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Italians hate Romanians? Here is why...

Stories and News No. 79

In recent years in Italy and the rest of Europe racism has become ever more a serious problem.
Indeed, when an ignorant person is throwing out his madness he seems to be many, when the clever one talks, no one hears.
Web and moreover social networks are a truly perfect house for the hate sellers.
In particular, some of them say and make actions against Romanians.
I ask myself: why Romanians?
If you search the net you may find this kind of racist remarks: Romanians steal.
So I replied: what about Italians? Are they all honest?
Romanians do not respect women.
Well, do you think Italians are all gentlemen? Really?
Romanians come here and take our job. Everyone must stay at his home.
And what about Italian emigrants?
So I start to reflect on it, until today, when I read an interesting Eurostat survey.
Poll says that regarding immigrants from member countries in Europe chart, Romanians are the first in the rank, with one million and seven hundred thousand and Italians are just at the second place, with one million and three hundred thousand.
So I have finally understood why Italians hate Romanians: they are bad losers.
Italians do not accept that Romanians beat him in the immigrants chart.
By the way, that is very paradoxal.
Think if the Germans, Belgians and Swiss would say that Italians steal, do not respect women and especially must return to their home.
Italy would have one million and three hundred thousand unemployed people more...

The News:
In 2008, 37% of the foreign citizens living in the EU27 were citizens of another EU27 Member state. The largest groups were from Romania (1.7 million or 15% of the total number of foreign citizens from another EU Member State), Italy (1.3 million or 11%) and Poland (1.2 million or 11%).

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