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Carla Bruni takes cocaine and Morgan no Sanremo?

Stories and News No. 101

The Story:

Mario had a son named Paolo who had a very good hearing and was very attentive to words.
Words like legitimate impediment, naming two at random.
However, the man also lived with Esterina, his mother, eighty years old and completely deaf.
Paolo was in bed, dreaming friendly dragons obsessed with the chocolate and incredibly generous fairies, especially with pleasant children.
On the contrary, that day Esterina had no intention of going to sleep and followed with her son the night TV news.
Mario had virtually lost the previous edition because of Paolo’s interrogations.
"What did they say?" the old woman asked, while she was knitting, sitting to his left on the sofa. "Carla Bruni takes cocaine and Morgan no Sanremo Music Festival?"
"No, Mom," Mario answered, without stopping to fix the TV. "They said that Morgan takes cocaine and Carla Bruni no Sanremo..."
Esterina seemed satisfied and went back to knitting.
After a while, while the TV news continued its noble informing mission, she remarked: "Well, I understand him…"
"Who, Mama?" Mario asked, always with eyes on the video.
"Morgan! Who else? He does the right thing…"
"The right thing?!" Her son screamed, finally looking to his mother.
"Sure," she said. "Did you see Carla Bruni?"
"Mom... I do not understand..."
"Son," Esterina said, stopping for a moment the knitting, "didn’t you say that Morgan takes Carla Bruni and no cocaine to Sanremo? Anyway, I have not understood the last thing: this year no cocaine to Sanremo festival. And what about the precedent years?!"
"No... Mom, what did you understand? I have not said so... - and raising his voice, but not too much, not to wake Paolo - I said that Morgan takes cocaine and Carla Bruni no Sanremo!"
Esterina watched perplexed his son and then returned to knit, although with less intensity.
Mario had already reported the concentration on the news when his mother interrupted him for the third time: "Sarkozy is certainly a very tolerant man," she said. "But I'm glad about Morgan. Drug addiction is a real curse..."
The man turned to her with an expression of defeat and finally shouted off the TV.
"Mom… What does Sarkozy have to do with it?! And then are you glad about Morgan? Why?"
Sorry, didn’t you say no cocaine to Morgan? I think that's fair, so he will stop to say bullshits. And then you wonder what has Sarkozy to do with it? But if all Sanremo takes Carla Bruni…"

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, the Storytelling show: February 12 2010, Rome.

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