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Cei and Bagnasco ask vote against abortion and a fetus responds

Stories and News No. 135

A few days before the Italian vote for regional elections we could not miss the valuable assistance of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. The President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, in regular meeting with other bishops, has practically urged Catholics to vote taking into account non-negotiable values, emphasizing among them the defense of human life from the immeasurably crime of abortion in all its forms.

The Story:

Dear Angelo Bagnasco,
I am writing this because you talked again about abortion and, if you allows me, I am the first in the world that should be listened because all this personally touches me more than anyone else.
As you may have guessed, I am a fetus.
I won’t tell my name because I do not know either.
Besides, it’s better like this.
In this way what I say could affect any of us who have in our hands the chance to live.
Let me stress this point because it seems important to me.
Many of you, once born, are convinced of the illusion that existence is a certainty, while people like me, who are going to begin their journey, perfectly know that life is just an occasion.
An occasion studded with other occasions, where anything can happen, the best things and the major atrocities.
It would be wonderful if it was enough to be born for having a happy life…
It’s a paradox that a fetus must remember you, but in these few months of pregnancy - by the way, Mom, I want to say I love you so much even if you cannot hear me ... – I have understood that the country where I am going to enter is the land of contradictions.
However, first of all with this letter I would like to say thank you.
I appreciated your speech in defense of me, if I comprehended what you meant with the defense of human life.
Because abortion affects only my birth, after which I hope to live much longer.
However you did not talk about defense of my birth, but of my life.
Well, once born, I’ll still need to be defended, otherwise, if I have to spend an unhappy life I would also have some doubt, don’t you think?
So I hope that after having saved me from abortion, once made my entrance into society, I will find you there with the same strength to defend all my other rights.
They are not negotiable rights too, such as living in a secular, democratic, fair and meritocratic country.
A country that respects freedom of expression and speech.
A community where the welfare of the population is really the priority for everybody.
Above all I hope also my right not to be raped will remain intact.
By anyone…

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Stories and News, Saturday March 27 2010, Ferrara.

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