat, only a woman can speak with authority about what personally concerns her, but if according to the World Economic Forum, in the ranking about the gender gap in terms of participation in political and economic life, we are at the 72nd place, in my humble opinion I think that things are quite complex.
First, I believe that here - probably anywhere - there is not only a physical violence problem but also psychological, which is able to hit feelings and emotions, dignity and pride.
Second, I think that no woman should underestimate the female violence.
I am talking about that kind of violence that many women do to themselves.
As when they marry men because they blindly accept their words…

Like when they delude themselves believing they will keep their promises…

As when they do not realize of being the only ones who deserve the podium…

And like when they forget that in the end they are ever the ones who will pay the highest price…

If in Italy women will begin seriously to love themselves, maybe some men finally will understand their huge weakness.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Berlusconi day and Democratic Party’s manifestation: what is the real alternative?

The 5th and the 11/12 two days of December there will be two Italian manifestations.
Both are critical of Silvio Berlusconi.
Now, I am a citizen who has never voted for the prime minister and at the same time I want to have an entirely different premier.
So, I desire to go once again on the streets to express my antagonistic ideas to our actual government.
Which one should I choose?
Which of the two events is really alternative to Berlusconi?
The first thing I have to consider is this: the bloggers that organized 5 event calls for Silvio’s resignation, while 11 / 12 demonstration represents a desire / commitment of the Democratic Party to speak about the country's problems and not those of the premier, with the motto "Always his problems, never our problems".
The call of the No Berlusconi day says that the promoters do not care what happens after Silvio’s quit and consider that the false “fair play” of some of our opponents simply demonstrates a coward’s attitude to our democracy and they’ll have to in any case, answer for it to the voters.
We can no longer stay quiet, they say, Berlusconi must resign and defend himself, just like every other citizen, in front of the Law.
The proclamation of the 11 / 12 events focuses on government policy and declares that the intent of the initiative is to remind him of caring only about the legal problems of Berlusconi, forgetting what really is getting wrong.
Furthermore, responding to the No Day Berlusconi critic about the false "fair play", the Democratic Party affirms a clear and explicit differentiation, defining its initiative as different from "No B. Day", which serves only to convince those already convinced, without bringing new consensus, instead of addressing all the Italian problems.
I think that now it is easy to understand how much the two proposals are completely different.
I've participated on many manifestations in my life and the day after I've never seen satisfied my cried desires.
Even after a month.
Not even after a year, being honest.
Yet, until now, I demonstrated against war, the death penalty, unfair dismissals, defending human rights, social justice, freedom in countries where I have never been and many others, aware that even the mere act of being there, along with so many people, had and still is has a great meaning beyond the outcome of my personal aspirations.
At the end of those chaotic and tiring days I brought back priceless gifts, called sharing, hope and trust.
Perhaps remembering this, I can make my choice.
My name is Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher and I am extremely tired of having that man as Prime Minister.
I am perfectly conscious that the day after both events I will still have that president on his place.
What matters to me is that here and now I would like to share, hope and trust.
I wish to stay on the streets and share with as many people as possible the desire that the prime minister of my country should be no longer Silvio Berlusconi.
In the midst of many people, I would like to see increasing the hope that one day we will be first authors of the change.
And I would finally trust my fellow citizens, at least those in the square, trust their being truly alternative to Berlusconi every day of the year, regardless of the vote, without if or but, without perhaps and however, without and nothing else.
I think it is now clear which one of them I will attend.
And what about you?
Are you really an alternative to Berlusconi?

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Asshole who says that Italians are all equal…

Stories and News No.70

The Story:

Italian citizens, like those of the rest of the world, are not all equal.

Some have lost their lives for the country...

And others have lost the country to save it...

Someone was dismissed for his integrity...

And others were employed for the same reason...

Some people used the film to give viewers a trip...

And others uses viewers to travel himself...

Some found death for the sake of truth...

Others kills truth for the sake of tv share...

Some people attacked the immigrants to gain voters...

And now they defend them because soon they will vote too...

PS: Many years ago, a person who was often victim of discrimination told me: "I do not need that people defend me. I wish not to need it..."

Gianfranco Fini: "Asshole who says that foreigners are different".

