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80 undeclared checks to Minister Scajola: resignation?

Stories and News No. 162 Every day that passes I am convinced that Italy is truly the most paradoxical country in the world. Quite simply: aid workers are terrorists and warmongers are heroes, who talk about the Mafia maintain its power and who is enriched thanks to it is its bitterest enemy, who dares to dissent is a traitor and who ever changes his mind is a loyal person. However, these deceptions come almost always from the same source, a kind of virus that distorts the facts and the truth. The problem is that there is no antivirus in Italy. Without antivirus, the infected file is not recognized. The virus is considered a system program. Indeed, it’s the system… The Story: Once upon a time there was once a kingdom called Paradox. In the kingdom there was a king that we can call Silvio . The king had a son that we can call Claudio . Prince Claudio was not exactly what you call a genius and was in an awkward situation. The tax collectors, having investigated him, discovered that th

Is Berlusconi Lodo Alfano Constitutional?

Stories and News No. 161 Apparently, the new Lodo Alfano - or the latest attempt to prevent Silvio Berlusconi to be processed - is ready. Someone talks about a Constitutional Lodo Alfano. Constitutional?! What's constitutional in a decree that states that all citizens are not equal before the law? In front of these fundamental principles we should see who is really an alternative to the abuses of our Premier… The Story: Here’s the real text of the Lodo Alfano Law: 1. The Prime Minister is untouchable. 2. The Prime Minister is always untouchable. 3. In the unlikely case that a judge had the evidence of his guilt, you will apply the Article 1. and 2. 4. The Prime Minister does not corrupt; he offers disinterested gifts. 5. The Prime Minister does not steal; he borrows forever. 6. The Prime Minister does not go with prostitutes; he saves them from the road. 7. The Prime Minister does not quarrel; the others do. 8. The Prime Minister does not lie; he just colors the truth. 9. The

Greece crisis and laughs in Italy: here’s why

Stories and News No. 160 Many not Italian newspapers, dealing with the economic crisis in Greece, speak about the danger that Portugal, Spain and especially Italy live, as today Wall Street Journal , which indicates my country at serious risk of infection because it has a debt seven times the Greece one. However, even since the serious financial Greek situation is on all media, we continue to hear from our government assurances and calls for optimism. Maybe Berlusconi and C. know something we do not know... The Story: Once upon a time there were two peasants, one Greek and one Italian. The two peasants, who lived side by side, had a field. Both lived only of their own harvest and both had a wife and children. One day a terrible drought struck on the two farms. A field without water is destined to the end. A peasant with no field doesn’t get a harvest. And the children of a peasant without harvest have nothing to eat. Now, you know how humans do. They are diverse and everyone differe

Nuclear, Berlusconi and Putin in a history of sex

Stories and News No. 159 "Within three years we will start to work on building the first nuclear power plant in Italy." This is the prediction (threat) made by Prime Minister Berlusconi at the meeting he had with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Italy will have the support of Russia in this important project. As in a previous post , also today I have the honor of interviewing the famous Italian-American psychotherapist and sexologist Lisa Pointgee . The Story: A: Dr. Pointgee, thanks again for the homage of your presence here. L: You’re ever welcome. A: First of all I tell you that your last sexual interpretation of the clash between Berlusconi and Italian President of Chamber of Deputies Fini has left me very puzzled... L: You have not yet heard about the possible nuclear relationship between your Prime Minister and Putin. A: Nuclear relationship...? L: Yes, nuclear relationship. I explain immediately: we define as nuclear relationship that particular type of bo

We are Giovanni Falcone tree

Stories and News No. 158 Saturday afternoon, in total daylight, under the eyes of all, it was made another insult to the memory of Italy. Someone stole the pictures and messages left on a tree in memory of Giovanni Falcone . The tree, also dedicated to him, is in Palermo in Via Notarbartolo 23, since eighteen years. It's a fundamental symbol for our country. I think that what happened is a fact of unprecedented severity and I feel obliged to write it here, now, just only to remind myself. Because memory is the most important thing we have... The Story: We are the tree of Giovanni Falcone. We are there, silent witnesses, stooped and motionless to look at life flowing around us. We are the lady at the window waiting for something she could tell. We are the man in the car behind the window blocked by the traffic light, fixing his glaring eyes to the reflection in the mirror of the man behind him, congested too by traffic lights also prisoner of a car behind a window, watching the r

Fini and Berlusconi, a history of sex

Stories and News No. 157 Now we have arrived to the psychodrama. Or the Neapolitan sceneggiata , it depends on your point of view. Gianfranco Fini and Silvio Berlusconi , the two main leaders of the PdL , clashed yesterday before the cameras as it had never happened before. The two are now as a separated couple into the house. I am particularly interested in the psychological components of this dispute and I asked the opinion of the famous Italian-American psychotherapist and sexologist Lisa Pointgee . The Story: A: Dr. Pointgee, first of all thank you to do me the honor of being my guest today. L: You’re welcome. A: Let’s go now to the theme of this interview. I know that you - being of Italian origin, always follows our facts. L: Yes, indeed. A: Have you heard about the clash between Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and President of the Chamber of Deputies Gianfranco Fini? L: Sure. I have not lost anything of yesterday public meeting. A: Really? L: I even recorded it all, saving

April 25 Italy Liberation Day: what song to sing?

