Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Italy Democratic Party voters, who are you?

Stories and News No. 141

Aside from the chitchat, after the 2010 regional elections the Italian Democratic Party lost 4 regions: Campania, Calabria, Piemonte and Lazio.
PD has lost without any misunderstanding.
Although Berlusconi and his fourth government have once again made everything to give reasons for any opposition worthy of this name to convince people not to vote for them, the Democratic Party has lost.
That’s not new and there are many theories about it.
The real mysterious objects are its supporters…

The Story:

Dear PD voters,
who are you?
No, I’m serious: who are you really?
Many call you Centre Left people, but it’s a convention, isn’t it?
Well, because you are not on Centre.
In Lazio your candidate was Emma Bonino.
Tell me now how a Centre person – that here means Catholic - may vote for a Radical politician.
You are not even on the Left.
Let's be honest once and for all.
Being Left means too many things not appropriate for you.
A Leftist cannot vote a party where recently had among its ranks scary characters like Mrs. Binetti.
Some of you might argue that she’s gone, but there are always people in the organizing committee as Rosy Bindi and Lamberto Dini, naming two.
Come on, show a bit of sincerity.
Don’t tell me that Rosy Bindi is Left…
Dini! Is Dini on left?!
Someone else might respond speaking of coalitions, strategic alliances, Centre Right on the one hand and Centre Left on the other.
The Italian Centre Right is Right, it's just Right, there is no Centre there, do you want to see it once and for all?
They're all Right.
The Right-wing voters vote the Right people, but who did you vote for?
Who if you are neither the Centre nor the Left?
Now don’t try to say that you’re those who want to dismiss Berlusconi as it would be the most tragicomic lie in Italian history.
Do you really think that until now Democratic Party really wanted to make a law to combat the abuses of our prime minister?!
If they wanted it, they would have done!
Even a child could understand this.
So you're not alternative to Silvio Berlusconi.
You’re not, if you vote Pd.
Well, you are not the Centre, you are not Left nor Right, and you do not really want to stop Berlusconi.
Who are you?!
Maybe you don’t exist.
Maybe you never existed.
Perhaps you are an invention of the newspapers or TV.
One thing is certain.
Who doesn’t exist cannot change things.
He can do nothing.
Let alone to win…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Italy 2010 regional elections results and the fake democracy

Stories and News No. 140

The farce of regional elections is over and the curtain falls on the democratic elections theatre. However, the show goes on, at least until there is public to attend.
Fans and supporters, detractors and followers, disciples and lovers - after the pseudo leaders of the so-called major Italian parties have made their comments - will get the usual circus, among partisan TV news and more or less heroic talk shows.

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a country of 60 million citizens.
Among them, in March 2010, called to vote people were about 41 million, 68% of the total population, approximately 7 out of 10.
In March 2010 elections, 13 regions were involved.
About 26 million people went to vote, 43% of the whole population, only 4 out of 10.
So 4 out of 10 decided the governments of most regions on the plate.
It follows that the remaining 6, approximately 36 million citizens, did not vote for these governments.
The national average of votes received by the Centre Left corresponded to 47% of voters, one point more than the Centre Right, at 46%.
It means that about 12 million people voted for the Democratic Party and its allies and little less the coalition of the PDL.
12 million on one side and 12 million on the other.
One fifth of the Italian population against the other fifth.
Three out of five, the majority of the country, did not vote for their parties.
This is the reality.
Yet these were the headlines of Italian major newspapers:

Corriere della Sera: "Berlusconi wins, Lega Boom"
La Repubblica: "Bossi drags the Right"
Il Giornale: "Polverini plus Cota, the PDL and Lega triumphed"
La Stampa: "Berlusconi, lesson to PD"
Il Messaggero: "Regional elections, the advance of Centre Right"
Il Tempo: "Love overcomes hate"
Libero: "What delicious"

Long live Italy, long live democracy!

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Italy 2010 regional elections, turnout down: that’s the cause!

Stories and News No. 139

According to some surveys, compared to previous regional elections of 2005, yesterday at 22 0’ clock we had almost 9 percentage points less of voters, that relating to 41 million potential electors, is about 3 million and seven hundred people.
Waiting to see how this figure will change after the polls closing, when we’ll more carefully examine them, even if this will be the number, the Italian world of politics will once again have an issue to watchfully analyze.
If we really care about our country…

The Story:

