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Minister of Justice Alfano: Stefano Cucchi is guilty for his death…

Yesterday Minister of Justice Angelino Alfano reconstructed the events that led to Stefano Cucchi’s death.
In summary Alfano said:
Cucchi’s arrest, at 23.30 on October 15 by the Carabinieri, and the subsequent perquisition, were made "without excitement and without any particular physical contact."
During his stay at the police station (more precisely from 23.40 on 15 October at 3.30 of 16 October), Cucchi was "guarded and looked" by the police before being accompanied, at 3.55, at the chambers of another security police station. Until then Cucchi has been described as "lucid, conscious and health consistent, with no bruises or wounds other than those typical of drug at an advanced stage."
Around 5 am the man "claims to suffer from epilepsy and displaying a general state of malaise."
At this point, even against the will of Cucchi, the police called the '118' (emergency phone number): the young man refuses the visit and hospitalization.
At 9.20 am of 16 October, he is brought to the Court for validation of the arrest.
At 12.30 pm, Cucchi is accompanied by the Carabinieri in the Court classroom.
At 13:30, he was conducted to the police prison, and even there no "anomaly" is reported.
At 14.05, the report of the examining physician of the city Court found "lesions" on Cucchi’s eye.
The man reveals to doctors injuries to the sacral region and lower limbs, however, refusing a health check.
Led to the Regina Coeli prison, he is visited by other doctors of the surgery that confirm all wounds.
There Stefano Cucchi says he "accidentally fell down the stairs."
At 19.50 he was conducted to the Fatebenefratelli hospital, arriving at 20.01.
Invited to stay, Cucchi refuses, and he is discharged at 22.31.
Transferred back to Regina Coeli, he was admitted for observation at the local clinical centre.
On October 17, he laments "nausea and diffuse tenderness", is again visited by the prison doctor and still refers all to his fall.
Transferred to the Fatebenefratelli hospital, Cucchi arrives at 13.25 and this time he accepts the admission.
At 19.45, he goes to the Sandro Pertini Hospital, where he died on 22 October for "presumed natural death."
Stefano's family have not been able to visit the young man or hear from him because they were without the authorization of a magistrate and because, according to Alfano, Stefano Cucchi would have signed his refusal.

In summary, the Minister stated that:
On October 16, Stefano Cucchi refuses the visit and hospitalization.
Between 13.30 and 14.05 on October 16, something happens which provoked hard injuries to the young man.
Stefano Cucchi declares that he fell down the stairs. He has not been pushed, no one has beaten him. So he is the only responsible for his wounds.
On the evening of October 16 Stefano still refuses hospitalization.
On October 17 he finally accepts to go to the hospital.
On October 22, five days later, Stefano Cucchi dies of apparent natural death.

In conclusion, the whole explanation of Alfano is based on the word of the young man now deceased, in what he chose to do and not do and on his own statement about the fall.
I think that the words of our minister of Justice represent a symbolic image of our country:
Do you really want to know the truth? Ask to the dead…

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