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No Berlusconi day and Democratic Party’s manifestation: what is the real alternative?

The 5th and the 11/12 two days of December there will be two Italian manifestations.
Both are critical of Silvio Berlusconi.
Now, I am a citizen who has never voted for the prime minister and at the same time I want to have an entirely different premier.
So, I desire to go once again on the streets to express my antagonistic ideas to our actual government.
Which one should I choose?
Which of the two events is really alternative to Berlusconi?
The first thing I have to consider is this: the bloggers that organized 5 event calls for Silvio’s resignation, while 11 / 12 demonstration represents a desire / commitment of the Democratic Party to speak about the country's problems and not those of the premier, with the motto "Always his problems, never our problems".
The call of the No Berlusconi day says that the promoters do not care what happens after Silvio’s quit and consider that the false “fair play” of some of our opponents simply demonstrates a coward’s attitude to our democracy and they’ll have to in any case, answer for it to the voters.
We can no longer stay quiet, they say, Berlusconi must resign and defend himself, just like every other citizen, in front of the Law.
The proclamation of the 11 / 12 events focuses on government policy and declares that the intent of the initiative is to remind him of caring only about the legal problems of Berlusconi, forgetting what really is getting wrong.
Furthermore, responding to the No Day Berlusconi critic about the false "fair play", the Democratic Party affirms a clear and explicit differentiation, defining its initiative as different from "No B. Day", which serves only to convince those already convinced, without bringing new consensus, instead of addressing all the Italian problems.
I think that now it is easy to understand how much the two proposals are completely different.
I've participated on many manifestations in my life and the day after I've never seen satisfied my cried desires.
Even after a month.
Not even after a year, being honest.
Yet, until now, I demonstrated against war, the death penalty, unfair dismissals, defending human rights, social justice, freedom in countries where I have never been and many others, aware that even the mere act of being there, along with so many people, had and still is has a great meaning beyond the outcome of my personal aspirations.
At the end of those chaotic and tiring days I brought back priceless gifts, called sharing, hope and trust.
Perhaps remembering this, I can make my choice.
My name is Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher and I am extremely tired of having that man as Prime Minister.
I am perfectly conscious that the day after both events I will still have that president on his place.
What matters to me is that here and now I would like to share, hope and trust.
I wish to stay on the streets and share with as many people as possible the desire that the prime minister of my country should be no longer Silvio Berlusconi.
In the midst of many people, I would like to see increasing the hope that one day we will be first authors of the change.
And I would finally trust my fellow citizens, at least those in the square, trust their being truly alternative to Berlusconi every day of the year, regardless of the vote, without if or but, without perhaps and however, without and nothing else.
I think it is now clear which one of them I will attend.
And what about you?
Are you really an alternative to Berlusconi?

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