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Climate conference and bad weather...

Stories and News No. 81

The Story:

This post is for us common people.
It is for people like me, one as many.
Let's start saying that my name is Mario, Mario Rossi.
That is the name of an ordinary person, an average man.
I am still paying my house; I have an underpaid and insecure job, a temporary work, a irrevocably determined time employment.
The weather changed so quickly this time.
I'm cold.
It is cold, no jokes, but it is useless to tell you, you perfectly know all I know.
You are like me.
I will not say anything original here.
As many, I watch TV and read so little.
What? I should read more? Who said that?! It must have been some intellectual teacher who knows nothing of the real problems and tries to instruct others to live.
It is easy to read when you have nothing to do, when you have a lot of time to spend.
If I had time, maybe I would also read it, who knows.
But I watch the TV News.
I am ever interested to know what happens in the world, I am not an illiterate.
What? TV News does not really inform? Who said that? And what should I do? See those intelligent programs? They end too late for me; I have to wake up at five, so I must go to bed early.
It is always a matter of time.
We have no time for the climate change. This is what TV says yesterday.
Someone said that the conference they did in the north Europe - in Sweden or Denmark, what the hell I know… - they say it has been a failure and that presidents do not really have agreed to stop climate change.
What's new? Not only in Italy politicians are selfishness, everywhere everyone thinks of his purse, it's useless to tell you that too.
Who cares the climate?
This reminds me of that movie, what title? Ah… 2012, have you seen it? What? It is not an intelligent movie? Who's there?! Perhaps you are some loser who goes to watch those depressed films that make you think...
When I go out for one hour and a half I want to have fun. I would have stayed home to think...
This time the weather is so bad. If one leaves the house to go and give the hammer on the balls...
What a coincidence!
The big leaders have not solved anything and the next day a great storm comes, cold winds and snow, iced roads and closed schools, stopped trains and blocked tunnels.
What? It might not be a coincidence? Who was? Who are you? The new Beppe Grillo?! Do you think you would have done better than people like Obama and Gordon Brown? I would like to see you in their place...
It is easy to just criticize.
However, for me the fault is all on the Chinese.

Well, it is getting really cold!
Luckily I adjusted the heating of the car. I would take my wife’s automobile but she does not remember where she parked and she went to work with that of our son.
Yet, it is better to turn on the air conditioner, so when I get home I find it hot...

The News:

Copenhagen climate change summit vs world, by Eikostate:

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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