I am the Italian politician.
I am a politician in the sense that I apply to elections, not because I am interested in the art of governing the society or just to be pedantic, the administration of the polis - the city - for the good of all.
Don’t lose your time with easy demagoguery.
Come on, let’s be serious.
I am Right, Left and even Centre, if it’s necessary.
I am here to defend Berlusconi or send him home for at least fifteen years.
As time passes when you are having fun…
Whatever you say, our President of Republic always shows great balance and a sense of the State.
Whatever you say, His Holiness the Pope always shows great balance and a sense… of the State.
Of course I’m talking about the State of the Vatican, but also our Italian State, they're the same thing.
I call you all to vote.
It’s one of your sacred duties, because you are in a democratic country and the vote is what sets you free.
Free to vote.
And once you vote, you are free.
Free to vote again.
But I'm here to pull ears to some of you…
I am referring to you, that have not yet taken your precious ballot to go at the polling station and do your obligation.
I know why.
Some may suggest that among the reasons there is the further increase of unemployed in 2009 compared to last year: 380 thousand people.
That’s the usual defeatism, a premature and unwise analyse.
Someone else can bring the higher prices, which this year are estimated at about 700 euros per family.
It would be a superficial and immature explanation.
Some people prefer to blame the government, accusing it of having worked so far almost exclusively with public and private affairs of Silvio and those who impute liability to his opponents, who over the years have not done enough to prove of being really alternative to the party of Prime Minister.
All this shows a dangerous indifferent drift, that’s the true problem of modern democracies.
There may even be someone who once again speaks of our salaries, the highest in the world.
It would be a symptom of the worst enemy of our and your company: the anti-politics.
In this difficult moment for all of us, we are obliged to tone down the confrontation and fight the common enemy together.
Because the enemy should be common, otherwise it divides us.
If something is a problem for you but not for us, why should we be interested in it?
That's why the real culprit of the decline in turnout in elections is only one: the Daylight saving time!
Yes, the daylight saving time, that Sunday and today morning waked us up an hour before and at the same time took us away a precious sleeping hour.
Vote for me and I promise that my first battle will be the one to eliminate once and for all this disaster...

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Raiperunanotte and Mario Monicelli revolution

Stories and News No. 138

Even if my viewpoint is close to the reasons which yesterday night prompted Santoro to organize his protest event Raiperunanotte, with regard to content - always the most important element - the only guests that I really appreciated were Daniele Luttazzi and especially the director Mario Monicelli.
The former, with the metaphor of a sodomized and happy Italy, for those who had not yet clear, gave another demonstration of what satire means.
The latter has issued a message to save on the most precious hard drive of our memory.
Among the things he said I remember two: "Hope is a trap devised by the landlords..."
Which is obviously an acute provocation, since shortly after the intelligent artist adds, "I hope that our film will end with a thing has never been in Italy… a beautiful revolution..."

The Story:

The revolution I’d want…

The revolution I’d want would be a true revolution.
The revolution I’d want would radically change things.
The revolution I’d want completely cut away the diseased tree that has grown on our land.
Not only the fruits rotted, but the whole plant.
Who was wrong and who did nothing to stop it.
Who stole and who stood by because nothing personally touched him.
Who ruined this country and who still enriched playing the brave antagonist role.

The revolution I’d want would bring out the true differences between people.
The revolution I’d want would show who is coherent with what he says and who's not.
The revolution I’d want would not be Left or Right, it would be first of all equal.
Equal with those who exploited the ignorance of people to get their interests and those who have committed the same crime accusing the others.
Equal with those who paid with their own flesh the consequences of this vile staging.
Equal with those who had the courage to say no, even when yes was the poster of the good ones.

The revolution I’d want would reset back all and everyone should start again.
The revolution I’d want would only mention the reality of everyday life.
The revolution I’d want would first mention the poorest person in the country.
Consequently, all the politicians would exactly earn enough to survive, because representing people would already be an honor.
The journalists would be the only requirement to be intellectually honest.
The artists would have the privilege to be heard only by merit of their talent.

The revolution I’d want would not need committed writers, enlightened intellectuals and exiled heroes because people would finally be able to think alone.
The revolution I’d want would not need miraculous events organized on Facebook because people would always be in the streets every day.
The revolution I’d want would not need leaders, spokespeople, number one stars, because each of us would be that one.

The revolution I’d want is just a dream, because as Monicelli says, I have no hope on it.
Because the revolution I’d want, in many, also on the side where you least expect them, fear it as the worst nightmare…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, the Storytelling show: Tomorrow, Saturday March 27 2010, in Ferrara.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The government of doing: Berlusconi letter to Italians

Stories and News N. 137

The Story:

Yesterday, as many in Italy, I received by mail an envelope from Silvio Berlusconi.
I found this letter in it:

I found also a brochure entitled the Government of doing:

However, I think someone has mad an unforgivable mistake, because I assume that mine is the honest version:

