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For the good of the country...

Stories and News No. 80

The Story:

Another exclusive scoop for the blog! The greatest world expert of coded messages, Hyam Notstoopeed, reveals what is hidden in the following phrase of Berlusconi, I will go for the good of the country:

As I wrote in my essay Theory of the cheat (Caughton Editions), political leaders are used to communicate each other with very simple sentences in code, with two or three words.
They do it publicly, with official statements.
Apparently, the recipients are people, but truth is that - as I fully described in my other book Only the stupids still believe them (Cheated and Happy Editions) - the politician is sending a message to someone, who knows well the true meaning of those words.
My latest discovery has to do with Italy, to which the essay Theory of the cheat devotes an entire chapter.
Thanks to my sophisticated techniques of semantic analysis, I found the secret words by which your politicians are sending each other coded messages: the good of the country.
When someone uses them, he is saying something beyond the literal meaning of words.
As in November 1998, when Berlusconi, then leader of the opposition, made the following statement addressing indirect Massimo D'Alema, head of government: "We make a law to strengthen the majority, giving more stability to governments... At this moment there is great confusion in the majority. I hope that for the good of the country that these divisions could be overcome..."
As when in 2001, following an appeal by the former President of the Republic Ciampi of ending the controversy about justice, the prime minister, invited to comment, said: "Yesterday I worked so much that I only read headlines and not the details of the appeal. But I believe that everything goes in the direction of a good atmosphere in which the majority and opposition are compared for the good of the country... ".
Just like in 2002 when those who asked him if he would give the green light to constitutional reform on the direct election of the President of the Republic, Silvio answered: "This reform is in our program of government. It is a necessary reform to give a more institutional stability to our country... We have to give more decision-making skills that allow the government to do the good of the country."
As in 2003, when Berlusconi expressed his regret at the failure to move from Milan Sme-Imi-Sir Lodo Mondadori processes, saying: "This situation must be corrected for the good of the country...".
By the way, one thing must be clear.
The message that contains the enigmatic phrase is used from Right to Left.
As in 2007 when Massimo D'Alema, called to account for his ambiguous relations with Berlusconi, said: "I've done everything in good faith for the good of the country."
As when in 2008, responding to Berlusconi's message calling for a more serene atmosphere, the former leader of Democratic Party Veltroni said: "Yes to choices for the good of the country...".
And as in 2009 when the current leader of the Democratic Party, Bersani, introduced himself with these words: "The PD will work for the good of the country...".
I understand that not everyone can be expert in semiotics and communication.
Nevertheless, as I explained in my next essay entitled Are you masochistic or what?! (Wakeup Editions), sooner or later it comes the time to start asking why we allow these people shitting us…

The News:

Berlusconi: I will go forward for the good of the country.

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