Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Berlusconi punched: Italy closes the violent sites…

Today, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni should speak to the Chamber of Deputies about certain measures after Berlusconi aggression.
Among them there is the closing of websites guilty of fomenting violence.
What a commendable initiative.
I am glade to name a few:

There are those who never miss an opportunity to bring in the so-called Islamic terrorism...

Title: Jihad and antagonists: here are who threaten the Premier

There are those who persistently do not respect who thinks differently...

Title: The No Berlusconi Day is the greatest shame

Some made the feeding of fear as their mission…

Title: Christmas gift: the bullet-proof vest

Someone without an enemy to hate has no reason to exist...

Title: Destabilization in Italy: enemy across the border?

And there are those who should be ashamed to accuse someone else of inciting to violence...

Title: Stop to this tone of political terrorism

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