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In 1989 a brick wall, today of words…

Like many of you know, the 9th of November, exactly twenty years ago, one of the more meaningful events of the last century occurred in Germany.
Of course I am talking about the Berlin’s wall destruction, a fact with an incredible amount of political and social consequences.
A wall like many others, a brick wall, but with the worst aim that humanity had ever been able to conceive: to divide people, to take away a community from another one, to prevent people from one side could have a contact with those from the other.
A desired and feared contact…
Probably, all in our life depends on this.
In that moment, when everyone meets each other, everything can happen, the most beautiful event as the most horrible fact.
Years ago, simply going out of the house or just opening the door of our room we would be faced with this risk.
Today, the 1989 seems incredibly far away.
Thanks to cellular, internet and all that is able to connect us, it seems that we are no longer afraid of the others, that we all have an uncontrollable desire to experience that contact.
However, I think that while we celebrate the Berlin’s wall end, in the meantime we do not see another barrier, much more difficult to break down.
We are building it, a wall that every day becomes higher.
The lime is easy to create: you have just to mix fear with hate in equal parts.
It is not a stone fortification.
It is a wall of words, words such as bricks, only much heavier.
Just turn on the TV or read a newspaper and you may find hundreds of them, every day.
And here is the kind of wall that grows, seemingly invisible among us:

The wall that divided Berlin was often mentioned, even today, as the symbol of Communism’s fall.
However other isms have grown since then in our society.
The first that I thought are in my wall, but maybe you know others, don’t you?

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