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Berlusconi PDL for freedom on the streets

Stories and News No. 133

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 20th at Piazza San Giovanni in Rome there will be the manifestation of Berlusconi’s People of freedom.
The slogan created by Silvio Berlusconi is this: “Love always wins envy and hate.”
Berlusconi said on the promoters of freedom website: “We respond to hate and pessimism with the love for Italy, and it is this love that gives even more strength to our commitment to defend freedom and democracy. For this reason, we'll be in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome to defend our right to vote and our right to privacy.
Long live Italy! Long live freedom! Long live democracy!

The Story:

I'll be there.
Tomorrow I’ll go into the streets to defend democracy.
Tomorrow I will manifest against the left judges who want to violate my freedom and my privacy.
Tomorrow, I will be in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, because love always wins envy and hate.
Who can deny it?
It is not rhetoric, as communists creep.
Love ever wins.
Our leader Silvio Berlusconi knows well, because he became a politician for love’s sake.
I still remember his words: "Italy is the country I love. Here I have my roots, my hopes, my horizons. Here I learned from my father and from life, my job as an entrepreneur. Here I learned the passion for freedom."
Liberty today is attacked by the Left and its allies, who are even worse, along with a politicized organization of judges, who used to intercept us for political struggle against us.
We are not like them.
We're the ones of doing and they just can say "no".
The truth is that they envy us.
We are beautiful and full of pussy and they envy us.
This is the reality.
However, the demonstration that we are not like them is that we respond to hate with love.
That’s our love for Italy and especially for him.
For Silvio.
For this tomorrow I will join the manifestation of the People of Freedom.

I could say that the opposite is true, that I am not a supporter of Berlusconi and that even in my worst nightmare I never thought of voting for his party.
But this is the truth.
Here, now, in my country, the truth is not a good product to sell, it is not trendy, is not advantageous and moreover is dangerous.
It’s better to lie...

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

The people and the tragic story of Italy, Saturday March 20 2010, World storytelling day in Rome.

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