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PdL Polverini and Formigoni out: Berlusconi protest

Stories and News No. 122

The Story:

Once upon a time there were an old man and an eight years old child.
The former, named Silvio, wanted to win every time and with minimum effort.
The latter, Pierino, was only interested in the minimum effort.
The elder had so many people working under him and everyone had an obligation to always arrive first, or why did he choose them?
Pierino was too young to command someone else, but he understood that with the tears could get much from his aunts.
One day the old man discovered that two people who he trusted had been rejected even before they compete.
The fact is that they were too confident of victory and had been sloppy and superficial.
When someone is too sure to win and behaves sloppy and superficial makes mistakes and who makes mistakes must pay the consequences.
It’s his responsibility.
It’s a matter of maturity and above all respect for those who did everything following the rules.
Not to mention the millions of citizens who pay his salary...
Even Pierino was certain to be rejected.
"He’s bright and smart, but he doesn’t like to work..." The teacher said many times to parents, as the classic broken record.
Dad and mum repeated the message to their child, but he routinely caught only the first part.
Bright and smart… if the teacher said this it had to be necessarily true.
"The bright and smart guys ever win easily," he thought, leaving out the homeworks.
So March arrived and the teacher announced to the parents the bad news: "Your son is bright and smart, but this year he has never made the homeworks. It’s too late to recover. I must reject him..."
When parents, very despondent, told the bad news to the child, Pierino became very angry.
Also Silvio was angered by the fault of the two that left him disappointed.
The same night, Pierino watched the news with his father and the TV said what the old man would do to answer what had happened.
He listened very carefully to everything and understood better what to be bright and smart meant.
So, the next day Pierino went to school and when the teacher arrived he got up and said: "Teacher, I will not remain just watching. Yours is a coup. It’s inconceivable that a student is excluded from the democratic contest. I've never tried to get consensus or attention from the school instead your grades, but now, before a clear plan against me or you find a solution, or I don’t know what will happen..."

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

The people and the tragic story of Italy, Saturday March 20 2010, World storytelling day in Rome.

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