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Happy New Year Bloggers

Dear Bloggers, this post is for you.
Excluding myself, of course.
Today I speak as a reader and as such I would like to tell you something.
Let me tell you that you have my admiration.
It is not easy, every day, to open the PC and stand in front of the screen to come up with something that is interesting and very original, but it must also be current and captivating, because who reads the post gets to the end and maybe reads something else, until even to subscribe to the feed and that even approve it, yes, the votes and visits on the counter grow, until it burst with joy.
Joy that lasts up until the sunset, since the aftermath everything begins again.
Let me tell you that you have my respect.
You have it when you decide not to talk about yourself and give your keyboard and your time to someone else, to the facts that count, to people that you think should be listened and to everything that applies.
You do not imagine how it is important today, in our country.
Let me tell you that you have my trust.
Because when I think that in Italy the media are now almost all as giant megaphones in the hands of power, I open at random a Blog and I find the strength to believe that everything is not lost, that there is someone who in a totally free way is really there for the readers and that even if he says bullshit he and only him will personally answer for his words.
Let me tell you that you have my affection.
Yes, I know it's a big word, that Internet is a virtual world and that reality is just the outside of the screen, yet I know that often in a single post of someone that I'll never know the true name, gender and whatever else, I can find more sincerity and honesty than in a thousand speeches of people whose I think of knowing everything.
Finally, today, last day of this 2009, I would tell you that you are my hope.
Your words, your thoughts, your dreams are like messages in bottles thrown in the web that surely someone will collect, even if only one person.
This is the wonderful thing about you. You are a hope that sooner or later will be a certainty.
Do not give up, whatever happens, don’t give up.
You are much more valuable than what you think.
Thanks to be there.

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

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