More security in our cities…

Major emergencies resolved…

Overcoming the crisis: near the families…

Overcoming the crisis: more power to companies…

Overcoming the crisis: to defend workers…

Great reforms to the present and the future…

School and university: reliability and merit return on…

Public administration: a resource for Italy…

Lowering tax evasion…

And finally Italy leader in Europe and worldwide…

Maybe mine was just a dream…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, the Storytelling show: Saturday March 27 2010, in Ferrara.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Berlusconi: I am a nightmare on TV and in the toilet

Stories and News No. 136

Silvio Berlusconi, thanks to his personal idea of equality, now appears everywhere on TV. Despite numerous controversies after his recent speech in Rai, the prime minister made a live phone call to Mediaset Tg5 to make this frightening statement: "The Left, for 16 years to now, has only one big nightmare and great adhesive: this nightmare is called Silvio Berlusconi… I try to be this nightmare…"

The Story:

The troubling fact that I'm about to tell happened to Esterina Moreschi.
She is a genuine person, honest, with a deep-rooted aversion to politically correct euphemisms and adjectives.
For example, when someone defines her not so young, she protests, asking to be called simply old.
“I feel old and I am too”, she ever says, “inside and out.”
Esterina early retires for health reasons, as she suffers from acute narcolepsy.
However, his real health problem is due to a serious trouble, how can I say, to free his body.
In my place, she would say that for her it’s hard to shit.
You know her, she likes to speak clear.
Like all those TV viewers, she is following Italian political skirmishes that are accompanying us to regional elections on this weekend.
Esterina doesn’t have a precise orientation.
Many times ago she was a Christian Democrat.
After all the accusations rained down on that party and especially to his leader Andreotti, she has gradually moved into the limbo of citizens who doesn’t go anymore to vote.
Like many Italians, she sees politics as something far away, that is up there to take care of us and comes down just on TV screen.
That TV has become her best friend.
That’s typical.
However, contrary to popular belief that sees the elderly ladies set with soap opera, Esterina is passionate with action films, especially those where there are beatings and punches.
She loves to watch people beating and since this happens even live on several talk shows, she also follows these ones waiting for the fight.
For this reason she didn’t like the recent stop to political programs for the next elections.
For the same motive, if before she was indifferent to him, now she has developed a growing aversion to Berlusconi, indicated by the most as responsible for turning off all politics broadcasts.
Now while these talk shows have been transferred on the web and streets, Silvio Berlusconi goes everywhere, in all networks with his speeches.
So when Esterina, listening Mediaset Tg5, has heard again another live phone call by Silvio had a real nervous breakdown.
Try to understand her.
When someone particularly irritates you, if he would emerge in each point you look… well, that increases your repulsion.
Nevertheless, that repulsion has made the miracle.
Esterina, becoming very angry, has turned off the TV and has gone to the bathroom to finally make that big one.
She has pulled down her skirt with extreme confidence and has sat on the toilet convinced to be able to get rid once and for all.
She was about to succeed when a distinctive voice has broke the liturgy of that wonderful romance between her and her suffering behind.
Even here?!
The old woman looked horrified at the bottom of the bowl and has seen the smiling face of Silvio, asking her vote against the prosecutors and the justicialist Left.
Well, it’s hard to believe but a few seconds after Esterina made the biggest shit of her life!

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, The Storytelling show, Saturday March 27 2010, in Ferrara.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cei and Bagnasco ask vote against abortion and a fetus responds

Stories and News No. 135

A few days before the Italian vote for regional elections we could not miss the valuable assistance of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. The President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, in regular meeting with other bishops, has practically urged Catholics to vote taking into account non-negotiable values, emphasizing among them the defense of human life from the immeasurably crime of abortion in all its forms.

The Story:

Dear Angelo Bagnasco,
I am writing this because you talked again about abortion and, if you allows me, I am the first in the world that should be listened because all this personally touches me more than anyone else.
As you may have guessed, I am a fetus.
I won’t tell my name because I do not know either.
Besides, it’s better like this.
In this way what I say could affect any of us who have in our hands the chance to live.
Let me stress this point because it seems important to me.
Many of you, once born, are convinced of the illusion that existence is a certainty, while people like me, who are going to begin their journey, perfectly know that life is just an occasion.
An occasion studded with other occasions, where anything can happen, the best things and the major atrocities.
It would be wonderful if it was enough to be born for having a happy life…
It’s a paradox that a fetus must remember you, but in these few months of pregnancy - by the way, Mom, I want to say I love you so much even if you cannot hear me ... – I have understood that the country where I am going to enter is the land of contradictions.
However, first of all with this letter I would like to say thank you.
I appreciated your speech in defense of me, if I comprehended what you meant with the defense of human life.
Because abortion affects only my birth, after which I hope to live much longer.
However you did not talk about defense of my birth, but of my life.
Well, once born, I’ll still need to be defended, otherwise, if I have to spend an unhappy life I would also have some doubt, don’t you think?
So I hope that after having saved me from abortion, once made my entrance into society, I will find you there with the same strength to defend all my other rights.
They are not negotiable rights too, such as living in a secular, democratic, fair and meritocratic country.
A country that respects freedom of expression and speech.
A community where the welfare of the population is really the priority for everybody.
Above all I hope also my right not to be raped will remain intact.
By anyone…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, Saturday March 27 2010, Ferrara.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Berlusconi fears Bersani? He’s really finished…

