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Italy Democratic Party voters, who are you?

Stories and News No. 141 Aside from the chitchat, after the 2010 regional elections the Italian Democratic Party lost 4 regions: Campania, Calabria, Piemonte and Lazio. PD has lost without any misunderstanding. Although Berlusconi and his fourth government have once again made everything to give reasons for any opposition worthy of this name to convince people not to vote for them, the Democratic Party has lost. That’s not new and there are many theories about it. The real mysterious objects are its supporters… The Story: Dear PD voters, who are you? No, I’m serious: who are you really? Many call you Centre Left people, but it’s a convention, isn’t it? Well, because you are not on Centre. In Lazio your candidate was Emma Bonino. Tell me now how a Centre person – that here means Catholic - may vote for a Radical politician. You are not even on the Left. Let's be honest once and for all. Being Left means too many things not appropriate for you. A Leftist cannot vote a party where

Italy 2010 regional elections results and the fake democracy

Stories and News No. 140 The farce of regional elections is over and the curtain falls on the democratic elections theatre. However, the show goes on, at least until there is public to attend. Fans and supporters, detractors and followers, disciples and lovers - after the pseudo leaders of the so-called major Italian parties have made their comments - will get the usual circus, among partisan TV news and more or less heroic talk shows. The Story: Once upon a time there was a country of 60 million citizens. Among them, in March 2010, called to vote people were about 41 million , 68% of the total population, approximately 7 out of 10 . In March 2010 elections , 13 regions were involved. About 26 million people went to vote, 43% of the whole population, only 4 out of 10 . So 4 out of 10 decided the governments of most regions on the plate. It follows that the remaining 6 , approximately 36 million citizens , did not vote for these governments. The national average of votes rece

Italy 2010 regional elections, turnout down: that’s the cause!

Stories and News No. 139 According to some surveys, compared to previous regional elections of 2005, yesterday at 22 0’ clock we had almost 9 percentage points less of voters, that relating to 41 million potential electors, is about 3 million and seven hundred people. Waiting to see how this figure will change after the polls closing, when we’ll more carefully examine them, even if this will be the number, the Italian world of politics will once again have an issue to watchfully analyze. If we really care about our country… The Story: I am the Italian politician. I am a politician in the sense that I apply to elections, not because I am interested in the art of governing the society or just to be pedantic, the administration of the polis - the city - for the good of all. Don’t lose your time with easy demagoguery. Come on, let’s be serious. I am Right, Left and even Centre, if it’s necessary. I am here to defend Berlusconi or send him home for at least fifteen years. As time passes

Raiperunanotte and Mario Monicelli revolution

Stories and News No. 138 Even if my viewpoint is close to the reasons which yesterday night prompted Santoro to organize his protest event Raiperunanotte , with regard to content - always the most important element - the only guests that I really appreciated were Daniele Luttazzi and especially the director Mario Monicelli . The former, with the metaphor of a sodomized and happy Italy, for those who had not yet clear, gave another demonstration of what satire means. The latter has issued a message to save on the most precious hard drive of our memory. Among the things he said I remember two: "Hope is a trap devised by the landlords..." Which is obviously an acute provocation, since shortly after the intelligent artist adds, "I hope that our film will end with a thing has never been in Italy… a beautiful revolution..." The Story: The revolution I’d want… The revolution I’d want would be a true revolution. The revolution I’d want would radically change things. T

The government of doing: Berlusconi letter to Italians

Stories and News N. 137 The Story: Yesterday, as many in Italy, I received by mail an envelope from Silvio Berlusconi. I found this letter in it: I found also a brochure entitled the Government of doing : However, I think someone has mad an unforgivable mistake, because I assume that mine is the honest version: More security in our cities… Major emergencies resolved… Overcoming the crisis: near the families… Overcoming the crisis: more power to companies… Overcoming the crisis: to defend workers… Great reforms to the present and the future… School and university: reliability and merit return on… Public administration: a resource for Italy… Lowering tax evasion…   And finally Italy leader in Europe and worldwide… Maybe mine was just a dream… The News: Berlusconi: these elections will be a choice of field, between the Government of doing and… Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News. Stories and News, the S

Berlusconi: I am a nightmare on TV and in the toilet

Stories and News No. 136 Silvio Berlusconi, thanks to his personal idea of equality, now appears everywhere on TV. Despite numerous controversies after his recent speech in Rai, the prime minister made a live phone call to Mediaset Tg5 to make this frightening statement: "The Left, for 16 years to now, has only one big nightmare and great adhesive: this nightmare is called Silvio Berlusconi… I try to be this nightmare…" The Story: The troubling fact that I'm about to tell happened to Esterina Moreschi. She is a genuine person, honest, with a deep-rooted aversion to politically correct euphemisms and adjectives. For example, when someone defines her not so young , she protests, asking to be called simply old . “I feel old and I am too”, she ever says, “inside and out.” Esterina early retires for health reasons, as she suffers from acute narcolepsy. However, his real health problem is due to a serious trouble, how can I say, to free his body. In my place, she would say t

Cei and Bagnasco ask vote against abortion and a fetus responds

Stories and News No. 135 A few days before the Italian vote for regional elections we could not miss the valuable assistance of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. The President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, in regular meeting with other bishops, has practically urged Catholics to vote taking into account non-negotiable values, emphasizing among them the defense of human life from the immeasurably crime of abortion in all its forms. The Story: Dear Angelo Bagnasco, I am writing this because you talked again about abortion and, if you allows me, I am the first in the world that should be listened because all this personally touches me more than anyone else. As you may have guessed, I am a fetus. I won’t tell my name because I do not know either. Besides, it’s better like this. In this way what I say could affect any of us who have in our hands the chance to live. Let me stress this point because it seems important to me. Many of you, once born, are convinced of the illusion that existen

Berlusconi fears Bersani? He’s really finished…

Stories and News No. 134 While media are still discussing on how many people were actually present Saturday at the PdL manifestation in Rome, Silvio Berlusconi’s refuse to meet his opposite Pierluigi Bersani makes me feel quite perplexed. "I do not think this is the right moment", the prime minister said. "I don’t think it’s appropriate to join a television debate with the opposition leader, because his daily statements against us made us lose confidence that we can achieve a productive and based on reality exchange." Some might suggest that Silvio fears his opponent Bersani... The Story: Dear Silvio… … No, not dear. I am not able to say it… Silvio, on one side my message is really the result of a sincere desire of sharing and on the other of an extreme curiosity. Since childhood I have always been fascinated by fear. I think it’s an emotion of enormous value. If it can overcome his fear a lamb becomes a lion. If it can foment fear in the others, the lamb makes a

Berlusconi PDL for freedom on the streets

Stories and News No. 133 Tomorrow, Saturday, March 20th at Piazza San Giovanni in Rome there will be the manifestation of Berlusconi’s People of freedom. The slogan created by Silvio Berlusconi is this: “Love always wins envy and hate.” Berlusconi said on the promoters of freedom website: “We respond to hate and pessimism with the love for Italy, and it is this love that gives even more strength to our commitment to defend freedom and democracy. For this reason, we'll be in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome to defend our right to vote and our right to privacy. Long live Italy! Long live freedom! Long live democracy! The Story: I'll be there. Tomorrow I’ll go into the streets to defend democracy. Tomorrow I will manifest against the left judges who want to violate my freedom and my privacy. Tomorrow, I will be in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, because love always wins envy and hate. Who can deny it? It is not rhetoric, as communists creep. Love ever wins. Our leader Silvio Berlusconi