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

All children rights in a story…

Stories and News No. 70

The Story:

Your rights

My son Luca comes home with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the new government has decided to distribute to students of all schools.
Luca is nine years old; he read it but did not understand much what it means.
So, he asked me to explain. All thirty articles…
The job is not easy, but maybe I have not so many alternatives besides telling it basing on his world…

"So, Luca, are you ready?"
"Yes Daddy."
"I recommend. Every time I say a word or a phrase you do not understand tell me, okay? "
"Article one: All children are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.'"
"What does to be equal in dignity mean?"
"It means that every child has a value. And none is more important than others. "
"And what does to be endowed with consciousness mean?"
"It means that when you do something you have to think about what you do and why you do. I go on? "
"Go ahead."
"Article two: 'Every child is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.' Is it clear?"
"I think so. It means that these statements are for all children, all of us. "
"Bravo. It seems easier that way. The rest says: ‘No distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a child belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.'"
"I do not understand this part…"
"Well, it wants to clarify again that the declaration is for all the children."
"Article three: ‘Every child has the right to life, liberty and security of person.' This is clear, no?"
"Article Four: 'No child shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.'"
"Sorry, Dad, but this is useless. What may people do with a child slave? He cannot work as an adult…"
"You are right…But you know, establishing the rights, is always better to put everything, just to be safe…"
"Article five: 'No child shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.'"
"What shameful treatment is?"
"A treatment is shameful if it does not respect the honor."
"And what is the honor? I have it?"
"Sure. All children have it. It represents all the beautiful things you've done, which made you earn affection and appreciation by others. "
"I hope I have gained much honor, so far."
"Yes, not bad."
"Come forward. I like it. "
"Good. Article Six: 'Every child has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.'"
"Dad… I did not understand anything…"
"It means that, everywhere they are, at home, at school, at the pitch, playing soccer, there are laws which protect children, which must enforce their rights."
'Well, playing soccer is difficult. For example, when my friend Mauro is losing, he begins to push and make fouls. It's not allowed, but he does."
"This is the reason why you need the referee."
"It is true! Without the referee everyone may do what he wants…"
20 years after treaty, millions of children still suffer: UNICEF report marks anniversary of rights convention.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Webby Awards and Lobby Awards…

Stories and News No. 69

The Story:

In response to the Webby Awards, exclusively for the blog, here is the top ten of the most important lobbies in the world. As you all know, the word lobby is used to indicate a set of groups, organizations or individuals, joined together by a common purpose: influencing legislative decisions.
So, here are the Lobby Awards:

At number 10 you may find the faith lobby, always near the power, thanks to God.

At number 9 there is the war lobby, with the usual motto: the customer is always right, especially if he exterminates opponents.

At number 8, perfectly stable, there is the media lobby.
Everyday less people read their news, yet they always manage to find the needful money.

Clearly rising, at number 7, here is the pharmaceutical lobby, blessed swine fever.

At sixth position another growing group: the water lobby.
In Italy we saw evidence in recent days.

At fifth place, you can find who is now a regular presence in this hit parade: the energy lobby.
With all upcoming eco incentives car discounts, fat cows are expected this Christmas.

At fourth position we have a lobby where factors ever change without altering the result: the mafia.
It remains so far the best investment.

At the top there is an incredible trio, formed by so-called unsuspected and therefore unpunished lobbies.
The third is the European Union, which is able to unify everything except its citizens.
At second place here is the G8, a group of tycoons who organizes parties all around the world.
At first position, there are some of us.
Not most, only a lucky minority.
It is a true lobby, an obese lump of subhuman creatures, victims of their own indifference.
This group is the first accountable one for the enrichment of the others…

Webby Awards name top 10 Internet moments of the decade: the birth of Wikipedia, the death of Napster, the iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter were named by the Webby Awards on Wednesday as among the top 10 Internet moments of the decade. Other events singled out by the New York-based International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences which bestows the annual Webby Awards were Iran's election protests, Craigslist's expansion and the launch of Google AdWords.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stolen water: the end of story

Stories and News No. 68

The Story:

This is not just a story.
This is not the beginning.
It is only one possible end.
It is the end of story of Man and Nature.
Man robbed.
Man robbed Nature.
Man robbed Nature, but he called such action in many other ways, except the true one.
However, Nature was not as stupid as it seemed.
Nature waited.
Nature watched Man robbing her and waited.
The fact is that Nature could not understand why Man robbed her.
Nature did not see the reason why Man steals what she already gave him as a gift.
The earth…

The air…

The animals…

The plants…

The dreams…

A day came when Man stole the only thing that Nature wanted for her.
The water…

Also this time Nature did not say anything.
Nature did not cry, did not scream and stayed silent.
Nature simply turned off the light.

And she went to sleep.

