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No salary cap to manager: thank you Pdl

Stories and News No. 117

The Story:

we just want to say thank you! Thanks from the Italian top managers.
When in January we learned that those moralists of Italy of Values party wanted to put a cap on our salary we all risk an infarct…
Not to mention about the serious repercussions for our family.
The whole family, if you know what I mean...
But what do these people believe?
Do they think that it’s easy to be a manager in a bank or in any listed company, today, in Italy?
There are costs, many costs.
Besides, I'm one of those who also saw something good in these last interceptions.
Now people will finally realize how much money it takes to do our job.
What do these champions of feel-good populism imagine? Do they think that we became managers of a bank living as saints?! Do they really believe that shareholders make us managers just to bring them to a crack?!
We are slaves, we are not the masters, this is the truth and you of the PDL have understood it...
A cap…
They wanted to put a cap…
And what about the free market?
Sure, we know that this is just a way to tell, because there is no longer the market...
A little bazaar, nothing more, a couple of shops and an abusive stall, okay.
But freedom is sacred!
It’s my business if I want to buy the fourth manor, the sixth car and the eighth plasma TV, isn’t it?
I gave my ass for this and no one knows it better.
Better than my ass, obviously.
A cap...
But do those troublesome justicialist people know what might happen to us, every day?
If something bad comes out, we're the first to finish on the news.
And then all people will point the finger, calling us thieves, swindlers, corrupted.
A lot of people who don’t know us, who know nothing of our lives and what we must endure every day.
And it's better that way...

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

The people and the tragic story of Italy, Saturday March 20 2010, World storytelling day in Rome.

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