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Berlusconi can't be prime minister

However, Silvio can’t be even mayor, vice mayor, usher... Not even postman, traffic policeman, plumber, and dentist! Can you imagine Berlusconi dentist? He would be able to put a set of false teeth - obviously produced by him – to a six years child… Stories and News , the Storytelling show : February 12 2010, Rome. Share the post:

Berlusconi 10 points plan to help Mafia

Stories and News No. 98 The Story: 1. SEIZED PROPERTIES AGENCY: Are you a mobster? Have we seized your land, houses or anything else? Would you like to get back what we have taken away? Simple: you buy them back at our auctions ... 2. THE ANTI MAFIA LAWS CODE: Here comes in the best Italian libraries a story of the greatest favours made by our government to mafia: The anti-mafia laws code , from the tax shield to the short process ... 3. NEW TOOLS TO ATTACK MAFIA PROPERTIES: The mobsters have many properties in Italy and our government is ready to do anything to find them (relax, just to seize and put them at auction…). However, if that's not enough, we will also seize them on the TV: stop with serials or films on Mafia . Both are not necessary, we just do it in parliament... 4. CONTRAST TO ECOMAFIA: Our party, the people of freedom, has finally found the solution to the Ecomafia problem: here is a nice amnesty to present and future abuse of protected areas. In other words,

You stink of Romanian. Is it racism?

And 13 years old girl tries to commit suicide... Stories and News No. 97 The Story: We are a country known worldwide for its history and its culture. Precisely for this reason, we never fail to show our love for our artistic and architectural treasures, which are our true pride. Our beautiful land attracts tourists from all over the globe. However many people who are looking for a job and a better life arrive here too. Sometimes we don’t like it. Try to understand us. When someone has a beautiful thing, he does everything to heal and protect it. Is it racism if we want to defend our cities from the stench coming from outside? Are we racist if we want to keep intact the perfumes of Milan? The aromas of Turin? The fragrance of Rome? The sweet odour of Palermo? The soft balm of Naples? We are not racists. We just love our country... The News: Little Romanian girl attempts suicide because of the insults. Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit o

Holocaust Remembrance Day of past and present

Stories and News No. 96 The Story: My name is memory. I am your most valuable friend. I am the pit where to not fall again and the wrong way to not take twice. I am the not repeating phrase and not reiterating gesture. I keep everything, joys and sorrows, follies and priceless moments, dust and diamonds. I make no distinction between past and present, between the Holocaust of yesterday and those of today. No difference between yesterday ... And today ... Between yesterday ... And today ... Between yesterday ... And today ... My name is memory. I can be your most feared enemy. I am the eye which takes a picture of your shame in a dark room. I am the footprint on earth you will never erase. I am the reflection of your life in dreams of people who can only admire those of others. The News: Holocaust Remembrance Day memories. Read other Stories about life

Big Brother? XFactor? The true absolute nothing…

Stories and News N. 95 The Story: Once upon a time there was a group of friends. They were true friends, not simulating to be… They were young people who made music to bring attention to the reality. Quite the opposite of someone who pretends to play real music using it to attract attention to himself... They were young people able to face real problems finding the strength to laugh at them. Very different from people who cry before the nothing... They were the Gnienti totali (absolute nothing), they came from Abruzzo, the region of the earthquake (for those who still remember it) and they wrote a song: So the question is: who are the true absolute nothing? The News: The Gnienti totali. Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News. Stories and News , the Storytelling show : February 12 2010, Rome. Share the post:

Vendola Left beat Democratic Party. D’Alema: PD has failed.

Stories and News No. 94 The Story: Banality. If reality were the result of imagination the world would be different. In Haiti the richest countries in the world would save people as good as they are to kill when they make war. Banality. If we were living in the realm of dreams the church would be different too, since reading that a priest stole money to a disabled person to give presents at his lover , it would realize that before talking to politics should deal with itself. Banality. If life were written by our imagination, a government that organizes against TAV a manifestation of thousand people to respond to the protest of twenty thousand , would have the decency to admit that, maybe, there is something undemocratic in what it is doing. Banality. If our country were what we would like, after the sixth night that ten workers are sleeping on a roof, the Fiat would use the money it took from the State, to not dismiss them. Banality. If Left Italians waked up one mo

Scandal photos and newspapers

Stories and News No. 93 The Story: We are Il Giornale (the newspaper) with capital I. We are La Stampa (the press) who pursues the news everywhere, from the bedroom to the toilet, strictly without knocking. Oh sure, otherwise you would have Il Tempo (the time) to get dressed. By the way, we do like everyone across La Repubblica (the republic). Our news are not only slanders, we give evidence, interceptions and photos. They arrive to us in various ways, by mail or by Corriere (courier) service. We peck the politician in the breach and the VIP on everyone's lips in the key act, while they are enjoying an Espresso coffee or unaware admiring a beautiful Panorama . Besides, everyone is Libero (free), we are in democracy. So here's the photo of Michele Santoro and Beatrice Borromeo : What? It is a photomontage? Bad too?! How dare you? Look, we are serious journalists! We entered the order , think about before you speak. Do you think it is easy today to wo

Students on the roof with Gandhi

Stories and News No. 92 The Story: Once upon a time in Milan there were four boys. They were five, but then they became four. We know how the five does. It often turns into four, sometimes to six. That is typical. Alfonso was the eldest, 39 years old and collected waste on his city. It was a noble work. Mattia was 20 years old and to pay for studies he washed the clothes of his countrymen. It was a necessary and worthwhile work. David was 18 years old, but he had not an employment, as Edward, who was two years older. Nevertheless they were young. Nothing is more valuable in the oldest country in Europe. The four boys wanted to study and so improve themselves. Not everyone did the same, of course. They were not obliged to. It was just a desire, theirs. I am talking about a precious desire, which should be protected as the last fire in a cold camp of a jungle valley in Milan. Don’t tell me that there are no jungles in Milan, because I am in the creative flow and I ca

Massachusetts to Republicans

And Martin Luther King writes a letter to Obama… Stories and News No. 91 The Story: Dear Barack, I write you for one reason. Not because your party has lost Massachusetts, putting at serious risk the healthcare reform . That it is only a pretext. On 18 January 2010, during the day dedicated to myself, you said that you want to continue my work. On October 9, 2009 you were awarded Nobel Peace Prize , just like me, who was awarded four years before my death. Have you thought enough about what this entails? My dream ... President, have you really understood my dream? In my dream there is no place for weapons, both for preventive wars and the so-called peacekeeping missions … In my dream, the president of my country would have signed the Treaty to ban landmines … In my dream respect for nature is already part of it and my country would do everything not just to sign the Kyoto Protocol, but also to be the first supporter in the world... In my dream, it is obviou