Stories and News No. 156 Next Sunday in Italy we’ll celebrate our Liberation Day , anniversary of the partisans war’s end. A war requires factions, contenders, at least two. Nevertheless, it would mean that there is someone who fights with himself. Yesterday and today many newspapers told about the decision by Lega Nord mayor of Mogliano Veneto, a town in the province of Treviso, to replace the song Bella ciao with La canzone del Piave , as soundtrack of the local official celebration event. Immediate and opponent replies, especially from the National Association of Partisans of Italy and the Democratic Party, arrived. That’s the umpteenth conflict. Two sides, two songs, two Italys fighting… The Story: Once upon a time there was a country. In the country there were only two people: Homeland and Resistance . Both were born on April 25, 1945. Each of the two would have turned 65 in 2010. The two men, now elderly, were completely different. Probably the only thing they had in common

Fini vs Berlusconi is the real opposition

Stories and News No. 155 Soon we’ll feel hot! That’s I loved to say to my high school classmate when the math teacher arrived on the day of schoolwork. The temperature is already skyrocketing in Berlusconi’s PdL . The dissenting groups led by President of Italian Chamber of Deputies Gianfranco Fini (co-founder of PdL) have got their signatures - about 50 – and so the former allies – about 75 - faithful to Silvio. Tomorrow, at the official meeting of the PdL, we’ll see the first face to face confrontation between the different factions in the Italian government coalition, which are essentially two: one supports Fini and the other is with Berlusconi. My question is this: how do centre-right people react to this dispute? The Story: Rachele has become eighty last week, but she still seems to be very smart. His eyes are minimized, while the hearing is still working great. She didn’t miss anything, because what comes to his ears is his only contact with the world. That world is divided b

Volcano Iceland eruption is communist, Berlusconi said

Stories and News No. 154 In Iceland there is a volcano called Eyjafjöll, word that means Mountain of the islands. It lies within the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, whose name is often attributed to the volcano. On 20 March the fourth eruption in its history occurred and it’s still active, causing the spread in the air of a giant cloud made of ash that are causing great disorder in flights traffic and airports across Europe. The same happens in Italy too. Every country is trying to better manage the event and each government, according to its own style and way of dealing with relevant issues, differently react. Someone told me that Prime Minister Berlusconi said: " This volcanic cloud that prevents business men from flying was created by the reactionary and lazy communist Left. " The important thing is not whether he seriously did it or not, because since he is on the road he said even worse things. What matters are the reactions to his words… The Story: Gianfranco Fini , Presid

Emergency: I want to free everyone, including Afghans

Stories and News No. 153 Liberi subito (Immediately Free): this was one of the slogans that have accompanied the movement of protest to the Afghan authorities for the release of the Emergency volunteers, which - I repeat once again - have been for several days unjustly seized by the secret services. The three Italian doctors have been released, officially with no charges against them. They are innocent. Until otherwise proven, even the six Afghan operators arrested are not guilty. According to some newspapers one of them is still a prisoner. For this reason, for me the story is not yet closed, because the presumption of innocence applies to all of us. So, my slogan now is all immediately free … The Story: All immediately free. Because if I believe kidnapping a person infringing his human rights is a crime, my outrage is here whatever their nationality is. I want to free all jailed workers. Because I support Emergency means I support those who work with Emergency, even when the

He is with Berlusconi She with Fini: couple divorce

Stories and News No. 152 The presumed - until official confirmation arrives - dispute between Prime Minister Berlusconi and President of the Chamber Gianfranco Fini, the main founders of the People of Freedom, is on the front pages of every newspaper. It’s not the first and certainly not the last one. The divisions are a feature of our politics, since I can remember. Someone said that it’s the conflict that gives true meaning to a story. If there isn’t conflict, we have no story, no narrative, there is no tale to follow and the show has no reason to go on air. In this way the share dangerously falls, as well as advertising earnings. You know, without money, almost everybody refuse to engage. The confrontation, the controversy, the clash between the stars of parliament as those on reality shows or exclusively spoken sport TV channels, are essential to keep viewers glued to the screen. That’s absolutely necessary; otherwise they might do something else. As going out… The Story: Bianch

Berlusconi writes letter to Karzai with Minister Frattini

Stories and News No. 151 Since five days, precisely since 4.30 p.m. (Afghanistan time zone) on Saturday 10 April, three Italian citizens are hostage to a foreign country. I am talking about three people who have decided to risk their lives for their commitment to give free help to others. For this reason, these persons should be the pride of a nation, to cite as a symbol of heroism to the younger generations, the best image in the world for a community. Do you understand what Italy would gain from that? French, American, Chinese people, everybody hearing about Italy, soon would make this link: ah, that country of Emergency doctors, yes… what men they are! Instead, to our misfortune, the association they make is with him ... Silvio… Berlusconi’s response to the unacceptable afghan kidnapping - if you see, on this Blog things are called by their true name… - writes a heartfelt letter to President Karzai. With the help of Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini, somebody told me. Here

Berlusconi car is late: driver confesses

Stories and News No. 150 At the international meeting on nuclear safety, Silvio Berlusconi - our most prestigious international pride… - yesterday waited about 40 minutes the car that would have to bring him at the Willard Hotel, to digest the sumptuous dinner hosted by Obama to fellow Heads of State . As usual, he must be recognized, many will say. It’s impossible for him to not do it: if he cannot get the limelight for reasons that go beyond official duties, he’s not happy, many others will think. However, this time the blame is not on him. That is, it’s not directly, since the delay is all responsibility of the driver. Before being substituted, he confessed his reasons… The Story: I’m guilty. I am the person that was supposed to take the Italian premier. The fact is that when I knew it was him… I refused. The reason is simple: because I'm an honest citizen. Because I pay taxes, even if the opposite is trendy. Because I respect women, even when I don’t need them. Because I als