Friday, December 11, 2009

Berlusconi: 10 qualities of a man with balls

Yesterday Berlusconi said he has the balls.

To have the balls is a vulgar expression that means to have courage.

1) A man with balls is someone who has the courage to be accountable for his actions anytime and anywhere.

2) A man with balls keeps his promise.

3) A man with balls is not afraid to say where he got the money that made him rich.

4) A man with balls does not fear any questions.

5) A man with balls does not need to pay for sex but if it were to happen he would have no problem admitting it.

6) A man with balls has no fear of appearing too low.

7) A man with balls respects women.

8) A man with balls is not blackmailed from anyone, not even by the Mafia.

9) A man with balls does not base its strength on those who support him.

10) A man with balls understands when it is time to leave…

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