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Raped by the crowd: wanted minors?

Stories and News No. 67

The Story:

Next day the air is very tense.
In Foggia, after the rape of a fourteen girl, people continue to demand justice.
Citizens are ready to obtain their justice, so that now the politicians are calling for calm and asked to increase the police’s presence.
The situation is very nervous near the homes of the crime’s authors, which is the symptom of an apparent quiet, ready to erupt into violence again.
On Facebook many groups has arisen in support of the victim of abuse.
In the last hours, many members signed in.
The reading board gives us the thermometer of the situation.
You can find there insults, incitement to violence and justice.
Friends of the girl, her acquaintances, but also ordinary citizens are seeking justice, refusing the usual rules on minors, which make them released in a few time after the arrests.
The politicians are ready to do something.
“It’s not enough,” citizens say, “the opportunities given to minors should be removed when they continue to commit crimes. It has been proven by facts that they are violent, manner less and that they do not go to school. They are all vulgar, arrogant and irritating. They’re just addicted to violence and transgression.”
But there are also minors and minors.
The Municipality of Foggia has asked to various groups of minors to condemn what happened.
However, riding on the protest, some associations invited citizens to attend the candlelight vigil on 21 November against the violence and rudeness of minors.
Defending their categories, some kids are here to say: “Unfortunately you talk about us just in these occasions. Yet there are hundreds of minors who are educated and friendly…”

The News:

City in shock after the death of Emanuele Fadani killed by gypsies. Many Facebook groups were created in memory of the victim with insults and incitement to violence against the Romani peole.

A young girl is victim of a gang rape. The fourteen, after the violence, spoke with his parents and then told all to police.

PS: Here in Italy people ask for justice?! This may be the reason why we have Berlusconi premier since fifteen years. The paradox is that asking people are those who voted him…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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