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PdL banned and Berlusconi party protests. Italy is a dictatorship, not a democracy

Stories and News No. 125

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a Country with many Regions.
A Region named Lazio was contested by two opponents, Right and Left.
Right and Left were not the only ones to face, but you know how things go when the stakes are high: the Smallest cannot and especially must not win.
The final victory should have been decided by the People of the Region on a day called Elections.
On the day called the Eections, the People would have decided who between Right, Left and the Smallest would have commanded the Region.
This choice was a consequence of a thing called Democracy.
Democracy is the Power of the People.
I repeat this concept because I think it is at risk in Italy: Democracy is the Power of People, not of Right, Left or the Smallest.
Now, something happened in the Region.
Right didn’t arrive in time to join the race and the Referee excluded it from the competition.
It happens, Rules are Rules.
It happens that you forget to pay the electricity bill and you find yourself in the dark.
It happens is that you arrive late to the Post Office and you must return tomorrow.
It happens that the train leaves and you are forced to take the next one.
The fact was that the Right had the Power of the Country in which the Region Lazio was.
The Power of the Country was given by the People, because the Country was a Democracy.
And, as I said, Democracy is the Power of the People.
However, Right decided to use the Power of the Country to rebel and turned to a second Referee, called the Court of Appeals.
The second Referee confirmed the decision of the first.
As if to say, Rules are Rules.
The Right protested, saying that without its participation, there would have been no Democracy in the race.
But I remember again: Democracy is the Power of the People, not of Right, Left and even less the Smallest.
Nevertheless, the Right didn’t give up and presented his complaints at a third Referee named Tar.
Furthermore, for the avoidance of doubt, the Right still made use of the Power of the Country with an extreme action: it changed the Rules, adding a new one, named Interpretative Decree.
This new Rule was presented to a fourth Referee, the President of the Country, who accepted it saying he preferred to choose respect for Democracy at the cost of the precedent Rules.
However, I repeat like a broken record: Democracy is the Power of the People, not of Right, Left, Smallest and the President of the Country.
Meanwhile, another twist arrived: the third Referee named Tar confirmed the decisions of the first two.
Rules are Rules, regardless of interpretation of them by the President of the Country.
The story has come here.
Right is not going to surrender, because knows it has the Power of the Country.
When someone has the Power of the Country and is ready to do everything to keep it, he ever finds a way to circumvent the Rules.
And when who has the Power of the Country do this, saying that he does for Democracy, has a name: Dictator…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

The people and the tragic story of Italy, Saturday March 20 2010, World storytelling day in Rome.

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