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Berlusconi attack: the lesson of the crowd

Story and News No. 77

The Story:

My name is crowd.
My name is crowd, but you call me in a thousand other ways.
I become the population if you would like to see me united and compact.
I am the people in your speech, while you think I am not present.
The citizens… this is the way you call me when you simulate to worry about my rights.
You define me even the country, most of the time without having the courage to look me in the eyes.
So, I have a lot of names, as many attempts to convince you to have control over me.
The crowd...
Many like you, too many, have been deceived in the centuries.
They were all males and perhaps it is no coincidence.
For a while, it seems that things are going in the way they like, that I am totally enslaved, as a mesmerized beast.
It is a banality.
Looks can be deceiving and then it comes the time I go away, showing the reality for what it is.
My name is crowd and I applaud, cheer, adore, but do not ever mistake it for love.
I follow you everywhere, in every step, till collapsing into the abyss with you, but do not ever completely turn back.
You may be able to use me as you wish, utilize me for every sinister interest, but do not think that I am not aware of it.
You can do everything to me, but remember that I am the worst student in the world: I listen, learn, and sooner or later I always do it my way.
My name is crowd but whatever you decide to do, to me it is never a personal matter.
Despite what it seems, I am neither for the Right nor the Left, not even the Centre, neither a believer nor an atheist, I do not support your soccer team or the opposite.
However, if you desire I can be all that and from that moment you will think to be a god on earth, the only one in the world able to dominate me.
What an obtuse wonderful illusion.
It is an old story, yet you will see, it will happen again, because you never learn.
I am sure that even if one day I had to punch you in the face, shattering the mask that you have built thanks to me, you would be able to ignore the truth.
Maybe, the day I will decide to make something you do not like, you might even accuse me of being just a crazy person.
The truth is that my name is crowd, not crazy, and you are just one of many who believed to have me forever in their hands...

Berlusconi has headache after attack.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi met with close aides at the hospital Monday morning but still had a headache a day after he was attacked in the face by a man at a rally, an official said.

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