Privatized water: green light to the privatization of water in Italy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Raped by the crowd: wanted minors?

Stories and News No. 67

The Story:

Next day the air is very tense.
In Foggia, after the rape of a fourteen girl, people continue to demand justice.
Citizens are ready to obtain their justice, so that now the politicians are calling for calm and asked to increase the police’s presence.
The situation is very nervous near the homes of the crime’s authors, which is the symptom of an apparent quiet, ready to erupt into violence again.
On Facebook many groups has arisen in support of the victim of abuse.
In the last hours, many members signed in.
The reading board gives us the thermometer of the situation.
You can find there insults, incitement to violence and justice.
Friends of the girl, her acquaintances, but also ordinary citizens are seeking justice, refusing the usual rules on minors, which make them released in a few time after the arrests.
The politicians are ready to do something.
“It’s not enough,” citizens say, “the opportunities given to minors should be removed when they continue to commit crimes. It has been proven by facts that they are violent, manner less and that they do not go to school. They are all vulgar, arrogant and irritating. They’re just addicted to violence and transgression.”
But there are also minors and minors.
The Municipality of Foggia has asked to various groups of minors to condemn what happened.
However, riding on the protest, some associations invited citizens to attend the candlelight vigil on 21 November against the violence and rudeness of minors.
Defending their categories, some kids are here to say: “Unfortunately you talk about us just in these occasions. Yet there are hundreds of minors who are educated and friendly…”

The News:

City in shock after the death of Emanuele Fadani killed by gypsies. Many Facebook groups were created in memory of the victim with insults and incitement to violence against the Romani peole.

A young girl is victim of a gang rape. The fourteen, after the violence, spoke with his parents and then told all to police.

PS: Here in Italy people ask for justice?! This may be the reason why we have Berlusconi premier since fifteen years. The paradox is that asking people are those who voted him…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Minister Frattini against Obama China axis

Despite of today complaint of internet censorship, before flying to China, Obama made a statement that has worried many powerful men in the old continent: the United States does not want to stem the rapid Chinese development because a strong and prosperous China is good for everyone.
Come on, let us be disillusioned.
Although today the FAO World Food Summit on food security has opened in Rome, where we will see a parade of leaders from around the world, spread out enlightened discourse, full of words like solidarity, understanding and heartfelt respect to the billions of hungry people on the earth, we perfectly know what our politicians’ priorities are.
Moreover, in Italy we have today a government that is always first to show what problems are primary in their thoughts.
Yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini has released an interview with the Times stating that the European Union must absolutely respond to the nascent United States China axis.
It is simple: creating an European army.
Yes, you read right.
According to the Italian Minister, what Europe needs is an army.
Well, it was not such a surprise.
The union of the banks has been made.
They need the union of soldiers to protect them…

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Berlusconi short process: premature ejaculation?

Stories and News No. 66

The Story:

A recent controversial bill about the short process, currently discussed buy Italian Senate, has been in the last days at the centre of political debate.
Like any issue able to catalyze the general attention, everyone in our country feel entitled to express an opinion.
So, I am very proud to host on my blog the opinion of Professor Willy Phallus, a world expert on medical sexology: "First of all, I would like to thank Berlusconi’s government that has finally decided to deal with a problem that haunts many, too many men in our country.
Malicious people accuse the majority in parliament of having proposed another law for the exclusive Silvio Berlusconi‘s benefit.
I have never hidden my sympathy for the Italian prime minister; however, without considering the merits of the above, I would publicly state that never before they have dealt with a more popular measure, which is important for a large part of the male population. I'm talking of course about the short process of ejaculation, commonly called premature. The short process is a serious discomfort for many men and especially annoying for people, even the older ones, accustomed to a life of libertine sex, with no limits.
The individual, who suffers from short process, especially if no longer young, is recognized by a behaviour that is exemplar: to hide the problem, the patient tends to continue to brag in public of his amatory skills and personal passion for the female genre.
In severe cases, this need to compensate for the concealed inconvenience, leads the aged men to exceed all bounds of decency, completely forgetting the respect of the context in which they occur.
I have no idea if our prime minister is suffering from short process, but if so I invite him to admit it publicly.
We are in the third millennium; he doesn’t need to be ashamed.
It would be a sign of great maturity and will help many people who live in total disgrace for that condition, people who would be grateful.
If you think that in Italy at least four million men are affected.
Four million potential voters, if you know what I mean…"

Short process in the Senate.
The Italian Senate is now discussing the bill to reduce the time of the processes: requirements two years after referral for evaluation for the processes and offences less than ten years of imprisonment.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Berlusconi and Veronica Lario: she is not the only one…