Stories and News No. 134

While media are still discussing on how many people were actually present Saturday at the PdL manifestation in Rome, Silvio Berlusconi’s refuse to meet his opposite Pierluigi Bersani makes me feel quite perplexed. "I do not think this is the right moment", the prime minister said. "I don’t think it’s appropriate to join a television debate with the opposition leader, because his daily statements against us made us lose confidence that we can achieve a productive and based on reality exchange."
Some might suggest that Silvio fears his opponent Bersani...

The Story:

Dear Silvio…
No, not dear. I am not able to say it…
on one side my message is really the result of a sincere desire of sharing and on the other of an extreme curiosity.
Since childhood I have always been fascinated by fear.
I think it’s an emotion of enormous value.
If it can overcome his fear a lamb becomes a lion.
If it can foment fear in the others, the lamb makes an even more powerful act: it transforms the others to lambs.
I have always loved to exorcise fear with horror novels, comics and movies.
I adore enlarging my eyes reading a bloody page or jumping on the couch in front of a suspense scene.
So if you were afraid of him…

Well, I'd understand.
The thought that a blood thirsting vampire enters your bedroom, with those sharp canines to bite your neck is a terrible thought.
When I was a child I pulled on the pyjama collar as I could to avoid being surprised with naked jugular in the middle of the night.
If you were afraid of him…

Silvio, 'I'd understand it too.
That wrapped creature coming from so far away in time, advancing towards you with outstretched arms ready to grab is a tremendous image.
Moreover, the Egyptian mummy, once arrived in Italy would be also an illegal immigrant, that’s further terrifying for someone like you.
If you were afraid of them…

Well, you would have all my sympathy again.
The idea of being attacked by a horde of zombies and devoured alive by them is so unspeakable.
Luckily we are in the land of imagination; although it’s precisely this that in your place I would wait from Italian unemployed workers.
I'd understand you even if you were afraid of him…

I know, I see, the Italy of Values leader is not like those of PD.
He speaks too simple, too direct, too personally.
What I fail to understand is that you're afraid of him…

I do not believe… come on, you cannot do it.
Who's afraid of Bersani?
No, because if so, then you are really finished…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

Stories and News, the storytelling show: Saturday March 27 2010, Ferrara.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Berlusconi PDL for freedom on the streets

Stories and News No. 133

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 20th at Piazza San Giovanni in Rome there will be the manifestation of Berlusconi’s People of freedom.
The slogan created by Silvio Berlusconi is this: “Love always wins envy and hate.”
Berlusconi said on the promoters of freedom website: “We respond to hate and pessimism with the love for Italy, and it is this love that gives even more strength to our commitment to defend freedom and democracy. For this reason, we'll be in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome to defend our right to vote and our right to privacy.
Long live Italy! Long live freedom! Long live democracy!

The Story:

I'll be there.
Tomorrow I’ll go into the streets to defend democracy.
Tomorrow I will manifest against the left judges who want to violate my freedom and my privacy.
Tomorrow, I will be in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, because love always wins envy and hate.
Who can deny it?
It is not rhetoric, as communists creep.
Love ever wins.
Our leader Silvio Berlusconi knows well, because he became a politician for love’s sake.
I still remember his words: "Italy is the country I love. Here I have my roots, my hopes, my horizons. Here I learned from my father and from life, my job as an entrepreneur. Here I learned the passion for freedom."
Liberty today is attacked by the Left and its allies, who are even worse, along with a politicized organization of judges, who used to intercept us for political struggle against us.
We are not like them.
We're the ones of doing and they just can say "no".
The truth is that they envy us.
We are beautiful and full of pussy and they envy us.
This is the reality.
However, the demonstration that we are not like them is that we respond to hate with love.
That’s our love for Italy and especially for him.
For Silvio.
For this tomorrow I will join the manifestation of the People of Freedom.

I could say that the opposite is true, that I am not a supporter of Berlusconi and that even in my worst nightmare I never thought of voting for his party.
But this is the truth.
Here, now, in my country, the truth is not a good product to sell, it is not trendy, is not advantageous and moreover is dangerous.
It’s better to lie...

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

The people and the tragic story of Italy, Saturday March 20 2010, World storytelling day in Rome.

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