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If the State forgets people who fight mafia

Stories and News No. 104

The Story:

Once upon a time there was an association called SOS RACKET AND USURY

It was born in 1997 in Milan.
Milan, the city that works, that produces, that bills.
Where those who bill are, there is money.
And where there is money, often, there are racket and usury.
Everywhere, not only in Milan, that is obvious.
But Milan is the city that works, that produces, that bills.
That is obvious too.
The association decided not to immediately benefit from laws, to avoid any critical reference to forms of utilization and ambiguous goals that might have led to the founding of the Association itself.
The latter was created for a pressing need: to give real help to the victims of usury and racketeering by organized crime, accompanying them to understand the importance of complaint to the court.
Today, after thirteen years, the group ends its journey.
Thirteen years to combat racketeering and usury, thirteen years of sacrifices of people like many, with a job and especially a family to protect.
It’s not the fear to win, because the fear has not ever stopped them.
It is not about fear, this is a defeat.
But who really lost?
One thing is certain:
When the State forgets people the mafia replaces the State.
When people forget the State, the Mafia enters the State.
But when the State forgets people who fight the mafia, the mafia is the State…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, the Storytelling show: February 12 2010, Rome.

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