Stories and News No.65

The Story:

My name does not count.
I am Maria, Francesca or Paola, it makes no difference.
What matters is that I am a woman, a woman that in the last fifteen years has married to Silvio Berlusconi’s cause, a woman that gave him her vote and her trust, exactly what was stolen to Veronica Lario.
Maybe Berlusconi's wife will ask a legal divorce, bringing the discussion behind a court, claiming a charge to her husband for the seriousness of his behaviour outside marriage.
Well, if this will happen, I demand that justice be done, because I have to receive the same treatment.
I deserve compensation too.
I was also offended as a wife, as mother and as a woman, every time that in these shameful years the Italian Prime Minister appeared on the screens and in newspapers around the world spreading a humiliating and degrading picture of myself.
The vote is an important obligation as marriage is.
They both require responsibility and decorum.
They both deserve loyalty and respecting word.
Mrs. Lario is rightly concerned about the future of her sons.
In her case, we are talking about a lot of money, companies and investments.
I do not ask so much, but I am also a mother and I have my children in the middle of my thoughts too.
A faithless husband must pay for his sins to those he made his promises, as the leader of a country must be accountable to every woman whose name is tarnished because of his actions or even his childish jokes.
It is essential that justice be done.
This is an indispensable warning, especially in a country like ours.
It is very important to remind at our today leaders and those who will come that every small gesture they will make, even the most insignificant word spoken, publicly or privately, in any way impinge on all of us.
In this way they would think twice before running for elections.
And before getting married too...

A woman

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's wife Veronica Lario has requested a formal separation with all legal expenses to be paid by Berlusconi, Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported on Thursday.
"The request for her legal expenses to be paid is a clear attempt to draw the judge's attention to the spouse's grave behaviour within the family," Corriere quoted family lawyer Anna Galizia Danovi, as saying.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The prison suicide

Stories and News No. 64

The Story:

Forgive me.
No… try to understand me.
I could not longer live like this.
Then, live is a big word, a huge, unbelievably huge word.
Survive too would be inappropriate.
Life means time and where I am there is no idea of time, despite what they say on television.
How many stories they told you about me, how many lies they showed you, disguising them as half-truths…
They convinced you that my main problem is the space that is never enough, that the nature of my conviction is anyway right, because the punishment that was imposed on me is part of a destiny which I chose by myself.
They have also persuaded you that my isolation is essential for your safety.
In other words, once again they have sold you the illusion that this time too everything has been done for your wellness.
Obviously, they omitted a small but very significant aspect: any of you at any time, could be at my place.
Then maybe you would see things in a different light, until the light stays on, it is evident.
The fact is that I am tired, tired of lying to you and lie to myself.
The most important thing, that nobody should ever deny me, you know it perfectly.
Hope for a better salary or even the lowest wage, for a new car or everything runs, for a bigger house or even a roof that is not a tent, like many long-forgotten in the cold of winter of Abruzzo.
This probably is good to you, because a mere, simple hope would have been sufficient to me, a hope without asking, expecting nothing or anything, invariably.
That invisible force that keeps eyes open to the world around the corner, even in a cell.
That vital breeze that makes breath one time and again and helps you to bear all, because even in the worst possible moment, it finds enough love to whisper in your ear words like these: the war is over, the pain will cease and there will be finally an after.
I never expected of being so guilty to not deserve one.
Yet, I decided to end it all so my gesture forces you to realize that what you denied me, you have taken to you too.
However, for you… there is still hope.
My conclusion will deliver you and will melt the chains to a lot of people, some unjustly imprisoned, many more than you can imagine.
I have no idea how long this moment will be, but do not let this chance slip.
You can do better, we can all do better.
It will be enough to remember the true reason why me and all of you were born.

The prison

Giuseppe Saladino, another dead in Italian prison.

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ischia 2006 and 2009: same landslides and identical civil protection…

April 2006:
Guido Bertolaso said: "We pay inertia of decades, years in which we have maltreated the land. We must intervene with the maintenance of the most at risk areas, to avoid future tragedies like this."

Three years later:

November 2009:
Guido Bertolaso says: "The landslide in Ischia makes me very angry and very sad. It means that all the work done till now has clearly not been enough".

Guido Bertolaso is the Director of the Italian Department of Civil Defence.
Among its activities there are forecasting and prevention of these tragedies.

Sorry, but I do not understand a thing: what should happen for a person in charge resigns?

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